Saturday, April 30, 2005

kaal is ...

Ooo , got sometime after long time. So, i decided to go for moive . Some friends were too busy so i didn't distrub them .
It the time for Shipra Mall , a new mall just oppsite to my college...3 moive halls there ...
So, we decided to go for Kaal ,trailers were good.............................
Started with some wild animal scenes and lastly ... oh God better if someone had stolen my this 100 Rs. Indian Directors are not going to be change anyway. I tried to find anything god in the movie, but remains but for me :-(
Suggestion from my side if someone going to watch that movie, better to see "National Geographics channel " for 2 hrs , you will get more taste.
Anyway went back, left a party also :-(( ... for this crap movie . Its now project time

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

G O O G L E ...

Max Temp : 39 degree in Delhi.

Today i was not in a mode to work, its not a new story, it happens with me daily.Coercing whole night, Vaibhav do some work tommorow, i went on the bed last night. Still in the morning it was the same "System restart".

Since was not in a mood, and the best thing to avoid sleep is open "Yahoo Msger" or Google. Doing Chatting whole day in office, na na na ... , so Google was the ameliorate action.
Lastly, i concluded the whole day, it was better than normal working days,besides my manager will not going to kick me out from office.

I got to learn lotttttttsss of things :-

1. How to make exe files of java :-

JDK not provides anything for exe files, simple reasons are "security and platform independece" , so "THRID PARTY" zindabad :
and also some options in Java WebStart, but long one.

2. How do I recreate files which I have already removed from the recycle bin in Windows?

Once upon a time, in times when people either used versions of Windows prior to 95 or didn't use Windows at all (see the history of DOS paper), there was a utility called undelete. It served as a recovery tool for deleted files that were deleted less than a week ago, and used to save a lot of work and tears. That was all nice and smooth, until Windows 95 came up with it's "recycle bin". Wow, looky here! Whenever I delete a file, it goes straight to the recycle bin! Ooh, I'd bet that's new... The recycle bin isn't some magical bin thing, it's just a hidden directory. On every Windows 95 or above hard-drive, you have a directory called recycled. Whenever you send a file to the recycle bin, it is actually moved to this directory. Sophisticated, isn't it? But here's the problem: most people don't like the recycle bin. They either press shift+delete to delete files without transferring them through the recycle bin or empty the recycle bin right after they send a file to it. But then, when you realize that you've made a mistake, you cannot recreate the file. Or is it so? ... You can use DOS's undelete to recreate deleted files that were removed less than a week ago. If the file was on the recycle bin prior to it's "final and unrecoverable deletion" (yeah, right), you will find it in your recycled directory. Can't get any easier than this. Where to find the undelete.exe program? If its not in your Windows\Command directory then you will have to copy it from your Windows CD-ROM. Its in the directory called: oldmsdos.
This trick does not work with FAT32 pratitions. Thanks to Mortar_G for this information.
For more good knowledge, visit on

And read a lots of good thing, thanx for the creators of google.

Tommorow, i will in full swing to do something ...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Most interesting span of life ...

"Even we are on the right track, we can't find the destiny beacuse we are standing still on that " , so life demands to be a run.

In this corporate life, it hardly matters how much you do, moreover it matters how much you do with relative to others. Thence, two very pecular word of this sector: Relativity and Agility.

Relativity depicted as how much you or your company able to do better than prev. span of time.


Agility depicted that how much your company able to do better with respect to other companies.
Last 6 months, got to know ( better to say learn ) many things...

How to work in adverse condition !!

How to keep head polite in favouable condition !!

What should be the change rate of a novice demanded in a company !!

and lots ...

Also a lots in Acedamics and social life ...
-::- Who are the Real friends.

-::- How much family is important in life !!!

-::- Still an indecipherable image of future !!!

-::- How to write a good program :-) ( I never learn this completly ) !!!

-::- How to balance self, if someone left us and when someone new meet us ?

Still to learn are :

-- How to prioritize events !!!

-- Communication power still weak :-(( . Good with friends, but weak when something to say formal !!!

-- How to say "DIRECTLY NO" to someone. Never need it before, but i guess a good skill always be with us :-) !!!

-- How to extract ideas from someones prattle !!!

and loooooooooootttttttttttttttsssssssss more ... to learn.

A crap blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Need is indeed !!!

India is a need-based country unlike USA or others which are interest-based country.

People(me,you) work here to fullfill our needs --> need of survival, whereas in western country ( i never visited anyone, so simply a guess ) People work, because they want to work. Of course, exception are there in both the ways,but i am talking about the mass.

Just my project leader back from US 2-3 days before and told me "Yaar in US, iPod ( latest realise of Apple PC) is in demand, just a craze going on to buy iPod. And here in our country, the intellegent guys who can use it don;t have so much of money that they can buy it and some who have, better want to invest in share bazzar or keep it safe for the incoming generations ...

Just a difference in the mindset and that cement layer of "futuristic thought" become so dense that just they lose their interest somewhere in the midway of the life.I never say that they are amiss.

But will this be justifiable to move along with the life in such a "Safe Mode" ???? Will they dont have trust on their childrens that they grown up on their own, will they don;t have trust that they will be able to mantain themself after 20-30 yrs. THEY HAVE !!! but still ...

they say "Need is indeed" ...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Undefined ...

Yesterday thinking about myself. Got to know that Vaibhav Kr. (me) is a human being.And what this human being is ??

Worked a lot and then i came on the final precise conclusion :-

"Defining Human, its a social animal with Intellgence "

but we most of the times ...

" fits in the word Intellegence, but forget the pre-requist word "social" .

Again a problem what was the extent that we can say that this person is social and this person is nongregarious ?? Again i started define the world "social" for me. Sometime i concluded that " a person who work not for self but also for others " .

How much time for others and how much time for self ?
I diluted the defintion. And the new one is " if somewant help then we provide them the help without looking our profits , our lucre."

Will this help demand is implicit or explicit ?

Means we help someone when he/she approach us or when he/she was in pain and unable to express his/her feeling.

Hummmmmmmm the later looks Good, but diffuclt to implement.

Ok, so able to conclude one part..."Someone is said to be social if he/she can help other implicitly or explicitly without seeing his/her benefits."

Definition makes me happy and i was approaching towards bed. But but .... i went to Varamada and saw a lady, going somewhere with a child.

" God creates the Human eyes so bueatiful that it can easliy bifurcate the difference between different cast,rational, creed and of course the poorer and the ricer one. "

And the same did by my eyes also...

She was a poor lady looks like " to put in the category of poorest" .The child their in her hand crying and crying loudly.

"There are two types of cry, one is when we have some pain or someone beats us, and the second when we don;t have any explict pain but mind follow heart and heart say to cry.More weeps come out in second case."

The obvious reason for his ( may be her ) cry is that "this semi-born child need something ( not to say food ) to eat. I dont use the word "food" because according to English nomenclature FOOD is defined as "Any substance that can be metabolized by an organism to give energy and build tissue"


Knowing all these facts, some human inside me say me GO AND HELP THEM. HAHHHHH , its too night , leave leave !!! . And i went to bed, without any probs.

Sleeping with body not with mind, again a question comes in the mind ...

"What is the extend that someone can help, and to whom we have to help and to whom we dont have to help."

AND FRANKLY SPEAKING MIND CAN"T THINK THIS QUESTION UNBIASEDLY.... KEEP ON THINKING, lost somewhere in nights ... and then a new morning ... new problems...