Saturday, December 31, 2005

Zoo ...

Hmm ... so it is my blog space. Nice to see it back.

So I got my experience of leaving my first company :), its not too great !!!
Today I went to zoo of Orrisa , thats call KananKunj, its a nice place to enjoy. Varities of Animals but still in our country, care on animals are poor, most of them seems to be dying.

Happy new year friends. Have a nice time !!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Nice Poem !!!

See this poem written by my friend:

That was a nice poem for sure.

Still 98 percent of computer people are using Internet Explorer. Its surprising !!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Hello World !!!

Wow !!! These days I am learing flash basically FlashLite for mobile application. Its cool in making application in flash. I mean awesome.

The first pdf file looks that it makes mockery of Our old Application "Hello world !!!"

Its written that we are going to see how to make the first application "Hello,World". Select the Text Box from the ToolBar. Write "Hello,World" and go in Window->Run.
Thats it !!! :P

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Google - Great !!

So, its sunday :) a cool camn day in home, though there was a bomb blast in Delhi.

So today I decided to see what Google all provided to us. It's amazing. I first saw the news section of google, its amazing. News so patterned, so arranged and so good !! Wow !!

Then I saw the Code section, it was also good !! Some great projects are open source there !!

Then it comes something of my work. Google web service for mobile. It was also great !!

Picasa and others we already know !!

Otherall conclusion, google became a part of life :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Power of Desire !!!

So, it was an incident... Better call it "POWER OF DESIRE”

Once in a train a person was moving. He was on the last coach of the train .Somehow that coach became isolated with others .Because some construction work going in between. So, that coach was like an isolated one. Now, he was a smoker and he wanted to do smoking, but unfortunately he didn’t have, I mean finished up with cigarette.

Journey was continues 7 hrs so he tried but after 1 hrs he was unable to control .He asked all the ppl of that coach that will you have cigarette. Unfortunately no one had then he started giving money 100 Rs. for a cigarette and asking please someone gives me. But bad luck no one actually had so, he started seeing the cigarette butts under the seats all the way rubbing his pant in the whole coach but no he didn’t get. Lastly he got a small butt in the toilet set he burned up that and smoked up he was so relaxed. But sometime after he regretted on himself

This was a real incident.

Just I want to tell you that, sometime the desire of people even the small bad habits come or attack you in such a fashion that you have to go very down. And just you have to regret for that bad habit too much. That what I was telling today to a friend “any action after which you have to regret is a sin, is a crime not what others say. Good and bad we define for our self.”

Friday, October 21, 2005

Once upon a time ...

So, it was our meeting. In every meeting we have supposed to tell one story by any one of the group member. Looks funny but believe me effective.

This time, it seems that story short down. No one was read to start with. In the mean time one had started ok.. I will tell one story.

And here it goes:

It was a real one and taken from the life of God Buddha.Buddha used to cross river and then he went to the other side of the river for bhikcha, that what they used to do in Bharmcharya Jiwan.

Once he was crossing the river.He saw a young lady try t o cross the same river but the level of water crept up,so she was frightening in crossing the river. She tried one-two time, bur still she was not.

Seeing her, Buddha took her in his hands and start crossing the river . He left herself on the other side of the river. And went off.

After returing back, he saw one of his followers, let down the head, bit tensed.He asked what happened !!!

He asked, bhag-wan you are giving us the updesh of bharmcharya and then how you took a lady, a young lady on your hands. I was upset after seeing all these.

Buddha replied, no no !!! I was not carrying her. I dropped her on that side of the river, but it's you who still carry that lady, that young lady.

And the moral of the story ..Our action , our action is not perceived by what we are doing but it was perceived by what we are thinking.

A very simple analogy I can give as well :) Some papal are very angry type, and when they become angry they just burst out long because they retain angriness with them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reading one of the articles on Rediff, it was mentioning about IT professional and their behaviour in India.

Some great lines I got in between the article:

"Hmm, so you thought Windows XP was written in India? Nope, but the typing of all the HELP doc was done in India."

"The attitude for many is: Company aa rahi hai, to chalo job le lete hain. Better to have one offer in hand and then 'see'. This means that many techies are joining not out of any inherent interest in a software career; they see the job as a place where they can hang out between one degree (BE) and the next (MBA or MS)."

Very Truly Depicted the picture, have a look:


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Aamin ...

Hey, that was a big disaster in Pakistan.
I mean more than 20,000 and most of them were children. God bless the rest.

And the most sadest part, it comes at the time of Ramjan.

This is the time where everwhere in India and Pakistan auspicous occasions going. In India, Navratri going, Pongel as well. After that its time for Diwali and ... in our side after that time for chaat, puja of Lord Surya...

Chaat considered one of the most sacred paraw in our side. According to the people there, only God that human can see is SUN.. I mean Surya. So, they do this for SuryeDev.

My mom also do this from many years. 2 days upwas no water even.

God bless all the people from such disasters.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Open Talk

2-3 days back when I was on home, my mom seeing Aastha Chaneel. A nice Guruji doing Prawachan there.

Seems to be logical and I muttered "Ache baate bol raha hai" .

My mom told me, life biggest learning come from experience.
Experienced ppl not speak what is written in book, they speaks what actually happen in the world.
So, follow them.

Why I follow them, I replied in flash.
I mean, if they told that there is only 1 to 5 in the number system, so I follow them and never try to learn 6,7,8,9 ...

So, " If I told you there is nothing just behind the road, still you go there to see it. If I told you this food is bad for your health,still it take up the taste and let yourself down and ill" my mom replied bit angirly

hmmm ...

"Ya I will", I replied in a idiotic way.

The best part in my mom she never take me and my words seriously, so I talk with her like I am talking with my friend.

" Hmm ... so you want to say that our learning, our experiece of 40-45 yrs don't resides any meaning for you ? " Mom asked.

"Yes it had, I can trust on it, but its good that I blindly follow it ? " I wispered.
"If human being never question on themself, then IS IT THERE ANY WAY OF IMPROVEMENT ... Tell me that " I added

"And for that you want to work from scratch" - Mom asked.

"No most of the time but yes offcousre have to do some of the time" - Fast reply from my side.
" Try it out I never stop you " Mom said half happily.

"That I know, you never stop me" I laughed literalily.

I really don't know who is right and who is wrong . But I know both is right and both is wrong. :)

Great One ...

I am reading the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" ... hmm seems to be a great one.

Its cool and too much of pratical and how impact it makes on mind.
Some good lines I saw:

"Accept what you can do and also what you can't do "

"Like the system, but if you not, dont buy it"

A story of a professor and his last learning - his own death. A person who know that he will going to die soon but still live all the moment of life.

Great Book ..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Laughter Challenge

Its all on the morning, cool weather, listening song, birds flying here n there.

I was listening laughter challenge coming on Star One. That was I mean AWESOME. The best part is the content of it. Makers are so creative that one can't think better than that. Raju Srivastav and Sunil Pal are the two just great guys.

If anyone want it, then please let me know and yep you definitely enjoy it.

Have a nice day !!!!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Hmmm ...

Here it goes a real one ...

One of my friends went through a great scene ... what happen today from his computer a bad picture went to all the company after that all are sending him mails and making fun of it. Most of them know that he didn't do this. It really hearts him.

The system admins even know this but they just said regret for it. If these type of secuirties are in IT companies then things very soon went into help.

Sometime we sit on the chair to do something different and we have to do something different... This is how life goes :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Back ... :)

After a long time, I come back again in my bloging. World near us sometimes became so that we have to leave many of the things.

The most beautiful thing in us is that we will come back to our interest whatever be the situation.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Party Time ....

Today is InterraIT(my office) foundation day. It was all about 9yrs, someone open the office in his home. A dream which is global and local too

Actually it’s very necessary to break up the big goals in shorter one. I mean this is the way to achieve it. Because years are made up of months and months are of days. So, at the end of each day there should be some output that brings you toward the Goal.

"Though you are on the right track, but you can't achieve the Goal because you are standing still on that, run over it"

So, a party day .......... yeppy :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Om Ganeshaye Namah !!!!

Have you heard the story of Ganesh Ji. There is a very nice and motivating story behind the fact that " why Ganesh ji ki puja dusre bhagwan se pahle hota hai"

Once upon a time there was a race conducted by Sankarji. According to him, the person who completed one round of whole universe first will be the winner. And on earth that God is prayed first.

All the bhagwanji start running to win the race, and what Ganeshji did was just revolved a round across his father Sankarji.

And here goes his argument:

Papaji, you are the maker, the creator and the destroyer of the universe. All the action is derived by you and will terminate by you. You are the source maker and source breaker.

Is it not sufficient?

These arguments were put near all the bhagwanji... and they were agreed on the fact.

