Sunday, October 30, 2005

Google - Great !!

So, its sunday :) a cool camn day in home, though there was a bomb blast in Delhi.

So today I decided to see what Google all provided to us. It's amazing. I first saw the news section of google, its amazing. News so patterned, so arranged and so good !! Wow !!

Then I saw the Code section, it was also good !! Some great projects are open source there !!

Then it comes something of my work. Google web service for mobile. It was also great !!

Picasa and others we already know !!

Otherall conclusion, google became a part of life :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Power of Desire !!!

So, it was an incident... Better call it "POWER OF DESIRE”

Once in a train a person was moving. He was on the last coach of the train .Somehow that coach became isolated with others .Because some construction work going in between. So, that coach was like an isolated one. Now, he was a smoker and he wanted to do smoking, but unfortunately he didn’t have, I mean finished up with cigarette.

Journey was continues 7 hrs so he tried but after 1 hrs he was unable to control .He asked all the ppl of that coach that will you have cigarette. Unfortunately no one had then he started giving money 100 Rs. for a cigarette and asking please someone gives me. But bad luck no one actually had so, he started seeing the cigarette butts under the seats all the way rubbing his pant in the whole coach but no he didn’t get. Lastly he got a small butt in the toilet set he burned up that and smoked up he was so relaxed. But sometime after he regretted on himself

This was a real incident.

Just I want to tell you that, sometime the desire of people even the small bad habits come or attack you in such a fashion that you have to go very down. And just you have to regret for that bad habit too much. That what I was telling today to a friend “any action after which you have to regret is a sin, is a crime not what others say. Good and bad we define for our self.”

Friday, October 21, 2005

Once upon a time ...

So, it was our meeting. In every meeting we have supposed to tell one story by any one of the group member. Looks funny but believe me effective.

This time, it seems that story short down. No one was read to start with. In the mean time one had started ok.. I will tell one story.

And here it goes:

It was a real one and taken from the life of God Buddha.Buddha used to cross river and then he went to the other side of the river for bhikcha, that what they used to do in Bharmcharya Jiwan.

Once he was crossing the river.He saw a young lady try t o cross the same river but the level of water crept up,so she was frightening in crossing the river. She tried one-two time, bur still she was not.

Seeing her, Buddha took her in his hands and start crossing the river . He left herself on the other side of the river. And went off.

After returing back, he saw one of his followers, let down the head, bit tensed.He asked what happened !!!

He asked, bhag-wan you are giving us the updesh of bharmcharya and then how you took a lady, a young lady on your hands. I was upset after seeing all these.

Buddha replied, no no !!! I was not carrying her. I dropped her on that side of the river, but it's you who still carry that lady, that young lady.

And the moral of the story ..Our action , our action is not perceived by what we are doing but it was perceived by what we are thinking.

A very simple analogy I can give as well :) Some papal are very angry type, and when they become angry they just burst out long because they retain angriness with them.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reading one of the articles on Rediff, it was mentioning about IT professional and their behaviour in India.

Some great lines I got in between the article:

"Hmm, so you thought Windows XP was written in India? Nope, but the typing of all the HELP doc was done in India."

"The attitude for many is: Company aa rahi hai, to chalo job le lete hain. Better to have one offer in hand and then 'see'. This means that many techies are joining not out of any inherent interest in a software career; they see the job as a place where they can hang out between one degree (BE) and the next (MBA or MS)."

Very Truly Depicted the picture, have a look:


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Aamin ...

Hey, that was a big disaster in Pakistan.
I mean more than 20,000 and most of them were children. God bless the rest.

And the most sadest part, it comes at the time of Ramjan.

This is the time where everwhere in India and Pakistan auspicous occasions going. In India, Navratri going, Pongel as well. After that its time for Diwali and ... in our side after that time for chaat, puja of Lord Surya...

Chaat considered one of the most sacred paraw in our side. According to the people there, only God that human can see is SUN.. I mean Surya. So, they do this for SuryeDev.

My mom also do this from many years. 2 days upwas no water even.

God bless all the people from such disasters.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Open Talk

2-3 days back when I was on home, my mom seeing Aastha Chaneel. A nice Guruji doing Prawachan there.

Seems to be logical and I muttered "Ache baate bol raha hai" .

My mom told me, life biggest learning come from experience.
Experienced ppl not speak what is written in book, they speaks what actually happen in the world.
So, follow them.

Why I follow them, I replied in flash.
I mean, if they told that there is only 1 to 5 in the number system, so I follow them and never try to learn 6,7,8,9 ...

So, " If I told you there is nothing just behind the road, still you go there to see it. If I told you this food is bad for your health,still it take up the taste and let yourself down and ill" my mom replied bit angirly

hmmm ...

"Ya I will", I replied in a idiotic way.

The best part in my mom she never take me and my words seriously, so I talk with her like I am talking with my friend.

" Hmm ... so you want to say that our learning, our experiece of 40-45 yrs don't resides any meaning for you ? " Mom asked.

"Yes it had, I can trust on it, but its good that I blindly follow it ? " I wispered.
"If human being never question on themself, then IS IT THERE ANY WAY OF IMPROVEMENT ... Tell me that " I added

"And for that you want to work from scratch" - Mom asked.

"No most of the time but yes offcousre have to do some of the time" - Fast reply from my side.
" Try it out I never stop you " Mom said half happily.

"That I know, you never stop me" I laughed literalily.

I really don't know who is right and who is wrong . But I know both is right and both is wrong. :)

Great One ...

I am reading the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" ... hmm seems to be a great one.

Its cool and too much of pratical and how impact it makes on mind.
Some good lines I saw:

"Accept what you can do and also what you can't do "

"Like the system, but if you not, dont buy it"

A story of a professor and his last learning - his own death. A person who know that he will going to die soon but still live all the moment of life.

Great Book ..

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Laughter Challenge

Its all on the morning, cool weather, listening song, birds flying here n there.

I was listening laughter challenge coming on Star One. That was I mean AWESOME. The best part is the content of it. Makers are so creative that one can't think better than that. Raju Srivastav and Sunil Pal are the two just great guys.

If anyone want it, then please let me know and yep you definitely enjoy it.

Have a nice day !!!!