Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lovely, Horrible and Most surprising - Universe

At night, looking those lovely stars one can think of going there.A symbol of luck, a sign of love. But practically it carry an immense heat which can burn anything from man to planet. Two weeks ago, Scientists discovered a new black hole ,supposed to be largest ever(under the same category).

Black Hole is again one of the most surprising entity exists in Universe.Funda behind Black Hole is very simple. Every mass has its escape velocity, say earth escape velocity is 11 km/s ( I remember those funny questions in Physics book - a boy is throwing a ball with escape velocity :)), I guess the correct line should be Shaktimaan is throwing ball with escape velocity :D ). So, anything moving faster than 11 km/s will escape the gravitation of earth and will go somewhere in space. But there are some body exists, some dense body, from which even light can't escape and those things are called "Black Hole". Black Hole is generally made up of Huge massive stars. More interesting, how to find the existence of black hole, because existence of most of the heavenly bodies are by the reflection of light but this is not the case with black holes. Yes, its difficult to find the existence of black hole. Generally scientist get it by the behaviour of stars and gases near the black hole. Gas and near by stars pulled towards the black hole.

Very surprising but have to respect the laws of nature :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

IT day in Bangalore.

Ah today is holiday in Bangalore because it's 1 Nov(Karnataka Day). What I remember is only few of our states have anything like this(State Day). 1 Nov is little special for me. Because last year 1st Nov was supposed to be my joining in Sun. Yes, I have completed one year here in Sun and in Bangalore too.

Coming back to Bangalore, IT day is going in Bangalore. Today was the last day. My roommate Prashant went for it. Met some nice people there and some people working for Quillpad. Quillpad(because English is not enough! ) is a very nice site, which gives you a notepad facility to write in your favorite language with correct spelling. Site provide some 6-7 language support. By default is Just type Hindi as we are typing in messenger and it will auto correct the spelling or give you a list of suitable words very similar to MS Word or OpenOffice word.

Give a try, I liked it !

I have typed this:
आज बॅंगलुर दिवस है. आज बॅंगलुर में छुट्टी है.