Moral: Intelligence + Argumentativeness you need to win the race : p

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kuch karoooooo

So, this weekend I was supposed to not see any of the movie. :-( . So what to do lets plan for it.

I saw some nice photos of some olden days.

Searching for someone who is good in making moblie application but koi mila nahi :-

Two new members came in my project gp. both are cool and most important thing for they are hard working, so it means I can enjoy more time.. hehe :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

I love it...


Today I do a good amount of cooking. Since, Mumy went in Saathsang, it was a good opportunity for me to have some cooking.

Roti.... I can make this awesome. Just circle, just circle. I love to make my normal Indian food like Rice, Dal, Sabje.

Frying Potato and eating it.... :P

I am thinking that if I am not in Software Field, i will definitely do this work.

But last night, till i made all the things bhaiya went for sleep and I forcibly told him to eat-eat, so he didn't appreciate my work :-((

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Iqbal - Dreams are not meant to die

4 out of 5. Movie makers are doing awesome job now.

This is a movie of Iqbal - who is not audible and can't even become Audi an. Only see the dream to be selected in India Cricket team, I guess right from the birth.

How support from his sister and mother, let him to do this. Covers more or less all the favorable and unfavorable aspect that is possible.

It’s not only about cricket. It’s something about achieving dreams. If just someone, just someone, is with you, you are right over your dreams.

Actors did a perfect job and in last good supported by Kapil Dev.

I say, if someone have passion for its dream, must see this movie.

It’s all about “passion + support = target achieved”

Funny too

One place it goes like that:

One of the cricketers, told Iqbal – “abe sale gunge, bahre, apni or apni bahan ki ye sakal le kar bhag ja yaha se."
Iqbal Sister replied: " Sir, aap bhul gaye ho mere ko to suni dete hai, or aap itne dhere-dhere gali bolo ga to bhaiya bhi samaj jayega".
Then Iqbal told something to her sister by waving hands.
Cricketer asked: " oyee ladki, kya bol raha hai ye Iqbal sale"
She replied: " Aap samjho" and then both laughed.


-- Dreams are achieved on the day when we see it; just what we need is to remember it every time --

Thursday, August 25, 2005

They are own !!

Unlike other days, today I wake too early, ya near about 5.10 or so. Eyes are too fresh because I went through the eye cleaning process in night.

I went to my veranda and I saw it was cool air blowing all way. Range of birds is available near my home. I was just gazing the trees. I saw a tree, that don’t have leaves, just have some dry wood on the body and on the ground attached with some soil.

But the interesting thing I find was, on that tree, maximum number of birds were playing. Since the tree is not so leafy that why they can run from here to there, can beat there friends and move on the up stems. I love to see that, I felt that this tree feeling that it got the leaves.
But after sometime, except 2-3 birds all went in there nest to see there child’s(probably) . And the tree was all-alone, but still 2-3 birds were playing there.

I just went for bath. And suddenly I see the tree analogy. This is what we are in life. There are some person who don't have any thing, neither you are going to give him anything except happiness, still they give you support, they give you a workspace for playing, enjoying, jumping, laughing.

But when we all see our Goal and work, we forget that old tree and move further in life. We never see that tree again else we don't want to play.

Same way we do with our parents as well. Ma, GrandMa, Papa, are all the same victims like the old tree, when we want to play we come there and enjoy, we never ask him or her that "Oh ! It is too sunny outside, you don't have leaves are you feeling uneasy. "

We just move in life and move on and on.

Think how bad we feel when we will become that old tree!!!

Can we make our self those 2-3 birds that always are with the old tree?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dream ... :)

hmmm again start reading Alchemist, I love that book. Some bueatiful lines:

when u want something all the universe conspires to help u achieve it.

he recognized tht he was feeling something he had never experienced before; the desire to live in one place forever.

and lots of .... .

Such a great dream :

Really awesome. Will be back when I finish the book :P

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Be Happy !!!

Its always happen with everyone that after 4-5 days of happiness there comes somewhere the bleak or the sad days and the vice-versa.

We used to define these things with big words like LIFE, LUCK... etc.

We are not complete and we feel sorrow because we want to be, and again we become happy when we realise that can't make ourself complete.

Our surroundings gives us many thing, it provides us everthing shirt,pant, soap, food, toothpaste, mobile, watch, ... i mean just everthing. It gives us a lot and side by side it creates better call generates the feeling of more.

It actually defines us, defines you, me, Amit, Summet, Sita, Gita just everyone.

Think we have long beard face in absence of Shaving tool. Smell coming out of mouth in absence of brush. Leave those, they are big, how the life become if you dont have computers ( definitly you can't read this blog :) ) dont have messageners installed on it, on which we share our feeling with those cute smiley face !!!!

We have to value our life that we get so many thing, why to cry !!!


Monday, August 15, 2005

India :)

mere mulak mere desh mere ye watan
santi ka unnati ka pyar ka chaman


I love my India... forever :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Read some nice jokes in last day :)

Teacher:"Can anyone give me an example of Coincidence?"
Johnny:"Sir, my mother and father got married on the same day same time."

Teacher: How old is ur father.
Sunny:As old as I am.Teacher:How is it possible?
Sunny:He became father only after I was born.

A Sardar and an American are seated next to each other on a flight from Los Angeles to New York . The American asks if he would like to play a fun-game. The Sardar , tired, just wants to take a nap, so he politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks. The American persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun. He says, "I ask you a question, and if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5, and vice versa." Again, the Sardar declines and tries to get some sleep. The American, now worked up, says, "Okay, if you don't know the answer, you pay me $5, and if I don't know the answer, I'll pay you $500." This gets the sardar's attention and, figuring there will be no end to this torment, agrees to the game. The American asks the first question, "What's the distance from the earth to the moon?" The Sardar doesn't say a word, reaches into his wallet, pulls out a $5 bill and hands it to the American. "Okay," says the American, "Your turn." So the Sardar asks, "What goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four legs?" The American thinks about it. No answer. Puzzled, he takes out his laptop computer and searches all his references. No answer! He taps into the air-phone with his modem and searches the Internet and the Library of Congress. No answer. Frustrated, he sends e-mails to all his friends and co-workers. Checks the input. All to no avail! Finally, a long time later, he wakes the Sardar and hands him $500. The Sardar thanks him and turns back to get his sleep. The American, more than a little miffed, stirs the Sardar and asks, "Well, what's the answer?" Without a word, the Sardar reaches into his purse, hands the American $5, and goes back to sleep!

I guess this able to bring smile on your face :p

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Happy Friendship Day

Wish you all a very happy friendship day :)

Well, a friend is not a thing to remeber on a single day, even true friends can never be remebered becasue we remember only those who we forget. And someone who resides on your heart how can you forget.

How cool that naa, this time its on Sunday :)

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Oo , again reformat the PC, my PC is great it closes the net connection.... :p. Some virus i guess and like all time norton unable to detect it.

But I dont loss even single song :) and put one more 512 slot of RAM, so now my RAM is of 1 GB , heppppy .

Now more faster .. IS IT SO ?

No it is not, actually system unable to use 512 how it uses 1024 .. :), the application load is never so tht system need 512 RAM.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

No title ...

Ohh... It was long back, I hadn't write any blog. The problem in Delhi creeping up. No water from last 15 days :) in my home . Hey, don’t worry I took my bath daily, tanker came on main road near about 300 m from my home.

Well this weekend, I saw the movie "Virudh" . Again the same, Big B centralized the whole movie on itself. No songs at all ... BollyWood movie taking the shape of Hollywood movie now... :D.

Don’t waste water ... hehe :D

Monday, July 25, 2005

We - the people




What you see in this ??

Most of the person in todays life, saw that second equation is written wrong, and this is all about. We never remember the goods of a person, but we within a second put someone bads in mind.

But what I feel that this type of things happen only in professional relation, in the relations of heart it never happen. We always try to make the wrong things even right :).

Sat- Sun I still spent in college though the classes were over. I love my college. Sitting alone on benches,seeing the green trees, the class room, the dressed student and of course the playing ground.

Though I sit alone, I never feel alone. I feel that all of my friends are here and there. At the night, i go with the hope that we will meet again.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Idealogy ..

Of fo... how big ppl talking these days, yesterday I was listening one of the ppt-cum-lecture:

>> Your progress in the end of the day depends what you are able to excute
>> Never let to die your interests, what ever be it is : Painting or Dancing
>> I never see watch when I am working, its all about passion
>> It all depends on you, what you do for your friends, parents ...

Bhai ek din mai 24 hrs he hota hai :p.

