Wednesday, December 02, 2009

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It was tired eyes. Though it was rejecting to sleep.
I thought let it go more worst. it is not possible...
How different it is to understand the words and understand the feelings ?
Everyone has a religion, what matters is who find when.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Things that matter

Soft rain started in Bangalore. From last 3 days it is raining and it is no more soft in feeling. Hmm, Last Friday I met one of my friends and coming back to my home. Near Kanakapura road(Bangalore), a smart old man caught me asking for lift. He asked me to drop near Ragigudda temple which is approximately 200 meter away from my turn. Ok, that's a fair deal. Though from last 2 months people find themselves offended in visiting that road.

New Bangalore Central(mall) came up near Ragigudda temple just opposite to Big-Bazar. So big bazar worthy customer can't leave that road, visiting mall is mandatory by Gen-X people and God believers, special Hanuman bhakat can't stop visiting Ragigudda temple. So, evening time that road is more like a girl watching road because you can't move your bike or car.

Anyway, smart old man got the lift. On back seat, he sat like an Indian traditional woman.. both the legs on one side of bike. This is a scary pose for driver and back-side both. Now he told me his story. Daily he got 10 Rupees from his son to go to temple and he saved it almost everyday. Either he got lift or he walk. He told "I am doing this from 6 years". So, Just did a rough calculation he did 6*365*10 ~ 22K Appox, he told me 20K, not bad. Now, that is good amount and awesome way of saving.

Too good !!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MS Office Exercise ... for beginners !

If someone of your friend or kids are learning, MS office tools like Word, Powerpoint. We have created small exercise for them. In few questions you can cover many things of these tools.

Here are those:

(MS word) : Higher level -
Primary level -

(PowerPoint): Higher level -

We are into the process to complete this exercise for all the Office tools, flash, Paint and algorithm. I will keep on updating in this post.

Feel free to use, distribute.

Online books for CBSE, TN and Karnataka state !

Just some random things to blog on:

If you are looking for Online Syllabus for CBSE, then yes, it is available. Not only for CBSE but for TN board and Karnataka board, it is available. Please use the following links:

Karnataka book only have 10th books now. But soon other class books will come. This will be helpful for kids who avail the book in different format. Like Visually Impaired kids need book in braille and conversion in braille from here is very easy.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Lets try !

She was too young to meet a doctor. Today Bhumika was with me for eye checkup. Sometime I think I should learn Kannada because talking with these kids are too tough. Some grown up, manage English but small kids like Bhumika(7 year age) are too small for English even. Too young to learn anything other than smiling/crying.

It was not different from other day, then Vikram, my office colleague told me, "enjoy weekend". "Oh, weekends about to start" nice to know. I was on leave from last 2 days, many of us actually and its more worth than writing code or playing cricket at office. Today we have taken 13 kids for detailed eye check at Shekar Netralaya. They already visited the school last month and finalized 38 kids who can be operated further. Like previous day, we didn't get a cab/bus to put the kids at Shekar Netralaya. It is around 1.5 Kms from school. We decided to take the kids by walk but if you want to avoid main road it will be more than 2 kms. 7 out of 13 were bare feet...

Asking them, they said that they feel it better that way. Changing an existing system is tougher than adding a new system. It was not good for their health to walk like this but that was not a right time to give lecture. We moved, its regret to know that many people don't use brake of their bike in Bangalore in any case. I decided to do it 1-by-1, rather than telling our bikers to stop.

Hospital was crowded. For doctors also this is NGO work and so they can't disturb the flow of their normal patient. Kids got the chair to sit at least. To one of the excited kids Ravi Kiran, I asked "you want water". He replied "juice sir, it's hospital na". Finally the treatment started. And its hard time to listen new stories. Total of 3 cases, where it was a genetic problem. Marriage in same blood like with Cousin or relative, leads to this problem. What doctor sir explained me was - "getting married in same blood cause this problem at a dominant level. Maybe either his mother or father has this problem but not prominent but the next generation effect is very prominent. Lot of research is going on but we don't have any solid solution yet. "

Finally we got 4 kids, for whom vision can be little improved by glasses of power like +11, +10. Bhumika case was different from all of them. Her eyes are normal but brain connection with eyes never grown up. Can't do much. Research is going on ! One doctor was abusing us, that why you came for checkup now. You know its too late for many of them. "Even for some, it is corneal problem which can be rectified but now their retina are too weak to see anything. If your retina will not work for 10 years, how it should be". Hmmm.... correct ! Some got cataract which can be operated and removed. But again their retina are weak and so vision will not be improved more than 20-25 percent.

