Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tension, Angriness and Work

Tension and Angriness are the two common things we encountered during work and more during interaction of work. It’s always happening that we want X from a person and that person delivers us Y. We as a human have the tendency to do wrong things or in positive sense we always have the space to improve :)

Work – It has it own funda. It will happen in any case just we need to find the solution. We have two cases, either we will break the problem or problem will break us. Solution is their, that’s dead sure, deciding factor is time. A time better call it a threshold time after which problem starts breaking us.

One year back, I was a person whose this threshold time was very less. I was trying to solve problem for at max 10 minutes or so, after that I assumed that I can’t solve this problem and let me take help of other.

I learnt, learnt with my friend “time” how to struggle with a problem. Break it – else you are going to be the victim. Now my pet favorite dialog “fight maar yaar, kya kar raha hai !! fight maar !! problem solve hona he hai, agar nahi hua to samajh le tere problem he nahi hai ”

Just a wish from the God that they give us the power to say “Listen my friend PROBLEM, you are not a problem for me” :D

Friday, August 25, 2006

If I am in place of you... !!

If I am in place of you... !!

Once I need to deliver a presentation near a diverse audience. I was bit
confused about my preparation for the presentation because people from
functional expert to technical experts are there.
What to do ... What to do .. !! I asked the person setting next to me.
He told me " common make a good presentation " and how to do that...??"
If you are in place of Audience what you are expecting from the presenter, make that, thats it"

Believe me this solves my problem .. And fortunately I am able to deliver a good presentation.

I went to thanks that guy. He replied me back " I forget to tell one more aspect of it, not only presentation, anytime in life if you come across such problem, use the same rule"

It helped me a lot, at least when I am underestimating or overestimating someone.
From our eyes, the person sitting next to us is always fool, but see from his eyes , one can realize that he is accomplishing more tough job than us.
Life is not about criticizing others, its about learning and unlearning !
Have a nice weekend :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

1.5 years of my blog space ..

My blog space crossed 1.5 years of it's birth :) ...

I started it when I was on the verge of leaving my college... Thought of a common platform from which I can share my ideas or views. That is a different issue that I don't have any ideas and if I have then their is noone to read it :D

Yesterday, I watched one more telugu movie Gazini, I want to see this movie from last some month, in hyderabad I didn't get the CD but in mumbai I got it. Again, a awesome Tamil make !How a short memory person manage life. Carrying the photo and address of his own home. Writing on Freeze, that this is freeze and this for drinking and for foods, photo of persons "My Friend", "Not my friend". I heard that this movie is coming in hindi soon, Aamir Khan as Actor in place of Surya and Asin as Actress(same). Really a tough time for Aamir if he is playing this role , in Tamil & Telugu it was done by Surya and acting was awesome.
Have a nice weekend :)