Well who say IDEAL things not exists:

-- Can you have better smell than the smell of soil when it touches rain
-- Can you have better freshness than enjoying in rain
-- Can you ever see the trees after the rain, much bueatiful than any bueaty
-- Can you feel air cooler than the air at the time of winter

Bahut Bakbas likh diya :p

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sarkar ..

So, its Day2:

So, have an essay on First Day in Company like we in our childhood used to wrote First Day in School :-)

Bakbas tha ... :P

Oooooo , I missed to write about Sarkar:

Movie Sarkar, not anyone ..

Mast movie ha bhai. Amitaab Bachan ... ooho, this man will rule out the indian cinema.

The most wonderful thing in tht movie is the home in which it was suited, sahi lag raha tha.
Black Cloth of Sarkar :-) , Abhishek Bachan also doing good now.

Rest Dialog is cool, Backgroud Music is also >> mast.

Now its the time to join "DUS" :p.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Game ..

Tomorrow is my joining in InterraIT. As I already did my 8th sem project here, so not a new environment, neither the new ppl. All the same, bindas, funnky :p .

I remember when I join interraIT, 6 months back, there were some games on Day-1. Some are too cool. In one, all the students had to open their left leg shoe and place it on one place. After that, each one had to go there and select the shoe one by one with closed eyes. And then one whose shoe was selected by you, you and that guy/gal formed a gp. and you had to share experience,life with his/her for 3 minutes.

And then they ( i mean both ) have to explain that near all, and according to that they got the percentage how much he or she can memorised the things.


One game checks - team work, listening capability, communication skill, retaining skill.

I selected mine shoe: p.

Types of Rain :-)

Merely if I divide the Rain type, it basically makes five categories:

1. Hard rain with too much of Wind.
2. Hard rain without wind, just for some time.
3. Medium Straight way rain, without any time it came.
4. Slow rain with lots of wind.
5. Slow rain with no Air... too much humid.

Last wala to bilkul bakbas hota hai.

First two I like tooooo much.

First one is called "Pralay " :p. Second one .. just cool. Makes the weather also cool after raining. Third one, untimely came from somewhere and went in 3-4 minutes. .. bad one.
Forth, good for lovers and in movies: p. Fifth one ... chi chi .. very bad

North India dominated with 4th one type rain, East 5th one, West also 5th and 4th combination. South - don no.

There is one more type ... NO RAIN.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sai Mandir ....

Today I went to Sai Mandir near my college. Really a cool place, I love to see the words, the sloka's written all over the walls. It looks that they put a force inside you to work, to move forward.

1 year back, I went to Jamma Masjid in Old Delhi. A nice place to visit. There is a long slant part in it. Complete black inside and you have to go till the top.... stairs are really horrible, you feel that anytime you go down.
When we reached on the top, there are some Foreigners their ...we started talking, I mean eating head. "From where you are", " How you feel about India" , "Why you visited this place" ... and lotsssssssss ....

And yes one thing strange -- shoes,chapals are allowes inside Masjid just its the different way you have to put them on ground, I mean you have to take both the shoes and put on ground such that there bases are touching each other, not the ground.

Old Delhi is a cool place, its looks OLD :p.

Ooo, today I demanded lots of things from Sai Maharaj :p ...

Give me this ,this, this , .. that also .. :p ....

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Days I like :-)

The days I like:

1. Day before and after when we realase any build of software.

2. Day when I am free :p

3. Day when I have lot of travelling.

4. Day when I see any movie :p.

5. Day when I chat lots of time with friends ( only on yahoo msger)

6. Day when I write very intellegent code ( happened very few till :- )

7. Day when It was raining, and I am in home.

8. Friends Birthday.

9. Day when Electricity was not in night.



Monday, June 27, 2005

What I reply

If God asked me, what I reply :

1. Take any one thing from me ?

2. Where you want to go, i send you for only once ?

3. To whom, you always want with you forever ?

4. What other life you want to live, if you are not human being ?

5. What the most imp. change, you want in you ?

6. How many years you want to live ?

7. Who will you miss the most after death ?

God, i need TIME :-)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

What to write ..

Well theses days it happened most of the time with me that I sat down idle, just building up the pressure and work load on me, and when it became too much I started working on it. Ya, wrapping the work is not big deal, but I lose quality somewhere :-( .

All friends are going somewhere, leaving the shadow of college, little bit disheartening but "Time never wait for someone ".

Well, we all are passengers of same voyage but have different boats, some boat go faster, some go slower, but we all reach on the seashore and will meet again. That’s why, I am sailing my boats without any worries.

God bless a great future to all of them, and God will. He never gave me sorry, misery and this time also, I know.

Searching an imp. old mail, i saw a forward, nice naa ...

Image Hosted by

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Water - Life is it ?

Delhi temperature crept up and reached 46 yesterday. Hell lot of problem for water as level went down. Times of India report " There is no shortage of water in delhi but on an average a general person get 13 litre of water daliy, whereas a day uages of water in PM's home is 65000 Litre, President 63000 Litre, and 25000 litres in each ministry home. 1 room of Taj hotel require 2000 L of water daliy."

Me and my dad carrying water daliy from groud floor to 4th floor, I really love this work. But yes, this problem need some attention, as summer just going up in next 2-3 months.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Microsoft Starts IT Academy

It looks like, the biggest strength that a company assuming after the next IT crisis will be MANPOWER.

Looking a interview someday before, with reference to a question “what we are importing from India", a gentleman of US replied "we are importing PEOPLE from India, the mind that design the best of anything".

Microsoft also going to start a academy in Karnataka.

This is the news:

"Microsoft India has announced the launch of its first IT Academy located at Gulbarga in the state of Karnataka. The IT Academy will impart IT training to teachers across the state, according to the MoU signed between Microsoft and the Government of Karnataka, for implementation of Microsoft's Partners-in-Learning program.

Under the MoU with the government of Karnataka, Microsoft has committed to setting up 3 IT Academy Centers in the state at Gulbarga, Bangalore and Dharwad respectively, for training over 20,000 teachers and 400,000 students (From class III to class XII) over a 5 year period.

That is a good news one-way, but definitely India losing the Gold in this MoU.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why Developer do like that ?

Ok, tell me what does it mean: @#$@!%%%#@@@$%%@##@@@!%%^^^ .
Any guess .. nopes. Oh !! Its my encoded message. How can you decode it. Ya, you can take pen-paper go on and on !!!Same story, same casting and same ending here also in IT field.

Developers, the initial developers start making codes in their own style. Documentation ... I heard it first time, by the way what does it mean ??? Ohhh ... How fast project moving, Project leader was happy , Project Manager was too happy . On its midst, 'the' developer left the job and then its inter-mission of the project, and oops climax change suddenly.

New Developer, devotes his/her official time of 9-6 in understanding the code and then night out from 7- 1, trying to write something, most probably the wrong code.

Not only that, he claimed the project leader, manager that what the hell this code is , no documentation, no coding guidelines... Bogusssssssss.They reply 'is it so' looking each other , so keep that in mind that the same problem will not coming with the next developer, so write document, maintain proper coding guideline.

So, now code also to write, and document of own also and the 'paap' of others also.

But I really enjoy this scene ....

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hummm .. Problem

It’s a situation, no a dilemma. There is a student, good student. He wanted to see whole world. But suddenly he selected Computer Science as branch, final got a Job. But he was not happy with that.

Sitting whole day near A.C, eyes gazing computer monitor, fingers continuously running on keyboard, sometime if fingers get time it shifts from keyboard to mouse.

He had the dream to see the world, but he was so blocked with the work that he didn't have time to even think for the world. No problem in company, neither with any person there. But he is not what he wanted to be.

He moved so far in career that reverting back ... no no, not possible.

Any suggestion for such poor fellow?

Monday, June 06, 2005

Beautiful ...

Temperature here in New Delhi crept up and became 43 C yesterday. So, first Saturday, Sunday after joining the company when i was in home.

I really have to struggle to find any work in home, especially when my internet not working. Well read the old materials of C++ and Java. Anyway net works now, got a good site : for interview questions.

Dirty ideas came all the time in mind, we have that naa , "Empty mind is devils workshop". Sunday i was thinking how a person jump from my balcony so that he will be able to heard himself maximum. For such frusty man, better if he live for greatest pain: p.

Some small bad happening with us, force us to think so bad else Life is really very beautiful.

Oh !!! Beautiful .. i remember >>>

See the Mac beautiful Products :

Just Puneet told be the URL 2-3 minutes back.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Apple's iPhone Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005


Day before yesterday night, i was in college. Work was too much regarding project. I tried to finish that till evening.
Tired, feeling uneasy ... decided to go for movie.It was 8.00 .

My friend Ami told me, better to take night meal. So, after having dinner, we went for movie. Near my college, the best mall of NCR region was opened, some weeks before. So, have fun ....