I am not writing this blog for any sympathy but just to inform that minor mistakes can lead to a severe problem. Out of 23, there were 4 cases, in which parents screwed up the eyes because kids claimed some irritation in eyes and they put some wrong eye drop/wrong medical treatment. Now, they are crying and why not they left with that option only. 4 cases, where marriage led to this problem. Take care !!

If you have any kid in your surrounding who has vision problem, don't wait even for a day. Immediate checkup is required. Eye power go down with a high pace. If someone die in your surrounding, request their relatives to donate his/her eyes. It's more worthy than what he had done in his whole life. God will definitely bless heaven to him.

Lets give a try before concluding that trying this is not worth. 15 still more to go !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Managing a different weekend !

It was more than a year, I traveled somewhere for fun. Our gang decided to have one. Where, was not a big question because we had our tripping expert Srikanth. Srikanth decided to have Chikamagalore(Hunkal Woods is around 40 minutes more) and hit the highest pick of Karnataka. Final calculation let only 9 people ready for trip. Last trip of Wayanard(an year back), was awesome and I was expecting this to be cool as well. Before this trip, I bought a Canon 1000D. I am still busy in doing the correct settings :).

PS: I am writing this blog for fun and feeling, not for providing information about the place.

7.30 AM : We reached the resort, it was completely awesome. After lot of fun like rope climbing, rather rope breaking :), table tennis and a cup of coffee, everyone got ready for trekking. We did the deadly breakfast and made the move. Trekking started with fun and fear. Fear of leeches ! Soon the trek became tough with steep climbing and sooner tougher because the path was through the water fall. Leeches were coming into picture but we had much bigger things to worry about. Soon we hit the pick. From this picture, you can see the trekking path.

Luckly moving down, it was a different path. I was talking with Srikanth about other trekking experience and he was explaining the team work, which was so true. It was all about patience, team effort and caring. Running fast is immaterial when the slowest person of your team decides your win. It's better to help that person to speed up rather than speeding up your run. We covered the whole path(up and down) in 5 hrs.

4.00 PM: Got ready for lunch. Finishing it, we joined for some game like Badminton, Cricket, Football. None of us were tired or may be so much tired that they didn't want a rest. Soon it was a lovely night with lots of star in sky. We put the bonfire. Care taker of that place started with some ghost stories but all were bogus and boring. Soon, we had finished our dinner and got ready for ...

10.30 PM: For another trek :). Wow, a night trek, sounds interesting ! Luckily all of us was ready for this. We took 2-3 massal, 2 torch and made the move again. It was supposed to be a short trek but how short, we didn't have any clue. I keep on moving with Vivek Anna's jokes. After sometime, we encountered the hunters who were looking for animal and told us to get back which was a reasonable suggestion. Back to home at 12.00 night. Some more talk and everyone went to bed.

Day 1 over.

Day 2: Nothing much to write. I wake up at 7.45 AM. Though we had to leave the place at 8.00, no one was in real hurry. Got some more time to play football and badminton. Finally we decided to move for Belur. It was supposed to be my second trip to Belur. But I enjoyed it second time as well. It took more than 100 years to complete it and why not. Art work is silently speaking about everything of that place.

Finally I am back at home with lot of wounds, cuts and fun ! "The biggest risk is to not take any.... ".

Place rating: 4.5/5
Resort rating[]: 5/5


Friday, August 07, 2009

Learning and Unlearning

Learning at an age of 26 is tough. Because most of the time mind is in semi-learn state and for a semi-matured mind its tough to deny what you know(wrong or right). Let me explain you by an example.

