Monday, January 23, 2006

So, here in our training and learning, the most different course is learning french:

ok, let me try to write something in french:

bonzour ( good morning) ,

Je suis indiane. Je va la blog .

Enough :), how language have their own grammar. Like in french, there is nothing like "It" , everything have it 's gender. Like table is femina, and soon ... funny na

... Merci ... means thank you .

Monday, January 09, 2006

Days are as usual ...

Most of the time, I personally feel that human life consist of lots of repeatations. Most of the time we do what we know, and not only that most of the time ppl force us to do what we know. Most of the senoir level ppl call it expertise, but according to me its killing the charm of life. Mind become dull... and stop thinking, better say innovating.
Innovaiton is a process that generates from idleness :) , I guess i am making myself right.

Day started as it should ...
Today we have to make the same funny assignment of ATM system, not exactly the same something similar to that.
The assignment was supposed to make in a gp. of 3, i guess one is more than enought for it.

Went training center, the old gold lecture got started, .................. before that one of the my friends ask me for assignment, I gave her and its all on her what she want to do with that. She I guess copy it, hardly a matter !!!!
But it matters, if I consider a part of a team who did a effort to make it possible and hence its not my property.

One of my team mate and my friend as well Jenis ...hmmm seems bit angry and yes he is RIGHT. why should not he be !!!!
But we want one think that it hardly matters about the creditabilty but the person who make a alias should at least understand it.

Thinking of the solution,how to tackle with this situation... giving a direct answer .. NO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU .. is no where a solution.
So, I asked one of my friend Abhishek, hey help me out!!!!!!!!!!!! He gave me a .... simple and intellegent answer:

Say her ...

We always have to make decision between
what is easy and what is correct...