Oh!!!!! All movie i already saw. Next mall ... Nothing new,already seen. Next mall ... My Godness , nothing new.

I was very much upset. Last 6 weeks , i saw 6 movies. And before these six, it was "Jurrasik Park - I " i saw with "papa" in somewhat 4-5 class.

I decided not to see any movie now for next few months :p. Anyway, we returned back, i saw Nazar on CD :P.Ya, it was a nice movie, why people didn;t like, i dont know.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Future is calling you ...

Today, it was our farewell party. All of the faculties had some words, i hate these lectures.
But still some good words :-

Goel Sir, our Head of the department CSE/IT branch :

"Its not the facilities we have to see, how much a company can provide. We have to concentrate on how much we can contribute for the company".

It was all the evening, I saw near Sun, basically a sunset. I became happy, as that sunset told me that I will come again in morning with the same orange light but it will sunshine, just what you need is "patience".

It is just the beginning of the journey, "we have to set the rules, we have to put the fuels".

Friday, May 20, 2005

Dependencies ...

Be independent, that’s what my Team Leader shouting whole day and the one thing that i love most. Though I myself, never fit in this word ‘independent’. I make my surrounding so pervasive that i also have to be dependent on something; this can be human or can be resource.

Why we don't want to become Independent?

I thought a lot, its only because we don't want to learn. We never want to innovate the learning process. Either it’s the learning of cooking, or to make software, we set our benchmarks before the start.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bossism ...

The worst thing that happens with me these days is that ki my net stop working. Ooooo , its so frustrating that i just go on to bed when i reach home. God taking my exam, but my dear God its 3 days i live without them, now pass me in exam.

Everyone in this world works 'under' someone. 'Under' if i say than its "Lower in rank, power, or authority". In terms of Software Engineering, the BIG BOSS is Customer, most of the time the most illiterate person.

After that it goes a hierarchy of../../.. Manager, then Project Leader, and then the Developer. 'Developer' the real software makers. The sweat that comes out from their skin, the toil that comes out from their body, the creativity that comes out from their mind, sets the quality of Software.

'Developer' in most of the company a work-force of age gp. in between 20-30. Not only mastermind in their projects but can understand the quality and the problem associated with any of the project ;-) .

No no don't do this way, do this way ... the same old line that Manager babbles. I was dreaming one day that how nice it is if the position, the power changes. These managers will get to know that the taste they are enjoying, how much effort someone has to put to make it a tasty thing.
Microsoft launches MSN desktop search :

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Dreams ...

I told about my dreams many time to my friends, but they just laugh on me and said " Vaibhav you became mad sometime in morning". I tried to find such sequence dreams on net as well as in book but 'void' was the return value.

Yesterday it happened the same. I was in my college yesterday; I and Ami (my friend) went back for movie "Kya Cool Hai Hum". Nice movie, our youths in BollyWood are becoming mature now. Good acting my Esha Koppiker. After movie, i went back to hostel and then from hostel to my home, a near about 2 hrs journey.

Did some chatting, check the mails, an old article sent by abhishek was still unread,,1284,67287,00.html? tw=wn_story_mailer

I went back to my bed. And i didn't know but my dream begun ...

There was a person ( i know who he/she is in real life, but not in dream) in the city, who was killing doctors of that city and kept on killing, even the city police was unable to get his/her name and face. People of that city start believing that it was a devil.

4 doctors left in the city, and me one of them. So, life was very near to death. And yes, after killing the person that guy hangs the dead body near any hospital, but not that doctor’s hospital, who he/she killed.

Investigation took rapid change in this condition of this abeyance in city.

It looked that city police lose their hopes, as they were trying from last 3-4 months and unable to find any of the evidence against that murderer.
And lastly the police commissioner told me " We can't waste so much of police force for this case, we are leaving this case"

And so, i became the survivor of my life....

So, i designed a robot (don’t put logic you are or doctor, dreams are dreams). A robot for my safety in about 3 days, in the meantime, there was only more murder, and the doctors count left to 3.

My robot was ready, but on testing i got to know that the response of robot was not so fast. Changing the code bit and some optimization, i was able to make that a real time response robot.

Since, i was a great doctor too, it was hardly a problem for me to give that robot, a human looking face and good body structure.

No incidents happened in morning in any case , that’s why, in morning, i freed my robot to find out some evidence of murderer. And in night it was working like my bodyguard.

Reporting Master : "I got some information about the murderer, she killed 69 doctors yet and living in Gov. Quarter- 5 km away from this place", my robot delivered me this piece of information.

It was a complete surprise that, killer was she.

I made 2-3 more mini robots with high data manipulation speed and spread those near her home.

After 2 days they all reported, "she is normal, normal BP, normal Energy-level".

Only workaround for me to bring that woman in my clinic.She came , i do't know how i called her but she came. After some discussion i told her that you know that you had killed 69 doctors, any idea !!!!

She started laughing and told me "Doctor shab, aap pagal ho kya "

" Ok, you go home " i muttered.

That night, one more murder. And my-mini-robots "sir got it" .

And they described me even showed me the whole scene. And they concluded " Master, after lots of data mining , we found that, she had a child who was died due to wrong Prescription giving by a doctor. And that doctor was her first victim, but she continued to kill others that in future no one can give such wrong Prescription. And after she did all, she lost the time( means short-memory ) and hence normal at morning-2-evening." mini-robot gladly explained.

At the time of angriness, there was a saliva secrete near the abdomen. and that gives you extra power, much more than your normal energy-level. That i know in my real life, this time , i was a doctor, must know thing.

I called her again in my clinic. and i directly asked her "Had you have any child, that you lost" .

Yes, she replied and told me " Doctors gave them wrong medicine and he died " she was still normal.
I again asked " any photo you have " .

Ya, and gave me one.

An idea came in my mind.

"Oooo, this is your baby, i saw him 2-3 days back, and how you told me that he died!!!!!!. Lady he is still alive." i told with the confidence in the words.

She surprised, jumped up told me " i want my baby back."

I augmented of course " give me 2 days and also give me the Prescription of that doctor ".

"Ok, leave give me your bag, i will take from that " i added further. She did the same. And i got that Prescription .

And then ...

I made him , her baby. You know, not a difficult for me, who do all the above things. Actually i cloned a 3 year baby and then changed the face and all body structure in accordance with the photo, which she gave me.

And that’s it, my morning alarm "tin tin tin .... ".

And most horrible truth that , i felt myself so weak in morning, that first time, i felt on floor when i trying to leave the bed. Looks that, it all really happened with me. I spelt 1 hrs in office bus, then 2-3 hrs in office, then able to recover myself.

It happened with me sometimes... Don’t know why??????????

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Need time ...

Yep, change the interface of the blog !!! Like Microsoft doing every year :D.

I have zero knowledge in HTML, trying to bring the links and "About me" up, 1 day wasted abhi tek nahi hua :-(( .

Yesterday was busy. Got a good article from Puneet "Google vs. Bill Gates". Seems that Road are waiting for Bill'u'. "Sarak per aana wala hai Bill Gates".

Whole night enhancing my CV :-) , lots of Job Opening there in paper. Then write a formal mail for sending those CV in different companies.

Oops !!! Its the exam time, will prepare for Quality Management Test, going to held on 16th of this month. Got some good material for CMM and CMMI. Want to refer, alias : CMM , CMMI.

Office work going to slow these days. Need some more attention there.

Rohit , my college friend, got net connection in home , now half time will go in chatting with him :D. My Router started hating me, whenever i went for net , kuch problem aa jati hai.

Ok, will cont. this is office time, and man you are writing blogs .Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yahoo !!!

All the users of Yahoo I guess , got a problem in Yahoo !!! . Either your password is right or wrong, first time it tell you the you entered the wrong password. Initially i thought that i really entered wrong one, but thats not the truth.

Wowww... this is new security , funny naa.

It nearly about 3 yrs i was associated with yahoo, first time i saw this type of problem. Anyway, i know yahoo masters will make it right very soon.

"Yahoo msger to mast ha", i never see such a great msger service in life. I had downloaded 1-2 more, you can also chat on HELLO ( can free download from , one of my friend told me about this.Its cool ,but not as much as yahoo is !!!!

test ...

The most relaxed work i have is to write blogs , but ...

Again this but comes, my blog is not working .This blog is just for testing.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

kaal is ...

Ooo , got sometime after long time. So, i decided to go for moive . Some friends were too busy so i didn't distrub them .
It the time for Shipra Mall , a new mall just oppsite to my college...3 moive halls there ...
So, we decided to go for Kaal ,trailers were good.............................
Started with some wild animal scenes and lastly ... oh God better if someone had stolen my this 100 Rs. Indian Directors are not going to be change anyway. I tried to find anything god in the movie, but remains but for me :-(
Suggestion from my side if someone going to watch that movie, better to see "National Geographics channel " for 2 hrs , you will get more taste.
Anyway went back, left a party also :-(( ... for this crap movie . Its now project time

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

G O O G L E ...