If you are one of the frequent readers of this blog, you got to know that my English is pathetic. I do, on and off common mistakes in writing. WHY ? This is how I developed myself. But now, I am in a state from where unlearning and relearning is almost impossible for me. Not only this, when someone correct me, my first reaction is ... "this piece of junk don't have any work to do, read the content, why he is worrying about my grammar". Nothing wrong because this is how you(here I) developed yourself. After listening so many times, good blog, good blog, your mindset is very obvious. Oh, this guy is reading my blog, okay, he will say it's a good post. And certainly you will listen "your grammar usages are not correct", Ah "Go to Hell", an obvious reaction. Learning is tough and unlearning is toughest....

Ego - is it ego. No idea, but nothing wrong in respecting someone's ego. Ego is nothing - he has done something, may be in past, and he want to say, I know this(may be he don't know). Great, respect his work ! Ego is just a by-product of success, just what we call "superiority complex".

If you are smart, you will reply me "your blog is awesome, just a small correction is required here". Now saying this, you are showing that you take care of others feeling(so called ego) and you are not egoist yourself to be the best English maker of world.

Time is game. Someone replied you and if it hurt your feeling(have wrong feeling for right thing is ego), time play an important factor. If you have given your self no time, and replied it back. Your reply will be something like this "You piece of s**t, don't try to tell me what is wrong and what is right". Since we don't have guts to write like this, we write it in a nice ironical fashion. But if you have given yourself 2 min of time, you will reply "thank you". Now this "thank you" is deadly again. Because you have replied something else and something else is going in your mind. You are holding your anger for a long time. In most of the time it will simply disrupt all your work for a while. Hmm.. what to do.

I really don't have a good solution for it(please give if you have). But most effective way to outcome - 3rd party involvement. We get a 3rd man, who support your feeling and he will explain you "Arre, that guy is idiot, man, why you are listening him". Oh, you suddenly feel, 2 person(you, 3rd party) are thinking that he is an idiot. Good, good ! This is funny, but most effective way, which we all do !

Talk - its such a funny thing. It decide whom you like and whom you hate. Not only that, at a particular instance, you are liking someone or hating someone.

Oh man, I am writing lot of common sense stuff, don't know why. But something need to come out which stuck at my mind. Unlearning is tough than learning and tougher as age grow. So, get you kids learn good things at early age :), so that unlearning will be minimal.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Eye Camp

It was a big day for us. We were waiting for some result that can change life(s). I had already put leave mail, thanks to Sun culture where no one bothers about leave. But lot of our friends/volunteers already fought for their leave and made it possible, hats off ! Some committed to work in early morning, some committed to night shift but they made the day worth. It was an eye camp for the kids of SRMAB(Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind) and an important day for us.

Kids waiting with their prescription

Doctor had done their setup and we were all ready to control the flow of kids. Only one agenda - was he/she curable or not !! I was not there with any expectation but I could listen some "even if 10 kids can be cured, its a good number". I had done all these pre-maths last night with the conclusion that if things were not in control, wish for the best. Volunteers were all ready for the action. Faculties of SRMAB were ready to help and taken the work to get the kids from different classes. Principal sir has given their own big hall for checkup, so nice ! He is one of the most concerned person when it comes to student's health or treatment.

Dr. Smitha at Eye Camp

Dr. Smitha started with her examination. Before that, one doctor did the initial checkup. Like, he examined the eyes with torch light. If eyes motion exist on torch light that means retina is fine. If retina is not fine means eye problem can't be cured. Everyone has to go through the main treatment after primary treatment. For some, there were no eyes. For other some, there retina were completed damaged. Doctor Madam told us that most of them have mechanical injuries or severe infection. For other some, eyes were too small... God "some break is required". In break, God given 38 those kids out of 118 who can be verified/cured(chance) further.

One of the senior members who was Managing Director of Shekar Netralaya was explaining us other things related with this event. He was telling that eye donation is still weak in our country and I am requesting you guys also that whenever you go on any funeral, try to convey the family for eye donation. Eye can be donated in next 6 hrs of death and its best to keep the eye close and put some ice-cube over it. This will keep cornea safe for long time. He further explained that even you can go for Lasik treatment to remove your specs. Lasik operation, now a days can be done in 15 seconds and overall a day treatment. Adding further, he said "these days we do one or more lasik operation per day".

