Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Something that motivates me ...

Its your good time that works as your worst time in your bad time.But something are always there to motivate you.
That day I was coming home quite early, i guess around 7.00 PM. I saw a 10year old child solding peanuts(mungfali) near the bus stop.I was hungry and mungfali i can eat even i am not hungry. I told him to give me mungfali of Rs 5 and he within some seconds gave me 3 packs, eachpacks cost Rs2 but on Rs5 you will get some discount.I remembered that I saw this the same child when i was coming at 10.00 oreven at 12.00.

I just asked him " kab thak rahte ho"
He told me "bhaiya, 12.30 ke baad jane ka hota hai" and this asking-answering session went little long.

I asked "Accha, aane ka kab hota hai "
"Aane ke to 5.30-6 PM ka he hota hai " he repiled

" Morning time mein kya karte ho " further i asked.
" bhaiya, morning time mein school jaane ka hota hai and fir 4.30 sehomework karne ke hota hai " he repiled happy.

I asked " maa, babuji kya karte hai ".
He told me " babuji bagal wale crossing per hai, maa nahi hai "
"bhai, crossing and bus stand per baatao to mungfali sabse jada bikte hai "he further added.

"hmm, kitna kaama lete ho" I asked again."
Aapna school ka copy-kitab and fees ho jate hai, babuji ghar chalte hai"quite happily he repiled.

"bhaiya, babuji bolte hai ke acha se padhi karo to job mil jata hai, aapcomputer chalte ho" he repiled and asked me.
"haan, or kon hai ghar mein " i also repiled and asked."ye Golu hai, bhai hai mera abhi kuch nahi karte, agle saal se padhi karna surru karega or mumgfali beechna bhi, meere or babuji ke paise se isske padhi nahi ho sakte hai" .I saw his brother right near him, quite small and seeing all the people here and their who were coming for taking mungfali.

I just thought that when I had thought that why i am studying, when i had thought that I need a job ! I guess in my second last sememster of my B.Tech when companies were coming for placement.And see this child, who setup his future I guess 12-13 years before than me. Working hard for his survival and his survival is not food and a small home, he wants to be a well educated person.I work for my future, he defines his future. I am moving with the time,time is already with him.