Thursday, September 18, 2008

Met expert at Petrol Pump !

Petrol drives a big part of economy. And this is how it is done in Bangalore :

Incident 1: Location: JayaNagar, 9th block, Petrol Pump:

Me: Give me 100 Rs Petrol.

(He has given me 30 Rs petrol.)

Me: 100 Rs Sir.

He made that 30 unit to 70 and start arguing, I have added 70 more. So, its 100 now. Fighting for 2-3 more min, he added 30 Rs petrol more.

Incident 2: Location: JayaNagar, 9th block, Petrol Pump:

My friend: 100 Rs Petrol.

They set the meter at 50 and made it 100. After talking to Manager, he was able to get rest of his petrol.

Incident 3: Location: JayaNagar, 1st block, Petrol Pump:

Me: 100 Rs petrol:

He start filling it. And he asked me, when you have taken this bike. I just saw him and replied 8 months back and it was done. I got my 100 Rs petrol. I got to know there is some locha here. But I want to see the actual problem.

Next day, I went to the same place and start watching others.

One guy: 200 Rs petrol.

He starting filling it. Petrol filler asked some question. He turned up. There is one more guy standing near the petrol tanker and he is the one - The expert, the genius. He reset the button and type 200 there.

Sir, your 200 done. (Actual, he reset it at 130 Rs)

Then I have seen one car. 500 Rs petrol. The reset has been done at Rs 410.

Sad part is neither bike nor car can tell the exact amount of petrol.

Here, I told you the story of 2 petrol pump but this holds good for 90 percent of the petrol pump in Bangalore. Be aware !

Friday, September 05, 2008

More updates -- Bihar relief !

More updates on Bihar Relief:

Help for Bihar Victim from Bangalore. Use following Links:

Online –Transfer your donations to ICICI bank
Name: Ashok Kumar Sharma,
A/C Number: 005301022273,
Branch: Jayanagar/Bangalore
Please mention flood relief and your name in remarks section while transferring funds
Also mention your name in the comments (will help us track).
After transfer send an email with the transfer details to
We will send you a confirmation for the same.

NGO Prayaas
Institutional Donor and as well as individual can donate via our Sister NGO PRAYAAS
Account in on the name of: M/S Prayaas,
Current Account No. : 10447347087
Bank Address : State Bank of India, Indiranagar,
Bangalore,Bank Code : 3301
Routing Number (Swift No.) : SBI NIN BB 147A,MICR number : 560002021

For more read the following blogs:


We are collecting money, please contact Abhishek(09966010096 or iabhishek(at)gmail(dot)com) or Me(09886796985 or

Feel free to ask any question !