Renuka and Sheela

I got the chance to meet my old students, Renuka, Sheela, Kaushik. Renuka said that she was ill from 17 days. Her eyes...hmm it was different from my prediction. Doctor said her eyes could be further checked, that means some hope is still left. They are the most intelligent kids of SRMAB at least in Computers , just because they can't see completely and so they don't bother to know whats going on screen. Mouse and screen are two useless part of computer for them.
It was a great day with full of knowledge, good hope, some disappointment and fun with the kids on weekday. Our game plan for next action is all set and we need to put that in zero time. Losing vision in many times is a gradual process which can be checked with proper medication.

More snaps can be viewed here :

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am the Man !

Sometime, things not go in a way you want it to be. Yeah, but it was too early to predict and give up. For a change, I took an auto for my weekend work. Near Jayanagar signal(Bangalore), I see one guy coming out from opposite side near red light. By face, he was looking like a software engineer. Like a beggar, he was asking money in bus, in auto, 4 wheeler(beggar don't expect much with 2 wheeler guys, nice !). Little surprising, me and auto guy both starring at him. Not bothered to go into more detail. 100 meter ahead on next red light(yes, Jayanagar, 4th block market has 3 signals all 100 meters apart), there was a girl busy in same business. Decent Girl ...

She was also demanding money. Auto guy told me "that both are in relation and they are very rich, richer than me". He added "they stay near by". Before I asked anything, he added further "weekend per paisa maangta hai(They are begging at weekends)". I had no words to add, I just said "awesome". No one can jusify begging, neither a blind nor a deaf. Its not about losing a part of body, it's about losing only one part - mind. By the way, they were justifying it, weekend part time.. not bad !

We had planned for a test in our seva shishu aasram. It went OK, my expectation was much higher. We are missing something, still the performance of students were not upto mark. Something is missing, something is wrong... I am not able to find out. They are doing ok and its too early to expect...

We were discussing something after the class, outside the campus. A man entered with his wife and a kid. Kid..hmm 2-3 years of age I guess. Ajay(one of us) told that they came to put this kid in this orphange home. I said no. Most of the kids they got from police or from hospital. But he was right. After some talk, that guy was back with his "so called" family. Started speaking something in Kannada and I said Vivek(one of us). Vivek explained us later that his 2 kids are already here and they(Orphange) refused to take 3rd. The man("so called" man) was telling that I drink a lot and I will die in 2-3 months, so I was requesting them to take this kid". I had nothing to say except "awesome". I remembered the new pulsar ad "I am the Man..."

It's good to think about society problem but ...

Saturday, August 01, 2009

I will back soon ...

Some dream won't die, they just get a break. This is just for my guitar ... I will be back soon !

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Backup of Time

Old saying "Time and Tide never wait for anyone". But unfortunately I am not a good follower of this. I love time flowing without any output. I won't mind if my chat window is open from last 3-4 hrs or I take 1 hr to finish my tea. Its all fun. But in that case most of the time we need to ready with the backup of time which is time itself. At end, sacrifice sleeping time :).

3.00 Night: 2 days back: I was struggling with some security code and cursing myself I should have finish this in office but never mind, lets finish it now. Sitting for long time, back was paining. There is an interesting phenomena with pains, it always comes with boring work. I never felt any pain while chatting or watching movie. Main work was over and I had left with copy paste in some 20 files with same changes. Somehow, I learn lot of shortcuts of vi editor which always is a nightmare for me.

11.00 AM, yesterday : Tax return. O yes, when is the last day. Someone told me tomorrow. Today morning I searched my whole file/folder for form 16A and finally I got that inside my bag. I reached office, asked my friend, what to do with this. He told me tomorrow is the last day. He knew that I will delay it for one more day. One of my friends told me it's easy to fill online now. And he explained me complete stuff, its really easy. I saved my 300 Rs, just because my bones are lazy.

Doing everyone on time is good, but doing everything at the end of time is fun. It stress out, it can screw your work... sometime even it can break you and you will just give up.

Final conclusion: Don't take this path, but if you have taken don't worry of result :).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pankhudi Bangalore .. what we do !

What we do in Bangalore - Pankhudi Bangalore !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eye Donation - Some facts and stats !