Max Temp : 39 degree in Delhi.

Today i was not in a mode to work, its not a new story, it happens with me daily.Coercing whole night, Vaibhav do some work tommorow, i went on the bed last night. Still in the morning it was the same "System restart".

Since was not in a mood, and the best thing to avoid sleep is open "Yahoo Msger" or Google. Doing Chatting whole day in office, na na na ... , so Google was the ameliorate action.
Lastly, i concluded the whole day, it was better than normal working days,besides my manager will not going to kick me out from office.

I got to learn lotttttttsss of things :-

1. How to make exe files of java :-

JDK not provides anything for exe files, simple reasons are "security and platform independece" , so "THRID PARTY" zindabad :
and also some options in Java WebStart, but long one.

2. How do I recreate files which I have already removed from the recycle bin in Windows?

Once upon a time, in times when people either used versions of Windows prior to 95 or didn't use Windows at all (see the history of DOS paper), there was a utility called undelete. It served as a recovery tool for deleted files that were deleted less than a week ago, and used to save a lot of work and tears. That was all nice and smooth, until Windows 95 came up with it's "recycle bin". Wow, looky here! Whenever I delete a file, it goes straight to the recycle bin! Ooh, I'd bet that's new... The recycle bin isn't some magical bin thing, it's just a hidden directory. On every Windows 95 or above hard-drive, you have a directory called recycled. Whenever you send a file to the recycle bin, it is actually moved to this directory. Sophisticated, isn't it? But here's the problem: most people don't like the recycle bin. They either press shift+delete to delete files without transferring them through the recycle bin or empty the recycle bin right after they send a file to it. But then, when you realize that you've made a mistake, you cannot recreate the file. Or is it so? ... You can use DOS's undelete to recreate deleted files that were removed less than a week ago. If the file was on the recycle bin prior to it's "final and unrecoverable deletion" (yeah, right), you will find it in your recycled directory. Can't get any easier than this. Where to find the undelete.exe program? If its not in your Windows\Command directory then you will have to copy it from your Windows CD-ROM. Its in the directory called: oldmsdos.
This trick does not work with FAT32 pratitions. Thanks to Mortar_G for this information.
For more good knowledge, visit on

And read a lots of good thing, thanx for the creators of google.

Tommorow, i will in full swing to do something ...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Most interesting span of life ...

"Even we are on the right track, we can't find the destiny beacuse we are standing still on that " , so life demands to be a run.

In this corporate life, it hardly matters how much you do, moreover it matters how much you do with relative to others. Thence, two very pecular word of this sector: Relativity and Agility.

Relativity depicted as how much you or your company able to do better than prev. span of time.


Agility depicted that how much your company able to do better with respect to other companies.
Last 6 months, got to know ( better to say learn ) many things...

How to work in adverse condition !!

How to keep head polite in favouable condition !!

What should be the change rate of a novice demanded in a company !!

and lots ...

Also a lots in Acedamics and social life ...
-::- Who are the Real friends.

-::- How much family is important in life !!!

-::- Still an indecipherable image of future !!!

-::- How to write a good program :-) ( I never learn this completly ) !!!

-::- How to balance self, if someone left us and when someone new meet us ?

Still to learn are :

-- How to prioritize events !!!

-- Communication power still weak :-(( . Good with friends, but weak when something to say formal !!!

-- How to say "DIRECTLY NO" to someone. Never need it before, but i guess a good skill always be with us :-) !!!

-- How to extract ideas from someones prattle !!!

and loooooooooootttttttttttttttsssssssss more ... to learn.

A crap blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Need is indeed !!!

India is a need-based country unlike USA or others which are interest-based country.

People(me,you) work here to fullfill our needs --> need of survival, whereas in western country ( i never visited anyone, so simply a guess ) People work, because they want to work. Of course, exception are there in both the ways,but i am talking about the mass.

Just my project leader back from US 2-3 days before and told me "Yaar in US, iPod ( latest realise of Apple PC) is in demand, just a craze going on to buy iPod. And here in our country, the intellegent guys who can use it don;t have so much of money that they can buy it and some who have, better want to invest in share bazzar or keep it safe for the incoming generations ...

Just a difference in the mindset and that cement layer of "futuristic thought" become so dense that just they lose their interest somewhere in the midway of the life.I never say that they are amiss.

But will this be justifiable to move along with the life in such a "Safe Mode" ???? Will they dont have trust on their childrens that they grown up on their own, will they don;t have trust that they will be able to mantain themself after 20-30 yrs. THEY HAVE !!! but still ...

they say "Need is indeed" ...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Undefined ...

Yesterday thinking about myself. Got to know that Vaibhav Kr. (me) is a human being.And what this human being is ??

Worked a lot and then i came on the final precise conclusion :-

"Defining Human, its a social animal with Intellgence "

but we most of the times ...

" fits in the word Intellegence, but forget the pre-requist word "social" .

Again a problem what was the extent that we can say that this person is social and this person is nongregarious ?? Again i started define the world "social" for me. Sometime i concluded that " a person who work not for self but also for others " .

How much time for others and how much time for self ?
I diluted the defintion. And the new one is " if somewant help then we provide them the help without looking our profits , our lucre."

Will this help demand is implicit or explicit ?

Means we help someone when he/she approach us or when he/she was in pain and unable to express his/her feeling.

Hummmmmmmm the later looks Good, but diffuclt to implement.

Ok, so able to conclude one part..."Someone is said to be social if he/she can help other implicitly or explicitly without seeing his/her benefits."

Definition makes me happy and i was approaching towards bed. But but .... i went to Varamada and saw a lady, going somewhere with a child.

" God creates the Human eyes so bueatiful that it can easliy bifurcate the difference between different cast,rational, creed and of course the poorer and the ricer one. "

And the same did by my eyes also...

She was a poor lady looks like " to put in the category of poorest" .The child their in her hand crying and crying loudly.

"There are two types of cry, one is when we have some pain or someone beats us, and the second when we don;t have any explict pain but mind follow heart and heart say to cry.More weeps come out in second case."

The obvious reason for his ( may be her ) cry is that "this semi-born child need something ( not to say food ) to eat. I dont use the word "food" because according to English nomenclature FOOD is defined as "Any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue"


Knowing all these facts, some human inside me say me GO AND HELP THEM. HAHHHHH , its too night , leave leave !!! . And i went to bed, without any probs.

Sleeping with body not with mind, again a question comes in the mind ...

"What is the extend that someone can help, and to whom we have to help and to whom we dont have to help."

AND FRANKLY SPEAKING MIND CAN"T THINK THIS QUESTION UNBIASEDLY.... KEEP ON THINKING, lost somewhere in nights ... and then a new morning ... new problems...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

What i do ?

First time the combat of life with life,
First time the war between truth and the hype.

First time one half of mind say go for vocation,
The other half say go for satisfaction.

Some say look for yourself,
Heart say justify for yourself.

One mind say "you need career",
Other mind say "re-think your motive".

Life say " let me live in comfort" ,
Soul say "why can't life be disrupt"

Faith say " i am with you",
Greed say "how can i leave you".

Path say " i show you the destiny",
Destiny say "Change the path my dear".

I am impotent to conclude this poem. It need ataraxis,it need assuredness.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Judgement day

So, the day come. Its the day when i( we ) are realeasing our first indusrtial project. A unique work that i guess i will never get in life again. Hoping for some good response. A lot of sweat and hard work is there in this project by my partners, also a little from me:-) .

Everyone celebrating Holi and we are here working on it. Sometime it feel good but sometime feel bad. Today, is the celebration day in interraIT but i am not taking part in any of them :-(. I am weak in these things songs, gitar etc etc.

So, yesterday we got a new watch and first day we altered that.

Happy Holi to all of the World.

Its a celebration of colors and further means a celebration for hope in life. It is a occasion of love,

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Definition of Love ..

Those who allowed Love to sour know that the angels will sweeten the pot... and the plot again.
As spring dances in summer's blaze and golden flowers burst into bouquets, Love is in the air. With Venus' arrival within a month, there's Love for everyone, 'tis the season, take when God gives, take what God gives; the arms of the blue sky "that follows its own laws" are open right now.

