Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some extremes of Nature !

From Botonical Gar...

One is full of Flowers and other is :(

From Botonical Gar...

I will come up again !

Yet another silent day ...

I am a person who likes laughing, talking and the most shouting with others. But a sudden change ... in place, office and of course in mentality force me to stay silent. Anyway I never have been creative silence, I simply hate silence :)

New year is on the way, people in bangalore are more of feared-enjoyable mood. I also have a great idea on new year if I am able to join my friends in Hyderabad.

!! H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !! to all of you ~~ and wish me as well :P

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

GoodBye Coke !

Yes, it's time to say GoodBye to Coke. From Yesterday, I left drinking all the carbonated soft drinks like Coca-cola, Thumbs-up(again a coke product), Pepsi, Mirinda, Dew, Spirit and bla bla !! At least we all can try to minimize the intake, if we can't stop.

~ Health comes first ~

For more pratical reasons visit:

Monday, November 20, 2006

How's about this life ...

Received call per day: 1
Dialed call per day: 1
Email received per day: 2

Morning walk - 6 to 6.30
Sports: 6.30-7
Office: 9.30 - 5.30

Is this not a cool life ?
I am living cool life man !! :D

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We all want Dream !!

What type of girl you want - Dream Girl
What type of company you want: Dream Company

But dreams are not always good :D :D

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Here it goes the 7th one ...

Arrived to Bangalore ! Mixed reaction with ppl but ya its not as good as mumbai !And my 7th city in last 1.5 years. Say me good luck for the new job :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sayeen Itna Deejiye, Ja Mein Kutumb Samaye ...

Today was one of the most boring days of my life. Diwali is about to come and I am not in my home. Here in Mumbai also, I am alone :(.

Literally no work ... first time it happen when I don’t want to read anything. Watching TV and doing net are the two things and only things that I can do.

Suddenly I saw some thing surprising on Star Gold... Hey ... He is Anand Kumar, my Math’s Teacher when I used to take classes for IIT. How come he is on Star TV. I saw the whole clip. "Rang de Basanti.. Special Contribution". He is selecting 30 student and there whole IIT education is free from his side. Year 2006, 28 out of 30 is able to clear IIT JEE.

More or less 1000 Rs per month per student so 30000 for 30 student in a month.. quite a big amount.

Nice to see my Sir back !! Hope I will also contribute something in it and why not.

Sayeen Itna Deejiye, Ja Mein Kutumb Samaye
Main Bhi Bhookha Na Rahun, Sadhu Na Bhookha Jaye

What to do with the rest !!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chalo Bihar chale ...

wow .. Lastly I get my train ticket to go. But my diwali is going to be in train. Never matter, we keep on trying different things :D.

My home is in Bihar and hence always be a hot topic of discussion. How Bihar is, how ppl there, how is living and many things. Friends have great perception.. Cows are roaming here and their, ppl are moving with pistol and bla bla ...

Whatever be the truth, I never try to explain, but I love to spent some of my time their, for me its a cool place where there is lot of greens and clean air,that's it.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Meaning keeps on changing ...

One day, long back I told my bhaiya .."Today school is close, we will not go today". He asked me "How you get to know" . I get to know from someone.. I replied.

He told me " Dheko, seeing is believing, so we will not take decision only by listening someone, we need to go and check it out from our own eyes".

Today I remembered it suddenly because of this:

Don't believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding. Find out what you want to know, and you'll see the way to fly.

Meaning keep on changing as we grow :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hmmm ...

Me and Vamsi(my friend) waiting that day for the bus. There are two ways to go, either take 498 or take 524. 498, you will get seat but not in 524. We were in hurry, and I told him... See Vamsi next bus will be 498 on this stop. Semi-fortunatly it was 524. He replied " God never give what we desire, they give us what we need"

Is it so ?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lage Raho MunaBhai ..

Movie bole to ekdum mast, rapcik piece baanale hai ! Director ne ekdum mast kaam kaiyla hai, koi maagajmaari ka kaam nahi.

Aapna Sanjay, Aarsad sub ne ekdum fulltu acting karela hai !

Being all the things, the greatest of this movie is that it shows a real, better say, a practical picture of Gandhi ji !

Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday ....

Chalo chalo .. wish me happy birthday :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Liked it ...

Goals that are not written down are just wishes !