Sometime its quite strange to think of a person, who is talking to you, can't see you. I mean we never get to know what picture of us .. he sets in mind. They never asked me what is the color of my T-Shirt, what is the color of my face. I guess, It's more or less the same when we listen to Radio jokey and say ah this girl must be beautiful as she has a nice voice. Oh my God, if that is the case, their self-depicted picture for me would be horrible.

Last weekend I was talking with one of us about the eye donation in India. I remember that Aishwaya ad that used to come just before the news. Figures are not good. not good at all. Let me share some common facts about eye donation which we should know :

1. What is eye donation and how it works :

- Corneal transplantation is a surgical procedure where a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by donated corneal tissue. Eye donation has to be done within 6 hrs of death. Why Donation ? The only substitute for a human cornea is another human cornea.

2. Awareness in India :

- I tried to figure out some data but there is no research done at all India level. B Priyadarshini from Madurai has done a survey in south India. 50 percent participant are aware of eye donation whereas only 22 percent know that it need to be donated within 6 hrs from Death. 20 percent only heard about Corneal transplantation.

I guess same data applied across India or even less can be expected as South zone is highly educated zone in our country.

- Approximately 840,000 persons developing a corneal ulcer every year in India; this is 30 times the number of corneal ulcers seen in the United States.
- Donation is even less than 1/10th of required. I don't know what can be the barrier in eye donation. Maybe our dead body is not looking as cool as it need to be .. what a rubbish !

3. What we can do :

- Almost everyone of us can donate eyes. Even a person like me, who wears - 3.5 glass.
- It will not delay your funeral arrangements for long. This is funny, we can't see that. It will delay not more than 2-3 hrs.
- Every religion support eye donation. Who really cares !

4. Time and Money :

- In Lab, Cornea tissue can be preserved and stored for several days before it must be used for transplant. But in our country demands are so high that it has been used or distributed in 1-2 days.
- In US, it costs around 4000- 6000 Dollars but in India it cost less than 700-800 dollars. Why ? - Because The healthcare sector in India is one of the best in the world. Most patient comes from outside for this operation in India.

5. Success Rate :

- Corneal transplants are highly successful.
- Possible complications with keratoplasty include infection of the eye, bleeding after surgery and failure of the transplant itself, but rate is very less.

6. Some more :

- Eye Bank says, There are currently 202 eye banks in the country involved in collection and distribution of donated eyes (data from Eye Bank Association, India - personal communication).
- As mentioned above : The current annual procurement of eyes for donation in India remains at approximately one-tenth of the annual requirement (data from Eye Bank Association, India).

What else ! Please let me know if I missed any point. For reference, use this :


Some more points on why donation or replacement is so less :

- Family at the time of your dead don't really remember you have donated eye and we need to contact doctor.
- Our culture not take it in a good way
- Lack of awareness
(Thanks to Abhishek)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Existence of God within me/without me

It was a funny day. Six Gmail status have something related with God.

My Delhi trip's are always exciting one. My big brother decided to settle down in US and my Dad took transfer to hometown Patna(there is a place which belongs to us, for everyone there is a place...). Delhi is always a common point to meet. Though most of the time I find only my mother near me. Like other mom's, she watch all kind of Saas-Bahu serials and associate the character of serial with real life. Fun was one day when she and a friend of her were buying some vegetable and talking "Akansha maar gaye(died)" and my father was in deep shock. Upstairs he asked "someone in this society ??" and then he got to know Akansha is a character in some serial.

Apart this and like other maaji, she go to Satyasang everyday from 10-12 AM. Actually I appreciate Satyasang work , if your Guru is good(which you have to suppose he/she is) he/she will relate God to real life and then you will sense a purity of what you do in daily life. Howver, my definition of God is something different. I just say it's an unbiased power that stop me doing wrong and start me for doing right. Yes, I do believe, I do have a God in frame and I do believe fate exists.

Hindu mythology is so old that existence of truth is no where or very less. But ever character is written by a Genius. Every single character is loaded with lessons and a common one "you have to pay for everything you did". It's almost impossible to think a Ramayana better than Valmiki's Ramayana or a Mahabharata better than Vyasa.

