Monday, June 27, 2005

What I reply

If God asked me, what I reply :

1. Take any one thing from me ?

2. Where you want to go, i send you for only once ?

3. To whom, you always want with you forever ?

4. What other life you want to live, if you are not human being ?

5. What the most imp. change, you want in you ?

6. How many years you want to live ?

7. Who will you miss the most after death ?

God, i need TIME :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What to write ..

Well theses days it happened most of the time with me that I sat down idle, just building up the pressure and work load on me, and when it became too much I started working on it. Ya, wrapping the work is not big deal, but I lose quality somewhere :-( .

All friends are going somewhere, leaving the shadow of college, little bit disheartening but "Time never wait for someone ".

Well, we all are passengers of same voyage but have different boats, some boat go faster, some go slower, but we all reach on the seashore and will meet again. That’s why, I am sailing my boats without any worries.

God bless a great future to all of them, and God will. He never gave me sorry, misery and this time also, I know.

Searching an imp. old mail, i saw a forward, nice naa ...

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Water - Life is it ?

Delhi temperature crept up and reached 46 yesterday. Hell lot of problem for water as level went down. Times of India report " There is no shortage of water in delhi but on an average a general person get 13 litre of water daliy, whereas a day uages of water in PM's home is 65000 Litre, President 63000 Litre, and 25000 litres in each ministry home. 1 room of Taj hotel require 2000 L of water daliy."

Me and my dad carrying water daliy from groud floor to 4th floor, I really love this work. But yes, this problem need some attention, as summer just going up in next 2-3 months.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Microsoft Starts IT Academy

It looks like, the biggest strength that a company assuming after the next IT crisis will be MANPOWER.

Looking a interview someday before, with reference to a question “what we are importing from India", a gentleman of US replied "we are importing PEOPLE from India, the mind that design the best of anything".

Microsoft also going to start a academy in Karnataka.

This is the news:

"Microsoft India has announced the launch of its first IT Academy located at Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka. The IT Academy will impart IT training to teachers across the state, according to the MoU signed between Microsoft and the Government of Karnataka, for implementation of Microsoft's Partners-in-Learning program.

Under the MoU with the government of Karnataka, Microsoft has committed to setting up 3 IT Academy Centers in the state at Gulbarga, Bangalore and Dharwad respectively, for training over 20,000 teachers and 400,000 students (From class III to class XII) over a 5 year period.

That is a good news one-way, but definitely India losing the Gold in this MoU.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why Developer do like that ?

Ok, tell me what does it mean: @#$@!%%%#@@@$%%@##@@@!%%^^^ .
Any guess .. nopes. Oh !! Its my encoded message. How can you decode it. Ya, you can take pen-paper go on and on !!!Same story, same casting and same ending here also in IT field.

Developers, the initial developers start making codes in their own style. Documentation ... I heard it first time, by the way what does it mean ??? Ohhh ... How fast project moving, Project leader was happy , Project Manager was too happy . On its midst, 'the' developer left the job and then its inter-mission of the project, and oops climax change suddenly.

New Developer, devotes his/her official time of 9-6 in understanding the code and then night out from 7- 1, trying to write something, most probably the wrong code.

Not only that, he claimed the project leader, manager that what the hell this code is , no documentation, no coding guidelines... Bogusssssssss.They reply 'is it so' looking each other , so keep that in mind that the same problem will not coming with the next developer, so write document, maintain proper coding guideline.

So, now code also to write, and document of own also and the 'paap' of others also.

But I really enjoy this scene ....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hummm .. Problem

It’s a situation, no a dilemma. There is a student, good student. He wanted to see whole world. But suddenly he selected Computer Science as branch, final got a Job. But he was not happy with that.

Sitting whole day near A.C, eyes gazing computer monitor, fingers continuously running on keyboard, sometime if fingers get time it shifts from keyboard to mouse.

He had the dream to see the world, but he was so blocked with the work that he didn't have time to even think for the world. No problem in company, neither with any person there. But he is not what he wanted to be.

He moved so far in career that reverting back ... no no, not possible.

Any suggestion for such poor fellow?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Beautiful ...

Temperature here in New Delhi crept up and became 43 C yesterday. So, first Saturday, Sunday after joining the company when i was in home.

I really have to struggle to find any work in home, especially when my internet not working. Well read the old materials of C++ and Java. Anyway net works now, got a good site : for interview questions.

Dirty ideas came all the time in mind, we have that naa , "Empty mind is devils workshop". Sunday i was thinking how a person jump from my balcony so that he will be able to heard himself maximum. For such frusty man, better if he live for greatest pain: p.

Some small bad happening with us, force us to think so bad else Life is really very beautiful.

Oh !!! Beautiful .. i remember >>>

See the Mac beautiful Products :

Just Puneet told be the URL 2-3 minutes back.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Apple's iPhone Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Day before yesterday night, i was in college. Work was too much regarding project. I tried to finish that till evening.
Tired, feeling uneasy ... decided to go for movie.It was 8.00 .

My friend Ami told me, better to take night meal. So, after having dinner, we went for movie. Near my college, the best mall of NCR region was opened, some weeks before. So, have fun ....

Oh!!!!! All movie i already saw. Next mall ... Nothing new,already seen. Next mall ... My Godness , nothing new.

I was very much upset. Last 6 weeks , i saw 6 movies. And before these six, it was "Jurrasik Park - I " i saw with "papa" in somewhat 4-5 class.

I decided not to see any movie now for next few months :p. Anyway, we returned back, i saw Nazar on CD :P.Ya, it was a nice movie, why people didn;t like, i dont know.