- Just like the quote -

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tension, Angriness and Work

Tension and Angriness are the two common things we encountered during work and more during interaction of work. It’s always happening that we want X from a person and that person delivers us Y. We as a human have the tendency to do wrong things or in positive sense we always have the space to improve :)

Work – It has it own funda. It will happen in any case just we need to find the solution. We have two cases, either we will break the problem or problem will break us. Solution is their, that’s dead sure, deciding factor is time. A time better call it a threshold time after which problem starts breaking us.

One year back, I was a person whose this threshold time was very less. I was trying to solve problem for at max 10 minutes or so, after that I assumed that I can’t solve this problem and let me take help of other.

I learnt, learnt with my friend “time” how to struggle with a problem. Break it – else you are going to be the victim. Now my pet favorite dialog “fight maar yaar, kya kar raha hai !! fight maar !! problem solve hona he hai, agar nahi hua to samajh le tere problem he nahi hai ”

Just a wish from the God that they give us the power to say “Listen my friend PROBLEM, you are not a problem for me” :D

Friday, August 25, 2006

If I am in place of you... !!

If I am in place of you... !!

Once I need to deliver a presentation near a diverse audience. I was bit
confused about my preparation for the presentation because people from
functional expert to technical experts are there.
What to do ... What to do .. !! I asked the person setting next to me.
He told me " common make a good presentation " and how to do that...??"
If you are in place of Audience what you are expecting from the presenter, make that, thats it"

Believe me this solves my problem .. And fortunately I am able to deliver a good presentation.

I went to thanks that guy. He replied me back " I forget to tell one more aspect of it, not only presentation, anytime in life if you come across such problem, use the same rule"

It helped me a lot, at least when I am underestimating or overestimating someone.
From our eyes, the person sitting next to us is always fool, but see from his eyes , one can realize that he is accomplishing more tough job than us.
Life is not about criticizing others, its about learning and unlearning !
Have a nice weekend :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

1.5 years of my blog space ..

My blog space crossed 1.5 years of it's birth :) ...

I started it when I was on the verge of leaving my college... Thought of a common platform from which I can share my ideas or views. That is a different issue that I don't have any ideas and if I have then their is noone to read it :D

Yesterday, I watched one more telugu movie Gazini, I want to see this movie from last some month, in hyderabad I didn't get the CD but in mumbai I got it. Again, a awesome Tamil make !How a short memory person manage life. Carrying the photo and address of his own home. Writing on Freeze, that this is freeze and this for drinking and for foods, photo of persons "My Friend", "Not my friend". I heard that this movie is coming in hindi soon, Aamir Khan as Actor in place of Surya and Asin as Actress(same). Really a tough time for Aamir if he is playing this role , in Tamil & Telugu it was done by Surya and acting was awesome.
Have a nice weekend :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Something that motivates me ...

Its your good time that works as your worst time in your bad time.But something are always there to motivate you.
That day I was coming home quite early, i guess around 7.00 PM. I saw a 10year old child solding peanuts(mungfali) near the bus stop.I was hungry and mungfali i can eat even i am not hungry. I told him to give me mungfali of Rs 5 and he within some seconds gave me 3 packs, eachpacks cost Rs2 but on Rs5 you will get some discount.I remembered that I saw this the same child when i was coming at 10.00 oreven at 12.00.

I just asked him " kab thak rahte ho"
He told me "bhaiya, 12.30 ke baad jane ka hota hai" and this asking-answering session went little long.

I asked "Accha, aane ka kab hota hai "
"Aane ke to 5.30-6 PM ka he hota hai " he repiled

" Morning time mein kya karte ho " further i asked.
" bhaiya, morning time mein school jaane ka hota hai and fir 4.30 sehomework karne ke hota hai " he repiled happy.

I asked " maa, babuji kya karte hai ".
He told me " babuji bagal wale crossing per hai, maa nahi hai "
"bhai, crossing and bus stand per baatao to mungfali sabse jada bikte hai "he further added.

"hmm, kitna kaama lete ho" I asked again."
Aapna school ka copy-kitab and fees ho jate hai, babuji ghar chalte hai"quite happily he repiled.

"bhaiya, babuji bolte hai ke acha se padhi karo to job mil jata hai, aapcomputer chalte ho" he repiled and asked me.
"haan, or kon hai ghar mein " i also repiled and asked."ye Golu hai, bhai hai mera abhi kuch nahi karte, agle saal se padhi karna surru karega or mumgfali beechna bhi, meere or babuji ke paise se isske padhi nahi ho sakte hai" .I saw his brother right near him, quite small and seeing all the people here and their who were coming for taking mungfali.