Those whose loved ones have passed away, know that God will fill your heart in some mysterious way. Those who’ve lost Love know that the angels will return it to you. Those who allowed Love to sour know that the angels will sweeten the pot... and the plot again.
Those who've waited know that now is forever. Ask in His ear if this really is from Him, lend Him your ear for His whisper and then run to your gift. Get your gift, get this:

*Love is God's Daughter. You fool with God's Daughter; you pay the price for the rest of your Life. Love asks for Faithfulness. Even if you don't make a commitment, once you share physical intimacy with someone, your body makes the commitment.
Don't ruin a great thing; there's only one person in the world that can light up your soul; a hundred will fire your groin. But only one has been invested with the grace of God to light up your soul.

*First find your soul; your soulmate will find you. When you become the person you are meant to be, when you have had the experiences you are meant to have and when the one meant for you has too, then your paths pull each of you towards each other and eventually at a universally ordained time your paths cross. Little is more powerful than people meant for each other coming together.

*I know I'm the misfit and rank as the oddest one out in today's passionate times, but Love I believe is so sacred you have to wait till it's only Love. Even the holding of a hand is not just the holding of a hand; it's sharing the imprint on each other's palm and passing through the touch the best of each other's destiny.

*It's sometimes better to be in love with someone who loves you than who you love. For if it is only God who chooses and angels who prepare your Love story, it exceeds anything anyone has ever experienced.
I want yours to be that way. In an imperfect world with us imperfect people I still believe in a perfect Love. Never ever believe the world, believe in up there. Great Love calls for great Faith.

*If your relationship doesn't have shared spirituality, it won't be able to stand the onslaught of the difficult times we live in. Let the soul, not the sex dictate your decision. Many mouths will pleasure you; only one heart will treasure you.

*When someone truly loves you, it is a gift from God Himself. Never lose this kind of Love. David Berg in Glimpses of Heaven notes: "Many cry when they first arrive in Heaven and realise how much their mistakes have cost and lost." When you lose your truest love, anything else you later go on to gain is a total Loss.

Only when you are truly ready to honour, cherish and give Love top priority in your Life for the rest of your Life, It will reciprocate... for the rest of your Life. I wish with all that I am, that you find the Love God has destined for you. For it is in the love of someone who worships you that you will find a glimpse of God.

*What a winner Love is. In a vast world of six billion of us different people it is the most common wish to God

--Its not written by me but i can feel this bueaty.

Friday, March 18, 2005

If I Had Created Man !

Date: 18-03-2005 ( a big day for me)

Today, i was thinking that can't it happens that when we want, we lost our all past memory so that we can begin up with a new life like in moive 51st days.And yes, knowledge doesn't comes in the inevitability part of memory.

How cool !!! We never, in our heart, all those panic feelings which we have had in our past.
But !!!! No No ... its my thwarting who forced me to say so. I simmer down myself and then i re-thought.

Oh my God !! We also lost our marvellous memories. No we can't afford that.

And so a ratiocination, that God created Human being more or less perfect. But still i had some sugession to put up in the suggestion box in God's office.

In the one life span, God must have to do the following things with us :-

1. For some span of time, each human( not everyone at onces ) has to go through a peroid of blindness and much better if that person know the number of days.

I am dead sure , person like me don't have -4.00 power glass on the eyes, because we never care about it. It becomes our general tendency to work with this bloody computer more that 14-15 hrs and doing same work that can be done in 4-5 hrs easily.
4-5 days before i read an article in which a question was asked from a blind girl. " If anyway you will get your eyes for 3 days, what you do with that ".And a great answer goes like ... ( i guess never be answered so greatly by a two eyes working person)

... Day 1: First day i want to see oceans, rivers, trees , birds, farms ... and try to associate the relation between the sound and the bueaty of nature.

... Day 2: Second day i watch man, animal and try to associate their feeling of sorrow, love, joy. I try to put them in my heart rather than in my eyes.

... Day 3: The judgement day, with my closed eyes, i pray near God to give me happy in my life. In that prayer i never ask God to give me eyes.

2. Not very different from Point 1, for some span of time, ( not again everyone at onces ) each human has to go through a peroid of dumb and deafness and again more better if that person know the number of days.
It coerce us to become a good listener and also provides us the respect towards our tounge, which we generally learnt after 20-25 years of life. Even after 20-25 years of life, i saw the people who don't have control on their words. They said ,what they even don't know the meaning.

3. Last and the most important, God ceases from us for sometime " THE FEELING ".What we learn from it ?

Nothing we learn. Its the learning time for those who speak with us . When a person share his/her happiness,joy,sorrow to you and you respond nothing on it. He/She become Mad :-))
Very few people i saw in my short life who had respect for others feeling. I would be thankful to God, if i will get some more such "other feeling-respecting" people.We always try to avoid others because it the human mentality to feel himself great. I can simply pose an example " Look on yourself, when you are listening a song and you as well, singing that song. We feel that, we are singing very similar to the actual singer. "


And you can value others , value feeling of others , iff ( only if ) we value ourself. I still didn't forgot the day when i was on the trip of Vasnab Devi . JayaKumar Sir ( our X-OS professor ) told Namarta Mathur Madam ( our PD teacher ) in a tauntful manner " Madam ( he also used to say Madam ) it seems that you have lots of pain in walking, why you have so much affection with your life , can't you move fast " and a one line reply " I value my life and so i care it ". Answer was sufficent affinity to close the further discussion and JayaSir replied " I love this answer".


-- Sometime God doesn't give us something, because they thought that this person deserves more than this ...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ready, Set , Go

Today when i was coming back to home from office, i remembered that i blank out my walkman in home. So, its very panic to timepass 1.30 hrs in bus and most panic when you are sitting alone. Just i opened the windows and watching the trees outside.

In the prolongation of that, i lost somewhere in my dreams. With retention of my splendid peroids in college, venerate of leaving college, the exuberance of a new journey and lots of things.

I just commemorated the initiation of college life till to its termination,everything. My recap started from the day when i joined my college. A college having just one building and a lecture hall where even 200 sutdents can't sit at a time and same as with me. A student who didn't speak a line english near someone,not because he didn't know but because of the perception that others bemocked on me.

Time blowing over, we learnt some good manners some bad also. But whatever we had , happy with that small life. Time never gave us chance to even free ourself and think something about future. Got some new friends, release the memory space of some older friends. Some are so special that i can't forget them before my death.

And now on the corner to pack the bag, with a lots of memory just so much that , this life is small if we want to recapuslate them again.

Can we forget them ?? For some defintly YES, but some n't even in lifetime and some may be not in the next life span.

Just remembered the dialog of movie Soldier " Insaan murr jata ha, mugar aawaja jinda rahte ha".

If someone told me to write your feeling and learning in one line - i just told that guy " It is the start of a roadless journey , just we have to remember on that journey, whatever we do ,it surves the purpose of being ourself human".

" We make the Net Work" - Sun MicroSystems.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mr. Rajeev Bansal ...

'Mr. Rajeev Bansal' i know i will not hear this tommorow, a sound dawned from the next cubical.Rajeev(sir) left us. I even don't ask and i really had no interest to know " Where he go, Why he go ",because

beautiful minds find their home anywhere in this world and so Rajeev too.

I can still commemorate the first day when i met Rajeev(sir) .

(The rule abided by company is to not use Sir/Madam as forename and thats create a hell lot of problem with the new novice.)

We already had a lot of chronicled story of trainee victims. Just having all that in mind , i met Rajeev(Sir) first time. He introduced himself in a apathetic manner. And then i intorduce myself in dread manner. I mean, the intoduction means name only ,not even a single word more than that.

Time glided by, with its usual pace and Rajeev was so busy that i didn't get time to even ask anything more than name.But in the meantime, i got to know that he was the 'Keymaker' of this project.

Generally when me met, either he explaining the project details or he shouting on us 'arre yaar tek sa kar lo ya.' I never felt that he was affronting us because it was his avid effort in this project and he didn't want to lose battle because of us.

I couldn't explain his ebullience on the day when finally he accepted to got some fruit from his work. 'Check karo, Release_build check karo, debug_build check karo'.

And the very first day after that Seema ( Madam ) ( our project manager) told us that " Rajeev going to leave us ".

News was appalling for us, but anyhow we know the fact that responisblity conveyancing on our shoulders.Rajeev(sir) is always a word of 'aspiration' for me. I always wish his success in the future endeavour.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Can i define our work ?

It was a day when first time i worked alone. Since project will go for submission in 3-4 days. I can't excuse of ANYTHING. In such a period of anguish , my mind was at a low ebb. I can't even recollect the things ... HOW TO DO , WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO DO.

I already had two cup of tea. I found it galling to have one more cup. In that poignant state of mind i came near windows and saw , will the bus reached or not !!!

