Friday, June 13, 2008

Breaking news !

Though these things lowered down my blog standard. But this is how our media works. And these are the breaking news of our best news channel "Aaj Tak". I guess most of you have seen these news which I got in some forward.

Enjoy the party... !

Thursday, June 12, 2008

World - 2025

I have thought of world after 18-20 years from now. Please add if you have any serious or funny concern to add here:

1. Water is going to be the major concern. Very possible, we need to manage it per person rather than paying the bill at the end of month. Water tapes are like phone booths where you put a coin or 5 and water will come out for limited time. Maybe in office, you have to swipe your card for getting water.

2. Bicycle is one of the items in demand. Petrol cost will either go too low because of some revolution or it will go very high and may not be accessible to everyone. Not only cost, pollution coming out from these stuff will also need a check. May be, government will not allow you to drive your car more than 20 Kms per day.

3. Electronic items will be too cheaper and maybe one of the most giftable(I don't know this word exist in dictionary) items. There will be lot of company which just do the recycling of electronic goods.

4. Most of the systems will be governed by Software and there is a good chance(I don't want) that some big incident happen due to hack or misleading software mechanism.

5. Terrorist will hit the target more than what they miss. Crime will go in a more organized fashion.

6. Global Warming hmm .. "we should not", "we have to" should be the action.

7. Blogging is one of the major channel to communicate. Social network have power to do things.

There are some more .... I am not inspired by any English movie. I have perfect believe that Robot is not going to walk with us in next 20 years, neither we will see any superman flying in the air.

Monday, June 09, 2008

7 reasons why Autowala in Bangalore will refuse to take you !

Its Peak time, you are on Bangalore road and you are looking for an auto, don't lose hopes.

Here are some predictable conversations:

Occurrence: 50 percent
You: MG Road ?
Autowala: (He will take the head up, think like he is thinking some rocket projectile equation)... he will go without speaking a word.

Occurrence: 30 percent
You: Forum ?
Autowala: 20 Rs. extra Saar.
You: Why ?
Autowala: (if its weekend)traffic saar..(if its weekday) no return passenger saar.

Occurrence: 80 percent

You(in night at 7.30 or 8): JayaNagar ?
Autowala: 1 and half saar. (1 and half rate goes after 9)
You: 7.30 boss
Autowala: No saar

So, here are 7 reasons:

1. No reason, its his wish
2. Location is not good
3. You are not looking good
4.You haven't asked him in a respectful manner
5. Peak time - in peak time, they don't carry any passenger
6. Traffic on your way
7. CNG is not working

Initially it was all frustrating for me, but now it all looks funny.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Chasing dreams and being practical

Some news to keep the motivation up. I have directly copied the news because its all from Horse's mouth:

Suri: As they sat behind the railway booking counters, few would have spared them a second glance. Crouched over the desk, furiously counting money and issuing tickets to impatient passengers - that’s what ‘office’ was for the two of them. Surely one of the most monotonous jobs possible, you’d think. But now the names of Ravikant Singh and Keshavendra Kumar are on one of the most elite merit lists in the country. Both have cleared the civil service examination this year: Keshavendra bagged rank 45 and Ravikant 77.

Till the two friends join the IAS academy in Dehradun, Kumar will serve as the railway booking clerk at Suri station in Birbhum. Singh works at the same post at Ukhra station in the neighboring district of Burdwan.
Their theme for a dream can be traced back to their first meeting in Barrackpore. Both of them had seen struggle in childhood, and could relate to each other. As they were both employed with the railways, they vowed to pursue better careers together.
The going was far from easy. Though Singh and Kumar had graduated from the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), they did not have the family support to study further. Singh, who hails from the Akhilitolla village in Bihar’s Ara district, lost his mother in childhood. He and his five siblings were brought up by their father, a milkman.
“We were extremely poor and looked down on in our village. I wanted to prove myself and the only way to do that was to work hard. I knew that my father was in no position to send me to a good school or pay for private tuitions. What I needed was a job - any job to support my family,” Singh said.
After completing schooling from Ara, Singh joined a Barrackpore college. He cleared the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) examination and joined Eastern Railway as a commercial clerk in 2002. “I could not dream of becoming and engineer or a doctor. But I knew that becoming an IAS officer was within reach as I would not require much money to prepare for the exam,” Singh added.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

It hurts !

Generally I write fun loving things on my blog. But sometimes news and happening force you to think and ... to rethink. I love my country and I guess everyone of us love it. But we can't hide the ruthless face of this country. There is a high degree of crime and there are some states which have not been progressed even a bit from last 30 years.

List is very big, if we start counting the person died because they have tried to do something good. And same happened with Lalit Mehta. Jharkhand based this guy was killed on May14, simply because he want to do something good, fight for right.

More details are covered here and one of the my friends Abhishek has written and even fight for justice. Nothing has been done from last 1 month by Police/CBI and I am not even expecting. From here, I can simply aware people to have a look, where we are going !

Sometimes I feel helpless and getting an internal feeling what we are doing is all crap. We are here to see news and laugh on it. If we are good, then we can be a part of news like Lalit.