I just thought that when I had thought that why i am studying, when i had thought that I need a job ! I guess in my second last sememster of my B.Tech when companies were coming for placement.And see this child, who setup his future I guess 12-13 years before than me. Working hard for his survival and his survival is not food and a small home, he wants to be a well educated person.I work for my future, he defines his future. I am moving with the time,time is already with him.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time ... Back and Forth !

In the last 9 months, Mumbai is going to be my 6th city for stay consecutively after Noida, Delhi, Patna, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad. And not only that Maharashtra is going to be the 6th state as well.

19 years back, I was in Mumbai! That time, I was in nursery. My first and the last second prize I got their in my school. I don't remember but my mom told me that they asked you to write A,B,C,D ... ! And you wrote it correctly and you got the second position because your handwriting was not good :) ". What I remember my school was one road cross to my home, still my dad came with me, I was Kid na :D

When I was in class I, Dad got transferred to Patna and we were back to Patna, my hometown after 4 years of stay in mumbai, so I think I don't have any problem even this time because I already have 4 years of WorkX in mumbai :).

Time pulls us to go forward, but it seems that I am going back to my olden time. Just wishing from God, that I have the same time what I had, of course will miss my parents, but will enjoy with friends.

Work .. ya heard going to be a tough one, but who cares of it. Anyway these days company wants people not to behave like human but to behave like Robot, in terms of work and also in terms of intelligence.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Messed Up ...

Have to give Exam!

Got transfer !

Have to go home !

Want some work !

Everything messed up, but still life is coooool :P

Friday, June 16, 2006

Fifa .. :)

When you are born, you cried, and the world rejoices. Live in such a manner that when you die, you rejoice and the world cries ~Kabir.

I really get enjoyed when I saw that WikiQuote of the day was one written by Kabir. Kabir (also Kabira,1440 - 1518) was an Indian mystic who preached an ideal of seeing all of humanity as one. He was known to be a weaver and later became famed for scorning religious affiliation. His philosophies and ideas of loving devotion to God are expressed in metaphor and language from both the Hindu Vedanta and Bhakti streams and Muslim Sufi ideals, using vernacular Hindi. Kabir is also considered one of the early northern India Sants. He was initiated by Ramananda.

So, its the time to rejoice with Fifa World Cup. I got a very nice article from Wikipedia on Fifa.

The FIFA World Cup is the most important competition in international football. The world's most representative team sport event, the World Cup is contested by the men's national football teams of Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) (the sport's largest governing body) member nations. The championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930 (except in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II). However, it is more of an ongoing event as the qualifying rounds of the competition take place over the three years preceding the final rounds. In 1991, FIFA added a separate Women's World Cup. The men's final tournament phase involves 32 national teams competing over a four-week period in a previously nominated host nation, with these games making it the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world. In the 17 tournaments held, only seven nations have ever won the World Cup Finals. Brazil is the current holder, as well as the most successful World Cup team, having won the tournament five times, while Germany and Italy follow with three titles each. The next World Cup finals will begin in Germany on June 9, and will continue until July 9, 2006.

Liked it !!! Yeeess I know !! :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Indian Constitution Ver 2.0

Yes, it's the time to now revise the Indian constitution. If not wrong, let me put an analogy, Indian Constitution is like writing requirement of software. And according to time, need changes demand changes. Some big loops, some big bugs left when it was created in 1950. Instead of patching it, our politicians are using it for their name!

Not only that, some constitution articles are not defined objectively and different people are assigning it a different meaning and using it for their own good. Ex: the language of the amendment does not talk about reservations, the language talks about any provision by law for advancement of socially and educationally backward classes. What is this ANY?

Our, so nice, politician made this ANY Reservation, tomorrow some new politician will make this ANY something else, may be kill all the people who not falls in the criteria of "socially and educationally backward classes", this is also a damn good idea for their development.

Chief ministers like Rabi Devi and Mayawati, how possible! Which rule of constitution gives them the authority to rule a state? If I am not wrong this Indian Constitution bypasses such type of blunder. Why the rules are not so hard! Why can't we make the rules that no one below graduate can become, what become can’t even eligible for MLA, MP or if so, a special panel will check them? WHY NOT?

What will happen if doctors of AIIMS and students of IIT will go on strike protesting against reservation? I don't know what's going on in our country. But we all can feel that spark, a spark that has taken place somewhere and if change will not come soon, FIRE will burn our country.