Yes, bus was there. I saw the time. It was 30 minutes left in 5.30 , my office day endup time. But i couldn't stop myself for more 30 minutes. I ran away and occupied 3rd seat in bus. Me, just relaxing myself. In the meantime, the Bus Conductor came near me and asked ( he asked in hindi but let me write in english) " Whats going inside this building ". As i know that this fellow didn't know the S of Software. I replied " Some Computer Work " . "Oh !!! So you guys are making computher here " he murmured.

Srivasta Sir flashed back near my eyes as he also used to say " Computher " .
" No no , we are making softwares " i shouted.

And as i expected his next question hitted my mind " Software .... what is this " he argued.
I lulled, put my hands on my head and started thinking something innovate so that i could explain him. But ....

But is always But.

It was 1 hr journey and all the way , i was thinking and thinking and thinking ....

But still i was unable to conclude ... CAN YOU HELP ME !!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Nice days ...

So, its a happy day for me as well as for all JIITian's. Today when i was coming on bus, i saw the clear difference of weather change. It was enought light i mean so much that a cricket match can be played for 30 minutes, i was very near to my home. I was surprised. Generally it was dark when i left my bus. But today when i saw IIT gate i was surprised, i picked out my mobile as my watch, the battery was drained out :-( . It was as usual 15 left in 7.00.

So, welcome to the season of Autumn !!!

I love this season a lot ... because i don't have any skin drying problems :-)

Me, not in a mood to go office tommorow as my project partner is on leave from tommrow onwards. So, i have to work alone :-(

Last 2-3 days for me were too haptic but i learnt more.

My Mac PC running slow . One obvious reason was the bad confugration and other we ( me and jenis( my project member) ) thought that it need some refreshment. So, why not, lets have some fun with PC, anyway we were in the learning process. So, we told our senoir project member " Sir, we need Mac OS 10.3 installation CD" . He replied to post a message on HELPDESK. We did that.

After 30 min or so, a server room man came out and told us that let me install Mac OS , i never did it in my life. We were bit frusty but we told " Sure man !!! Go ahead ".

He asked " from where to put CD inside " . Actually the architecture is so good that we never see CD drive like things in front . I told " Sir put CD here, it automatically went inside "

So, he did that and restart the system. NOTHING HAPPENED. System booted out with normal way. We are happy and that person out of frustration went on from their .

Yahoooooo !!! CD was with us !!! Come on Jenis have some fun.

Jenis, a linux expert, opened the command prompt and start trying the ugly commands on that !!! I shouted " stop this, Try to find out some application, some tools,some GUI."
He started playing with Computer. Looking on Windows and try to finding out something analogus to that.

Yeah Man , i got something !!!

We have to run from here !!! .

Till one of my senoir project member joined us .

" Humm Good !!! So, how to go " he murmured

It was something written " Erase the material over the disk, before installation. "

Till that time. i was busy in reading mail. So Jenis asked "What to do sir".

He replied " Follow the instruction" .

So Mr. Jenis with senoir member erased the data over the disk.

And so the poor Mac PC erased the firmware with other data, my nice songs were
also there :-((.

Firmware : Linux bueaties are familar with firmware but for Window sicks guys i only told that it is something like bootstraper , which is required to load OS on system.

Jenis shouted " Vaibhav, you always busy in mails , see Man this is important than your mails , Look man , how installation going now "

And in the meantime, an error came " Firmware not upgraded , OS can't be load " .

I couldn't stop my laugh. And since now system was set to booted through CD , we can;t even run the system and Yes, CD was inside and like Linux , you can;t get it out at the time of insallation. No windows type button to take the CD out and even not a small hole like in Windows in which we put pin and CD comes out( Mama gave me this PIN Suggestion... but it not worked ).

Now i really can't stop my laugh.


"Hey, God created one good thing for us !!! " I grumbled.

" What Man " Jenis asked. He genrally had the habbit to use so many "MAN'S "


So, me and Jenis started with the search . He is bit immature in giving proper Keyword for Search. So, i told him to

put something like "Installation of MAC OS X without firmware "

He got something and me too.

He got how to entered into the command prompt of firmware. Something like pressing button combination -- Ctrl- Apple - 0 - F . And again a problem " is this zero or 'O'. Matching text we came on the conculsion its 'O' not zero.

So, after 1-2 try we entered into firmware. It means that it(OS) deleted only the upgraded part of Firmware, not whole of it !!!

A gray windows unlike to Mac OS came near us.So i smiled" What to do with this Window Mr. Jenis M Shah".

He reflected back and said " Search more man,what to do now" . Something sparked up in my mind and i change the Keyword " CD ejection in Mac OS X" ...
and i got a way ... write " cd eject" on the firmware command prompt. We tried that. Yahooo CD came out with its delighting sound " sseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ".

I replied " Man we did that " .

" But my dear, still OS was not installed " Jenis muttered. He replied suddenly " Hey we have CD of older version Mac 10.1 ... can we try this "

And so, with taking name of Hanuman Ji we started installation. IT WORKS !!!

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!

"Party Sir, Party ..." We speaked out like bullet.

"So, we can't work on Mac 10.3" he queried.

"Of fo ... sir upgrade the firmware from net and then install what ever you want. Its not our business now, we are waiting in Cafeteria" . We moved on, with lots of Happy. Jenis told " Me,just coming , let me inform my friends about this great news".

We know that no one was going to ask for single glass of water. But we were internally satisfied with our work.

Just after day or two , we installed Tomcat on Mac OS , though it was not running properly but it was very similar to Linux Tomcat installation.

I was very happy that i not even orkutting for more than 2-3 minutes in these 4-5 days.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

SQL Injection - A Blind Injection

It was night, time near about 9.00.Since, i have MTNL BroadBand Connection for 24 Hrs, i preferred to sit on my computer rather than seeing TV serials. I was on Yahoo Messanger, chatting with friends. Suddenly Himanshu Rawat ( He_rawat --> Yahoo ID ), one of my good friends , pings me.

He_rawat: Vaibhav , u there. ( Font size near about 32, and font color - RED ).

I know he is a unique creature, so nothing is funny in this font-size and font color. But still i requested him to change the font color to Black and to reduce font size.Since, in college, he is famous with the name "BULL" .So, he replied :

He_rawat: Vaibhav, u know that i love this color, so i can't change color but ya i reduce font size. Come On the topic man ....

As we ( me and himanshu ) promised each other that we discuss about one new topic daliy , when we meet on Msger.

He_rawat: Go on to this site ::

I replied that i was not interested in Kerala Songs.

He_rawat: Go Man, and try this :

User Name : abcd
Password : abcd' or 1=1;--'

So, as he was requesting , i went to that site and tried his given User Name and Password.
Yes, It really works and give me many more permissions. Mean to say, that i hacked that site:-)

So, what actually happened was something like that :-


When first time i put user name and password, some absurd value like:-

User Name : abcd
Pasword : afgaf.

it will not work...

Obviously this was not right user name and Password as well , so it returns me that ERROR MESSAGE : User Name and Password Not found in DataBase, with a SQL error.

And that is the weak point, it shows .

My mind concluded that : This site takes Login Name and Password and sends a SQL request to check the validity of that User Name and Password. If not presents, returns an error message.

So, it happens something like that


and this flag is true when it get any entry of username and Password that was in the DataBase.

Now What is unique in the

login name = abcd
password : abcd' or 1=1;--'

I think you grab the scenerio at this time , if not go ahead ...

Look how this works


Oh !!! My God this is surprising ...

1=1 always be true and hence, flag value is 1, no doubt!!!
So, i hacks that site !!!


This all knowlege i got that day by Himanshu...

So, next question that immediately comes in my mind :: It is the generic case, anywhere login and password is validated by this way. So, that it mean !!! we can hack any of the site ....


This is what actually happened in many cases :-

To secure an application against SQL injection, devlopers must never allow client-supplied data to modify the syntax of SQL statement. In fact, the best protection is to isloate the web application from SQL altogether. All SQL statements required by the application should execute the stored procedure using a safe interface such as JDBC's CallableStatement or ADO's Command Object.

If arbitrary statements must be use, use PreparedStatement . Both PreparedStatements and stored procedures compile the SQL statement before the user input is added, making it impossible foruser input to modify the actual SQL statement.

Just understand that ... there is a webmaster sitting in between user input and DataBase. Its the responsibity of Webmaster to first scan the input ... check the validity .

I tried a lot and have some good example ...

First check that the site is vulnerable or not !!!

Assume that we have to check this .... ( this is ficticious :-) )

so on the top of URL , type this AND 1=1

and if it returns the same page ..... Yahoooooooooooooooooooooo we can crack it !!!!

or if say " Type Mismatch error" ... :-(( Sorry Man go on your work .

I think , its enough for this BLOG .... if you want more examples ... Tell me .

