Saturday, August 11, 2007

Professional Blogger's

Sometimes life goes very stagnant and you will not find anything to write. Anyway, reading others blog I came across a professional blogger " Digital Inspiration". This guy is writing hell lot of techniques related to software and some of the uncommon tricks. From saving YouTube videos to faxing from Skype.

Lastly I came across a good tip from " Digital Inspiration". Spam control from gmail account. At the micro level he found a good way to use gmail features. Funda is if you have a gmail account say then is also a perfectly valid account and fortunately mails will come on So this guy speaks a good point whenever you give your gmail account on any of the site put something with + symbol. I guess the best is to put site name itself say And now whenever you will get a spam, you can easily trace out which site is creating spam for you :).

Happy way to do intelligent work :). Do visit this site if you are living with computer.