Sitting in an AC room and writing blogs like that, will not serve our purpose, lets see what I can do for my nation. Not even too much, I can make things deltaX better.

Time for RRDB ... Real Rang De Basanti.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Aparichit - The Stranger

Awesome movie! It will give you everything what you want from a movie - action, story, lesson, acting!
Ambi Ramanujam is a fastidious lawyer trying hard to impose rules at every step. He keep on seeing the world around him, no one is following rules and laws. He just get frustrate and keep on shouting, nothing else he can do!
And here comes Aparichit, second personality of the same man Ambi. He has a website On which people can mail their problem and Aparichit decide the judgment - only one - death.
Breaking rule is not buying a banyan - small, medium, large. It’s all very large and death is the only replacement.
Other side of the movie, Ambi loves Nandini (hey she is really cute) but Nandini don't want to marry a person - who is a complaint box. And Ambi disorder ness creates a third personality - Remo, a cool stylish man!
Aparichit is killing people according to the rules what written in mythology (Sanskrit terms are used for that), the rules that are followed by God.
Nandini get to know about his multiple personality when she tries to buy a land without proper document and Aparichit tries to kill her.
Doctor’s medical checkup puts the story in flashback when his sister gets killed because of electricity wire in water and his father lost the case! According to his father, everyone should be punished - one who made the road, electrician, who passes the tender, everyone!
And this is the reason for Ambi's multiple disorder ness. Remo personality is removed by Nandini telling him that he loves Ambi only. But Aparichit is still there.
Court decided to put Ambi in mental hospital and doctor told that if he will behave properly till 2 years, he will be free. No Aparichit till 2 years and Ambi become normal, he came out from the hospital, but he is still Aparichit.... and this is the end.
Awesome acting, proper Action stunt, perfect Animation and good dressing! I like to see Part-2. From ending it seems there should be a PART 2 of the movie.
The social lesson is great - if you are stealing 5 paisa it's a big crime, because you are doing it with 5 crore people.
Hindi dubbing is really bad :(.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Software Industry and Overtime

No one get surprise by seeing this ! Overtime is a very common "used" word in Software Industry.
Up to many extend, one's appraisal and future is dependent to this overtime. I don't know why, but all the senior person want his/her subordinates to do overtime. It's like someone greatest appreciation "I had worked till 12.00 PM yesterday"
Life is simple, but we want it to be more complex. Frankly speaking if I decide to finish the work before 6.00 PM, I do it in any cost except that your day is bad or some mishappening occurs with you, your work.
This trend originates from US, UK client where the daytime is 360 degree to ours, and so for maintenance or online support project you have to be available there at night. But trend converted into craze and craze converted into habit.
How come we forget that God created us as human. Health, family relationship is something for us.
Just think that "Is it necessary to stay their in office, Is someone is not waiting for you their in home, Is not you love to see sunset and sunrise ?"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep on Playing ...

Yo Man ! I heard a good news yesterday.
TT Table is now available in our new office. For playing that, now I don't have to go to main office.
I am crazy about playing, not only TT, any game. In college time, I started playing badminton at 5.00 PM and continuously play till the watchman wala didn't force me to go :).

Same was the case when I was in school. Sometimes, we missed 1-2 periods and kept on playing Football.

I remember one instance, there was a teacher name S.D.Singh. He was our math teacher - good,tall, intelligent and too strict :( .
Once we bunked his class because the match was on draw position and we didn't want to leave the match without winning and I guess same was the thought of opponent. In the meantime, we got a call that COME COME S.D.SINGH was calling you all ... Oh God !! We did a blunder, but lets go !!

We went to class, with shirt out, hair down, and lots of sweat on face, hands. He saw all and said " Master, what you all are playing" . "Football Sir !!". "Hmm, its good for health, carry on. Now first let me finish the class, then go for football" he smiled.

That was a surprise. And great people mostly give surprises :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is forward ...

Emails, now days become one of the integral part of our life. Most of the business deals are done on it. And one thing I can say this is the EMAIL POWER because of which you can see most of the software industry neat and clean. But the real story begins from here >>

One more "most usable" form of Email: FORWARD mails.

And if I am not wrong then this ratio is correct:

Useful / Forwards = 0.1

And people are passing on and on and on those crap mail to all, they never bother to even read it before forwarding it.

