Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was searching for some of the old things I like to do. One of which was reading, not even reading watching Panchatantra ke khaani. Most of the stories are simple awesome. It is one of the oldest stories known in the literature of India, probably as old as Rig-veda. We almost lost the original script of Panchatantra. But then there was a brahmin Vishnu Sharma who had re-originated it for the dump sons of a King. As the King's Son were all useless :D, he used to pass the wisdom in the form of fables. Pancha means five and this story set illustrated five principle for success in live, that is

- Mitra Bhedha
- Mitra Laabha
- Suhrudbheda
- Vigraha
- Sandhi

means Loss of friends, Gaining friends, Conflict between friends, Separation and Union. (Not impressed with the definition of five :-| )

I got even the list of stories on net but in English, still searching for Hindi version: