Monday, February 19, 2007

Give me something good !!

Ah, again I need to move my home management system(ghar_ka_hisab). In morning, we are updating our expenses in thinkfree excel sheet( and got a critical bug. This bug seems to be in logic part because its not calculating the expenses properly.
, The total should be equal and difference should be 0.)

I used to use openoffice for Home Management expenses, but now my system become older and can leave me anytime,so we decided to move on network.Before using thinkfree, I have started using Google spreadsheet, but that was completely a bad product implemented(not designed) by Google. After looking at Abhishek's blog and a great trust shown by Ankur, we decided to move on to ThinkFree. But :(, I am searching for the next, which can handle by complex calculations >>> ANY IDEA !

Monday, February 12, 2007

Diversity in Unity !!!

Baand is over in Karnataka. As covered by Times of India, it was a complete baand. Complete in the sense, all flights get canceled, nothing on the road, all shops shutter down. I never see a baand effective like this. As I am a Bihari and baand is a common thing in Bihar, it touches people's life but it never hinders it. Here it seems, its not hindering, its stopping people's life.

I never had state cohesion and may be this is the reason I am in Bangalore. But its regret to see that local people force you to think it's not your state,never matter it may be your country. Ankur best says" It's not looking Unity in diversity, its looking Diversity in Unity".

Monday, February 05, 2007

Never Ending Debates ….

Some issues in our country are always open for discussion because in short term(2-3 years) it will not get a result(maybe my short term is small):

1. Indo-Pak Relationship
2. Sachin's Batting
3. Performance of Indian Cricket Team
4. Kavari Water Dispute.
5. ............................
6. ............................
7. ............................

and I start finding such issues, believe me the list in long :). Some topics which are in my control, I stopped talking!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What about Technology !!

What you say about Technology? Everyone makes their own definition. According to me "Implementation of Knowledge is Technology" and it should not be bounded with Science.

Few days back we were going to Mangalore. Arguing something with Autowala, I told Ankur "Think if this autowala has a touch screen and a GPS with a small application. This application tells our current position and provides a navigation option from which we can tell the final destination. Also, It go ahead and show the shortest path between our "Point of Interest" and also calculate the meter-charge(of course there should be something additional for traffic and all). No fraud, No route-tension, no money issue :).