Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that matter

Soft rain started in Bangalore. From last 3 days it is raining and it is no more soft in feeling. Hmm, Last Friday I met one of my friends and coming back to my home. Near Kanakapura road(Bangalore), a smart old man caught me asking for lift. He asked me to drop near Ragigudda temple which is approximately 200 meter away from my turn. Ok, that's a fair deal. Though from last 2 months people find themselves offended in visiting that road.

New Bangalore Central(mall) came up near Ragigudda temple just opposite to Big-Bazar. So big bazar worthy customer can't leave that road, visiting mall is mandatory by Gen-X people and God believers, special Hanuman bhakat can't stop visiting Ragigudda temple. So, evening time that road is more like a girl watching road because you can't move your bike or car.

Anyway, smart old man got the lift. On back seat, he sat like an Indian traditional woman.. both the legs on one side of bike. This is a scary pose for driver and back-side both. Now he told me his story. Daily he got 10 Rupees from his son to go to temple and he saved it almost everyday. Either he got lift or he walk. He told "I am doing this from 6 years". So, Just did a rough calculation he did 6*365*10 ~ 22K Appox, he told me 20K, not bad. Now, that is good amount and awesome way of saving.

Too good !!