Sunday, July 31, 2005

No title ...

Ohh... It was long back, I hadn't write any blog. The problem in Delhi creeping up. No water from last 15 days :) in my home . Hey, don’t worry I took my bath daily, tanker came on main road near about 300 m from my home.

Well this weekend, I saw the movie "Virudh" . Again the same, Big B centralized the whole movie on itself. No songs at all ... BollyWood movie taking the shape of Hollywood movie now... :D.

Don’t waste water ... hehe :D

Monday, July 25, 2005

We - the people




What you see in this ??

Most of the person in todays life, saw that second equation is written wrong, and this is all about. We never remember the goods of a person, but we within a second put someone bads in mind.

But what I feel that this type of things happen only in professional relation, in the relations of heart it never happen. We always try to make the wrong things even right :).

Sat- Sun I still spent in college though the classes were over. I love my college. Sitting alone on benches,seeing the green trees, the class room, the dressed student and of course the playing ground.

Though I sit alone, I never feel alone. I feel that all of my friends are here and there. At the night, i go with the hope that we will meet again.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Idealogy ..

Of fo... how big ppl talking these days, yesterday I was listening one of the ppt-cum-lecture:

>> Your progress in the end of the day depends what you are able to excute
>> Never let to die your interests, what ever be it is : Painting or Dancing
>> I never see watch when I am working, its all about passion
>> It all depends on you, what you do for your friends, parents ...

Bhai ek din mai 24 hrs he hota hai :p.

Well who say IDEAL things not exists:

-- Can you have better smell than the smell of soil when it touches rain
-- Can you have better freshness than enjoying in rain
-- Can you ever see the trees after the rain, much bueatiful than any bueaty
-- Can you feel air cooler than the air at the time of winter

Bahut Bakbas likh diya :p

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sarkar ..

So, its Day2:

So, have an essay on First Day in Company like we in our childhood used to wrote First Day in School :-)

Bakbas tha ... :P

Oooooo , I missed to write about Sarkar:

Movie Sarkar, not anyone ..

Mast movie ha bhai. Amitaab Bachan ... ooho, this man will rule out the indian cinema.

The most wonderful thing in tht movie is the home in which it was suited, sahi lag raha tha.
Black Cloth of Sarkar :-) , Abhishek Bachan also doing good now.

Rest Dialog is cool, Backgroud Music is also >> mast.

Now its the time to join "DUS" :p.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Game ..

Tomorrow is my joining in InterraIT. As I already did my 8th sem project here, so not a new environment, neither the new ppl. All the same, bindas, funnky :p .

I remember when I join interraIT, 6 months back, there were some games on Day-1. Some are too cool. In one, all the students had to open their left leg shoe and place it on one place. After that, each one had to go there and select the shoe one by one with closed eyes. And then one whose shoe was selected by you, you and that guy/gal formed a gp. and you had to share experience,life with his/her for 3 minutes.

And then they ( i mean both ) have to explain that near all, and according to that they got the percentage how much he or she can memorised the things.


One game checks - team work, listening capability, communication skill, retaining skill.

I selected mine shoe: p.

Types of Rain :-)

Merely if I divide the Rain type, it basically makes five categories:

1. Hard rain with too much of Wind.
2. Hard rain without wind, just for some time.
3. Medium Straight way rain, without any time it came.
4. Slow rain with lots of wind.
5. Slow rain with no Air... too much humid.

Last wala to bilkul bakbas hota hai.

First two I like tooooo much.

First one is called "Pralay " :p. Second one .. just cool. Makes the weather also cool after raining. Third one, untimely came from somewhere and went in 3-4 minutes. .. bad one.
Forth, good for lovers and in movies: p. Fifth one ... chi chi .. very bad

North India dominated with 4th one type rain, East 5th one, West also 5th and 4th combination. South - don no.

There is one more type ... NO RAIN.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sai Mandir ....

Today I went to Sai Mandir near my college. Really a cool place, I love to see the words, the sloka's written all over the walls. It looks that they put a force inside you to work, to move forward.

1 year back, I went to Jamma Masjid in Old Delhi. A nice place to visit. There is a long slant part in it. Complete black inside and you have to go till the top.... stairs are really horrible, you feel that anytime you go down.
When we reached on the top, there are some Foreigners their ...we started talking, I mean eating head. "From where you are", " How you feel about India" , "Why you visited this place" ... and lotsssssssss ....

And yes one thing strange -- shoes,chapals are allowes inside Masjid just its the different way you have to put them on ground, I mean you have to take both the shoes and put on ground such that there bases are touching each other, not the ground.

Old Delhi is a cool place, its looks OLD :p.

Ooo, today I demanded lots of things from Sai Maharaj :p ...

Give me this ,this, this , .. that also .. :p ....

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Days I like :-)

The days I like:

1. Day before and after when we realase any build of software.

2. Day when I am free :p

3. Day when I have lot of travelling.

4. Day when I see any movie :p.

5. Day when I chat lots of time with friends ( only on yahoo msger)

6. Day when I write very intellegent code ( happened very few till :- )

7. Day when It was raining, and I am in home.

8. Friends Birthday.

9. Day when Electricity was not in night.