Yes, there is a different school which say "God exists within". They say there is no God in statue and frames. God resides inside us. The fav. quote of Kabir ...

"Pahan puje hari mile tu mey puje pahar
isse tu chaki bhali pise khaya sansar"

If we get God by praying stones, I am willing to pray whole mountain. Its better to use that stone in making chaki(wheat mixer made of stone), at least World can eat.

Hmm...what you say ! We are the God. Lets take it in most positive way. If we done great, be thankful to God(what it is ??), if we screwed up things, we are responsible not God :). Honesty is God, loving someone is God, crying in other pain is God, Smile is God, Patience is God, Giving is God... Yes, he is in action not in representation.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moving Ahead !

"Nadiya..", it was quite strange, I have never heard a name like "Nadiya...". Thought a bit who had given her this name. Came back from my thoughts and I asked "which class you study". She replied "2nd standard". Sometime back I got to know that they moved to the next standard, so I asked "completed 1st", she smiled and turned her head with a closed eye. It was beginning of our class at a new location, Sheva Shishu Ashram(orphanage home of 60 kids), with new excitement. She came near me and crossed her fingers with my palm and smiled. I asked "what is your name" ...

Don't remember the date, I asked one student "tell me about your best day" in an interview and he said "yet to come, Sir". 4 weeks back, our gang started computer class in Shishu Seva Ashram, Wilson Garden. It was a great excitement in kids. Before starting the class, Subhash(a bright student of Sheva Shishu) came to whiteboard and made the diagram "Parts of computer". I told him to add speakers and CD drive into the diagram which he had done it in 10 seconds and then labeled it. Class started ... "where we use computer". Abhishek(a bright kid of Shishu Seva) replied "Banking Sir". It was a fascinating answer and I remembered "best day is yet to come".

Please join us to give them what we called "best day" of life.

For more, read Priyanka's blog.
For joining : Drop a mail to me or

Monday, July 06, 2009

Common solution of common problem in a common city

1. You are finding it different from your world - different language ?

- Listen Music most of the time, buy items in bulk. Talk less, listen to them more.

2. You find city too costly ?

- Don't compare on absolute scale. I can get vegetables at 2 Rs Kg in Bihar, but I will not get a job. Best, don't compare at all.

3. You find people are not helpful ?

- Good people are always around. You need sometime to figure out. Servery your local market and try to figure out what is good and what is bad. Good is good, bad is not good.

4. Body not suiting the condition ?

- Its true, every time when you make change. Body need time to get out from comfortable zone. Eat safe, drink safest, at least for some initial days.

5. Hair Fall ?

- Follow above 4 steps. Hair fall for young is a sudden process, it's not gradual. Take extra care when you change place. If you are a junk food eater or a drinker, avoid it for some initial day. Don't take worries of not getting a room on rent, water is not coming bla bla .. just think 60 percent of population lives like that, you can as well, at least for 4-5 days.

6. Expense going too high ?

- City can't help. Last month I tried to put my life in least money. 3K is enough to do everything(house rent apart). Fun is not listening your girlfriend on phone for hours, fun is listening the air waves that hit trees in your park. Go and give a try.

7. Missing parents ?

- Then you never understood them. Relation is all about understanding, feeling has less work to do. Parents want you to do good, whatever you do, where ever you live. Remember their random lessons.

8. Missing friends ?

- Make new.

9. Weekend fun ?

- Figure out your passion, work on it. Figure out the society that needs you, help them. Sarukh has nothing to do with you and so you with him. Don't watch movie for sake of time pass. Watch if it's worth. Good news is 1 out of 10 is worth.

10. Sick of traffic ?

- Avoid it. Your boss will be happy if you reach office 1 hour early and leave 1 hr late.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Working Through Pain .. how through anger !

"This is how you can control pain. Pains can be either interior or exterior. Interiors are the one which we deny. Pains are leading down to the path we desire .... go through it !" Last Friday, I had injured 2 of my fingers and suddenly this dialogue flashed out in my mind from movie "Gotham Knight". Most of us have seen "The Dark Knight". 1st part of Batman movie was "Batman Begins" and very few of us know that there is a animated movie came in between these 2 to fill the gap between movies.