I will tell you some funny instances of my last 3 days archive:

1. There is a bug found in Linux/Unix OS, writing this on terminal: "echo '82 43/25 43+65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P' dc" will show the password of User and this is found by a 9 year old boy.

Even a first year B.Tech computer student can tell: 65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P this is the ASCII form of APRIL FOOL! And even it skipped with mind, everyone know the implication of such a bug (if found) ... it will be the hottest news in any media.

2. Find this Bug in Nokia, Samsung and LG phones

Do you know your handset does not check the whole number you dial? It checks only last 8 digits.

Check to be done:
Take one number already stored in your mobile phone Example: a number putting any number instead of XX ...
...this will display the same name stored in your phone.

Now this funny guy don't know that last 8 digit is sufficient for a number to be unique, if they start checking all, how come call for +91 and 0 goes to same place.

3. Person Mr. X suffers from Lung cancer need his mail to forward to everyone. The same mail I guess I got in year 2002.

4. Person Mr. Y needs blood for his daughter, please send this mail to all, so that whole JAANTA can help him.

5. Some are dangerous.. if you will not send this mail to 10 ppl, something going to happen very bad with you.

We call our self-educated ppl and mentioned above are all examples of that.

I just want to tell these so called HIGH PROFILE ppl :

Don’t waste your time in forwarding these type of mails, don’t waste JAANTA time in reading these types of mails. .. And of course don’t waste my time by forcing me to write such blogs

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beauty is always near you ..

Indian Culture is India's Asset

Who told that beauty can't be captured by Camera?

This bell is made of clay !

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yesterday Once more ..

Oo.. Listen the songs of Funaa, its comci-comca (so-so)

When I came here in hyderabad, I was unable to think that why ppl here are so crazy about movies. After watching many telugu movie, you can defiantly tell that there story scripts are much better than Bollywood movies, on an average.

Not only that you can get a better taste of song, dance and comedy.

Last weekend i saw the movie "36 China Town", CRAPP !! ... The story is not even enough for a 30 min TV serial. After coming outside my friend asked me " Had you watched the movie "JewelThief" ...

It was a movie I guess of 60's .. No special effect facilities were at that time .... still one can see the beauty of the movie.
Remembering the song " Yesterday Once more ... " :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cooking ... hmmm

I get prepared myself for cooking in home :). I bought everything cooker, plates, bla .. bla yesterday.

This is a new cultural shift I saw from olden time to new time. Most of the young generation ppl don’t know cooking... cooking is far, even they don’t know making tea... and surprisingly they feel themselves very great specially girls, they feel that they are not those girls who spent time in kitchen, they are modern. I don’t want to make any comment but I guess this is a stupid feeling/thinking they have!

These things, according to me, all ppl have to know, irrespective of the fact that they are boys or girls. I start cooking at an age of 12 or so. And from that time, I always used to help my mom in kitchen. Of course, no one is forcing me to do so, but this would give me a good time to take rest and talk in family.
My mother never gets hesitated that what my son will eat if I go to some place. She knows that he will make much better than what I ate daily: P

Today it’s the time to make Rajmaaaaaaaa :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flickr ..

Hmm checking the code generated by Flickr :)

Is something coming here !!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

It happens ..

Sometime it happens that ...we feel someone need our help and we are well capable of doing it but something stops.
I don’t know .. but it happens with me many time....

Some day back, one person came out from the auto, he need change money. I had, but he didn't ask from me... I am on the verge of saying .. I have !! He moved on, went to shop, then next shop and then next.. .

2-3 back, I was coming to Delhi from train. One girl(may be lady) didn’t get the confirmed sit and she went to general compartment. Life is like HELL in general compartment.. and on that she was a lady. Again I was on the verge to say … before she left.

I don’t know .. but this is not selfishness.. but something .. else...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

iPod .. :)

wow !! Today I changed my cubical. Got in a corner, so nice there is no one to see there what you are doing !!!

I am going next saturday to meet my bhaiya. He bought one iPod, 60 GB for me :) and one watch and .. bla bla .. lot of things :)

When we are with our family, we didnt care them and when we are far from them, we miss them :(....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You want & ...

Yesterday, I saw lots of movie. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, didn't feel a great one!!. After that 'Tagore' a telgu movie.. The story part is nice one!! Rest actions are like what we expect from AP directors.