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Me and My Mom

15 Sep, 1982 ... nothing so suprising happened , i was just borned. Just after 6 days of birth, i was very near to death.Yes, that was a attack of Malariya ... on a 6 day small child, but GOD, my Mom, and Medical Science saved my life.
I still have a blur image in my mind of those days when i was in LKG class (below Class 1) . That time i was in mumbai ( that time it was bombay ) . My school was just 20-30 meter away from my home, but still i had to cross a road. I generally went school with my dad ( i call 'papa' ) . Upto the inside Gate , everything of that school was visible from my home. And, till i not entered into that Gate, my mom was looking at me from the window, a window that just faced towards my school building. I got 2nd prize in that class, after that i never got any rank prize in my life :-( .

After somedays, when i was in class 1, papa got transferred to Bihar, my native place. There, in Patna, i was admissioned in Kendriya Vidayala in Class 1 ... i don't remembered too much ... but yes , still i have the clear picture of my life from class V onwards... actually in Patna, we took a building on rent, and that was 3-4 kms from my school. Hardly any vechile available at 5.00 ... my school schedule was morning time ,quater in 6.00. We don't have any vechile like scooter that time ... so only way to go was by 11 no. ki gaddi.

My dad, really can't afford to first drop me in school and then came back and then went to office. So, my mom decided to drop me school everyday . It was a travel of 30 min ... one side . So, she just dropped me there and came back and then made breakfast and tiffin too, for papa.
And no matter if she was fine or not , she did it everyday till saturday.

Those day, i was suffered by a viral dieseases. White pus ( the wound with water) grewed up on my legs and suddenly brust out when became larger in size and it increaese in number day by day .... i can't expain you the pain of that wound . It was winter , about 5-6 degree temperature,still due to that diseases i went to college in Half-Pant... that time exam went on .. so i can't afford to take leave for some day. The best way a small mind can hide himself from that pain of cold, was to hide himself in mom's saaul, and so the small vaibhav did the same , all days.

Hell with the study, i can't even sit on chair or bed. That time , what my mom did was, she put a pillow just on my back and told me to put the legs on her body , so that legs was not touching anywhere and i felt comfort. .... and like that she sat near me whole night not 1 or 2 night ... 10 nights.
First time, i felt sorry !!! why these fellows gave gaps in between exams.... Lastly exams ended up ... i guess i secured 60-65 percentage ... that what i generally have . Me, finally took rest and again thanx to medical science that it cured my disease, but that spreaded on my mom's body.
But, a small child can't do anything so me too.

Till i was in class 8th or 9th , it was my mom's duty to teach me everything and as she was MA pass she did it brilliantly, but i wasted 5-6 hrs in playing football, never secured such a good marks that i could create smile on anys face in home. Who cares, i was happy with my foolball and the classes of games,yoga and science classes, in all these classes we played football , and 15 min of the next class also :-) ( indian timing gives us flexibilty to come inside the class 15 minute late ).

I joined college. First time i left the hands of my mom. Took flat in Shipra , my mom never told me to stay in home because she know that there is a challenging world outside.

Now after 4 years, i am back in my home with a fear that i have to leave this home again somewhere in future ....

Monday, February 07, 2005

Destiny ...

To run on the road,
you need to know the path.
To run on the life,
you need to know the destiny.
Life sometime so lucky,
that you slides all the way.
Sometime so unlucky,
that you have to fix the pace.
Sometime so real,
you become confident.
Sometime so unreal,
that everything looks incident.
Wind when blow,
it show me the path.
Mind when glow,
it show me the destiny.
One day i became tired,
taking rest on the track.
I heard a voice, come on
run with me, i am your friend.
Words enlighten me,
i was not even wait for a second.

I keep on running & running ...

-- V --

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Grid Computing - Last Medicine For AIDS

Long wide roads of Delhi ... looking so nice and Radio City - incredible. And yes after coming from office,getting nice things to eat at home. After a long time of 4 years,getting opportunity to fight with bhaiya.... Life is very bueatiful.Only missing friends :-(.

The heading looks absurd, but believe me it's not !!!

Can you ever think why AIDS is uncurbed (laa-ilaaz) ??

First, I tell you the current time its 11.25 AM IST , 04-02-2005, might be after an hour or so, we will get the news that someone found out the vaccine for AIDS.

HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( i really had to spent 2 hours to have right pronunciation, that's why intellegent people made acronyms) presents a complex knot for scientists to unravel. After initial contact and attachment to a cell of the immune system , there is a cascade of intracellular events. The end result of these events is the production of massive numbers of new viral particles, death of the infected cells, and ultimately devastation of the immune system.

Its not the HIV virus which killa... but ya HIV gives other virus friends full opportunity to destroy the cells.So, even small viral infections like cough,which we don't care about, have the capabily to kill us.

"Massive numbers of new viral particles" and mind this massive is not even lakhs and crores .... something which can't be processed even by our supercomputers.
Unlock genetic codes that underlie diseases like AIDS .... needs some processing which is fast .. fast like human imaginations :-).

Can our processors have such capablity ....look on these figures :-

Let me combine three laws/improvement : moore's law + storage improvement law + optical improvement law. Results are really surprising ...

Computer Speed doubles every 18 months.
Network Speed doubles every 9 months.
Difference = order of magnitude per 5 years.

Year 2005 --> Year 2014
Computer : Present X 60.
Network : Present X 400.

So, the only solution to save the humanity from AIDS is GRID COMPUTING. Defiining Grid Computing, i can say that "Grid computing is based on the idea that the unused computational power of desktop computers can be harnessed to create an aggregate computational resource greater than the largest clusters and the most powerful supercomputers available. Computer grids are appealing because of their ability to provide more than enough computing power to solve previously unsolvable problems."

Research ( not me :-) ) tells us over 95% of today's computer power is wasted; between mouse-clicks, keystrokes, and spikes of routine application program activity, the average computer sits idle. Distributed computing technology provides the means to harness these valuable unused CPU cycles to create an aggregate computational resource known as a computer grid.

IBM, along with representatives of the world's leading science, education and philanthropic organizations, launched World Community Grid, a global humanitarian effort that will harness the vast and unused computational power of the world's computers and direct it at research designed to help unlock genetic codes that underlie diseases like AIDS and HIV, and support studies that can protect the world’s food and water supply. Anyone can volunteer to donate the idle and unused time on a computer to the Grid.

Fastest, connected through internet and through 10 million of people. We can also contribute ourselves, I mean our computer's idle CPU usages in this great journey... and believe me that's why, I told you the time of the article. Anyday, anytime ... we can have the good news: MANKIND WINS OVER AIDS.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Fall of Icarus

SuperComputers - Fall of Icarus

Icarus - Son of Daedalus, with the wings of wax, tried to touch the Sun. He was on his end - Yes, i am talking about SuperComputers. Before speeding up, it has to say ' Good bye' to the world. Live its whole life inside the black glass, saying to the outer world " Hello ! You can see me, but you can't, touch me, i am so secured ."So, the fastest supercomuter, human mind,is just not ready to spend so much money, just for speed. Come on, we are human beings! Let's find something different and efficient ...
...Evolution of Distributed Computing. Just the name was sufficent to thrill the black windows of Super Computer.Distributed Computing - "Distributed computing is a programming model in which processing occurs in many different places (or nodes) around a network. Processing can occur wherever it makes the most sense, whether that is on a server, Web site, personal computer, handheld device, or other smart device" .A definition by Microsoft. And these guys have a copyright even on this!Come on , no one is going to see definitions, can you have some result please? And the answer -- Yes, look on these figures: "mailto:SETI@Home Web site FAQ points out that the most powerful computer, IBM's ASCI White, is rated at 12 TeraFLOPS and costs $110 million, while SETI@home currently gets about 15 TeraFLOPs and costs about $500K so far." and yes dear, not only that, it doesn't require those black glasses,pricy electrical power, environmental controls. Last but not the least, distributed computing doesn't required any specialized language like mpC. We can work in C; I know you all C wizards just got a wide grin on your face, ya we also know this :-).It's an environment where we can harness idle CPU cycles and storage space of thousands of networked systems to work together on a particularly processing-intensive problem.In its very begining , the growth of such processing models had been limited, due to a lack of compelling applications and by bandwidth bottlenecks, combined with significant security, management, and standardization challenges.Increasing desktop power and communication bandwidth, opens the path for distributed Computing.

Wait !!! How is it different from Computer Networks.... ???

The Key distinction is that in a distributed system, the existance of multiple autonomous computers is transparent(i,e not visible) to the user. He (or she ,if you object) can type a command to run a program, and it runs.It is up to the operating system to select the best processor, find and transport all the input files to the processor, and put the results in the appropriate place.So, distinction lies in software, not in hardware. The difference lies in who invokes the movement, the system or the user.

Its just the begining ...

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