Gotham Knight is a splendid movie, with 6 stories in one movie. And the best one is "Working Through Pain"(Story 5th), a movie based on Indian Spiritual. Bruce(Batman) came to learn how to control pain from fakir but fakirs denied and he learned from a woman name Cassandra(now this not sounds like an Indian name). She taught that any pain can be controlled by spiritual power. Control your internal pain to overcome your external pain.

Yes, pains are part of life. The best way to overcome is to neglect its existence. If it take the shape of fear, it can be more dreadful.

Great, I need such a nice movie to control my angry. Lot of people complaint me that you got angry...soon... how to control it, when it come and go, if it's genuine why to control it .. lot of questions from self :).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sleepless nights

Gradually I moved towards the clock and it was 4.00 AM(for absolute,else we call it night). Suddenly I reminded my college day when we were making a project for ST Microelectronics. We were working continuously on a problem for last 3 days, an open eyes of 70-75 hrs and yet full of excitement - zero pain. Finally we had delivered that in own style and ranked in top 3 project(this is how ST guys told us, for self-satisfaction, we said we were 1st :D )
Thanks to Vijay, my project partner and a great coder. He used to make 15-20 cups of coffee in a day to make us alive and forced us for zero sleep for 75 hrs. After finishing the project .. uff don't ask me, luckily there was 2 toilet in my flat :). Challenges can be conquered in many way, do a systematic work or do a passionate work... believe me both can't go together for long ! If he said yes, it can... he can only be your manager. I was back from my dream and it was 4.50 ... Well I most of the time choose later.

Knowing that I would make it out, I started searching for movies in my hard disk.. almost all were seen !! What ? Some were seen more than 5-6 times. I lost interest in watching movies and if I watch its a series movie of Super Hero's. Why not, we all are super hero... just that we are not bitten by spider or we don't fear with bats or we don't have a special sword.. everyone of us has capability to save life... more than ones, twos..or many !

I opened my laptop and start looking some animations(my work)... a vivid idea came to open gtalk and talk with friends.. but at that time I would get US guys, I don't like talking to most of them because they are busy most of the time explaining their problems which is not at all a problem in India.. like I am feeling lonely here.. what the heck, "I told you to go their and live a lonely life". It's always a choice to live with society and up bring it or leave the society and see a new one... decision is simple "Listen to yourself"

Though night was cloudy, I decided to move on roof to see what nature can show me. My mother used to do "Chhath" puja and we always had that excitement to see rising sun. We pray for rising and falling sun with a believe that "Sun is the only God which can be seen". People as usual demand their wish and God Sun is supposed to fill it. I don't know what she was demanding from last 7-8 years. Maybe, her children do good, ya...sounds like an easy guess ! God give more than what is required and less than what is desired and this is where fate comes into picture...

There was no sun but it's existence was claimed by lights. I was able to see those random buildings of Bangalore. There is a fun in randomness, we stop and try to find out a part of symmetry in it ... nothing is random.

I decided to move for office.. forgotten what happened last day and what will happen today. It's just a good day and no one can make it bad for me, except me.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend with Champions ...

It was betting going in some of Pankhudi Volunteers( including me) about the Winners. Fortunately some of us had taken computer class for almost all the standard in SRMAB. My bet was on Harsha and Kaushik(2 bright kids of Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind). Off course everyone of them has a potential. Last Saturday we organized a typing competition in SRMAB ...

After first Computer class which we took at 10.00-11.20 AM, we left the school and went for Shopping. What to buy, what to buy ? Just close your eyes and feel how many gifts in your room are worth... hmm ! Maybe you left with some cloths but we don't know the winners, size were different + I have never seen them in any other dress than their typical red Shirt with black stripe. Finally the call has been made, we bought some bags and a cricket bat. Initial desicion was to buy a gift for all the participant but Deeptangan(one of us) said let it be a competition, why you are making them different from us... worth, nothing wrong !! Anyway, we have finished so called Shopping till 2.00, ran to our home because it was supposed to begin at 4.00 and this lazy bone need rest after sometime.