I meet yesterday one person, via messenger. That guy is sun certified with the score of 95 %. From my last 3 months of preparation, i can say its diff. to get such a high score, and the bad part, he is still seeking for a job desperately. He is a teacher (Lecturer) and wants to leave that job and want to join S/W field.
Just opposite to me!! I want to leave this field and want to become a teacher... :)

You want & you get, that is LUCK
You want & you wait, that is TIME
You want & you compromise, that is LIFE
You want & you don't compromise, that is SUCCESS.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Opera office in India...SOON

In Feb, Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software, was on a flying tour of Asian Country. He decided to open a Opera office in India most probably he is going to place a office in Chandigarh.
He sees Opera as number three with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox positioned at number one and two spots respectively. But I personally feel Opera much better than FireFox.

I dont know which quality of FireFox ppl like so much.

Asking about indian market ... "Here developer are more than user " .. funny one !!!Hope so, soon we will see a Opera office in India .. as well.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Net connection ...

Oo after long time, I get net connection in room. Thinking of taking or not .. before taking we talk of only good things of having an internet connection. Helps in study, news, ghar baat karne mein paise baache ge !!!

After taking all we do is chatting, movie, songs. With net, they are providing one LAN URL from which we can see latest release movie... teligu more...but in hindi currently BlufMaster and Humko tumse *********** . English its Transporter 2 , it was a cool action movie with nothing in the story.

All the way HAPPY.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aarya ..

Yesterday, I saw a telgu movie 'Aarya', the caption is very nice - feel my love -.It about one sided love. Heroin start loving a person(Side-hero) becasue he blackmailed her that if you not commit then I will do suicide.And our Hero love that girl but girl don't have any interest in Hero.One friends of Heroin asked the Hero that someone else is loving her. Hero asked "You love TajMahal, yess.. I also love it, then how you loving it".And ended with the old indian style- HAPPY ending.Excellent dancing by Hero !! A good timepass.

And the most interesting fact is that 3 person are sitting near me to explain that movie :).

Monday, March 27, 2006

Good msg ...

Today morning I got a SMS, nice message that was: " Read this: LIFEISNOWHERE. It can be Life is no where and can be Life is now here. It all depends on us, how we perceive the life" :).I read it Life is no where, and I guess all of us read first time like that, becasue our mind breaks the word at the first instance.

After a long time, I am writing my blog .... feeling soooo cool :).

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Me in Hyderabad

The full form of SAP is:
Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung ("Systems Analysis and Product")
It's HQ is in Walldorf, Germany.

Currently I got to know about this. Else I asked many ppl whats the meaning of SAP, they replied me SAP is SAP.

I reached here in hyderabad. Some good things of Hyderbad is ..... "Sochna ho ga "
Traffic is very very bad.... . Here, I guess 95 percent movie are action-based and youth are very much affected with it :)

Monday, January 23, 2006

So, here in our training and learning, the most different course is learning french:

ok, let me try to write something in french:

bonzour ( good morning) ,

Je suis indiane. Je va la blog .

Enough :), how language have their own grammar. Like in french, there is nothing like "It" , everything have it 's gender. Like table is femina, and soon ... funny na

... Merci ... means thank you .

Monday, January 09, 2006

Days are as usual ...

Most of the time, I personally feel that human life consist of lots of repeatations. Most of the time we do what we know, and not only that most of the time ppl force us to do what we know. Most of the senoir level ppl call it expertise, but according to me its killing the charm of life. Mind become dull... and stop thinking, better say innovating.
Innovaiton is a process that generates from idleness :) , I guess i am making myself right.

Day started as it should ...
Today we have to make the same funny assignment of ATM system, not exactly the same something similar to that.
The assignment was supposed to make in a gp. of 3, i guess one is more than enought for it.

Went training center, the old gold lecture got started, .................. before that one of the my friends ask me for assignment, I gave her and its all on her what she want to do with that. She I guess copy it, hardly a matter !!!!
But it matters, if I consider a part of a team who did a effort to make it possible and hence its not my property.

One of my team mate and my friend as well Jenis ...hmmm seems bit angry and yes he is RIGHT. why should not he be !!!!
But we want one think that it hardly matters about the creditabilty but the person who make a alias should at least understand it.

Thinking of the solution,how to tackle with this situation... giving a direct answer .. NO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU .. is no where a solution.
So, I asked one of my friend Abhishek, hey help me out!!!!!!!!!!!! He gave me a .... simple and intellegent answer:

Say her ...

We always have to make decision between
what is easy and what is correct...