Thursday, September 30, 2010

A talk to remember

Today, some of us went SRMAB. Priyanka and Arun reached early to installed JAWS(its a screen reader for Visually impairded students) on some of the computers. I was also planned to reach early, but on the gate I met one of the students who I remembered ever. His name is Amog, when I met him last year he was in 4th class, so should be in 5th class now. Remembering old days, he had cleared the 1st round of eye-check and doctor said that bring him in hospital for next round of checkup, looked like there is a scope of improvement. Like Amog there were 33 kids on the list. Every time I took them to doctor (generally we had taken them into batch of 10-10), I just hope that at least some of them get little vision. Oh, I forgot to mention SRMAB is a blind school for visually impaired kids. Kind doctors at Shekar Netralaya every time explained me the problem, every time it was painful to hear that. I don't want to share that here because blog space is a place to write good things.

That day, I was talking to Amog. He was telling me about his village and his parent. He further added that his father was very much worried about him, I told him not to worry. He told me that some doctor had screwed up his eyes. Finally he told me that a doctor of my knowledge(this all he explained me in English) told me that your eye can be rectified little with sixty thousand Rupees. I was some how enjoying his home story.

In the meanwhile, doctor called for his checkup. After checkup, doctor was explaining me the problem and Amog shouted from back "Madam can you explain it to me as well". She explained to both of us and it was almost the same story that Amog told me. Finally madam told me that under a severe operation, vision can be improved for 5-10 percent. Amog asked her "how much it will cost" and she told me "you need to consult senior doctor but it will cost around 60-70 thousand" and we both started laughing ...

Amog in Lemon Race at SRMAB Sports Day
(Amog in picture, one of the brightest and smartest boy of SRMAB)

(Written by Vaibhav, a volunteer of Pankhudi. Working in Bangalore and fan of some such kids. Regarding Pankhudi, its a bunch of Software Engineers and some more .. better I can some freemen who want to do something good)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mysore Trip

With 75 kids, we have done the trip of Mysore on this Sep-10-2010. For more detail, please read this blog:

Photos, you can enjoy here:

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Community School in India.

After long struggle, some freemen are able to start a community school in Orissa, INDIA. Please visit our website :

We would love to spread the community initiative, where community is important and tech. people impart standard in education.

Mayurbhanj Public School(MPS) is the first implementation of this concept. Please see the website for more details.