Ram called me around 3.00 PM, said that "there is no electricity and some computers are running on UPS(a painful UPS, that sounds more than me). We will wait till 4.10 and see if we get her(electricity) back". 3.50 he called me again saying electricity came back. And ... time to run. I reached there at 4.00 and like always all the volunteers were before me :(. Most of the kids were in hyper state, running here and there. Hitting chairs, hitting tables, hitting us, so happy and so painless... because they know pain can be conquered by more pain.

We had 2 story ready for 2 computer labs. They had taken their position and like all the time some were complaining that JAWS was not working... fine restart, Windows -> U -> R... I have pressed this key combination more than 500 times in last 2.5 yrs. Everything all set, Ram was dictating a story in one lab, in other lab, Srikanth and Priyanka. Rest of us left the place, I went for some more shopping :). Finally when I came back, it was almost over. I had seen the monitor of Harsha and I said he has done it again. Unlike others, he don't see toward his monitor, he see toward monitor to his left, so that his ears will be perfectly sink with Speakers. Puja, a dear student for all of us as she always keep on smiling (seeing this world, its tough to smile always... may be this is the reason she is ... ) was crying. Our queen want everything to be slow... slow dictation of story(saaaar, 1 min saaaar), which was not possible here.

It was finally over, everyone of us examined the work and yes Harsha (there was no fixing from my side, promise) and Sheela came out to be first. Sheela is a genius girl who bored out with things very soon. My second bet Kaushik came out 3rd. Some snaps of Prize distribution and Competition.

Monday, June 01, 2009


My finger was terribly shaking and I was just able to leave the bed after having 4-5 flavours of medicine at last night. First thought was to bunk but then I remember it's Friday and we have to play cricket. Though physical conditions invalidate the options of playing cricket, I decided to move for office. I was little scared of taking bike but we always have a fictitious command in the things which we know.
Moment I heard the first horn, I remember that I forgot ... my mp3 player(s). Yes, I use it while driving which is a bad idea but can't help. God save my ears ...

We are sensitive towards the thing which we don't like and same when I hear horns(necessary + unnecessary, its more or less like sum of 1 and 99). In Bangalore, horn sound will come in all variety seems like you are solving a complex H.C. Verma's Doppler effect question and want a practical before start.
Following the Doppler principle I was moving fast to minimize effect, when I say fast it's 40. I was happy that I reached near double road means I was just 5 minutes away from my office.
I stopped my bike at the first red light of Double Road, just opposite to that there was a cinema hall. Looks like they had shut down the theater and why not my first show there it was 4 people, 200 Rs. ticket per person. Come on its recession dude.

Anyway, I start feeling uncomfortable when I find myself surrounded by 3 autos. One of them trying to compete with Ambulance in no. of pulse generation per second by pressing horn. HORN AT RED LIGHT >>> DOES IT MAKE SENSE, WHY NOT, PRE-CACHING MAKE SENSE IN SOFTWARE, WHY NOT PRE_REMOVAL OF TRAFFIC ?? IDEAS ?? Combining all, they are ready to beat Ambani(don't ask which one) in terms of generating pollution per day. Just that Ambani bro's derives Indian Economy and they drive...

With a level of guts, I asked the auto guy on my left "yaar, auto ka pollution check nahi karwate ho kya", he made a scary smile and my guts level suddently reached to max. As I never ask questions from auto-wala's in Bangalore, they reply independent of what you have asked. But that guy, must be a nice guy replied "bahut din ho gaya hai"...these types of question are not FAQ and so reply came with a suprise way. "Hmmm.. (most matured answer widely accepted from my manager to my roomate, for the people who don't want to talk further ...) was my answer.

Remember "HORN PLEASE" on the back of truck, why not put a sticker of "NO HORN PLEASE" on the back.

Just open question, how to handle this situation... off course not by blogging !

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Technology and Society

Lot of saying "In modern life, we are less social and most of the time we are centered with our own busy life". But I disagree.

Technology and Society are both binded with each other. Growth of one leads to the growth of other.

Now, Kausik, Sheela, Renuka, Nagraj .. these are the few Visually challenged kids whose computer knowledge are almost equal to us, leaving part the professional work. Let me tell you they are the kids of 7th and 8th Std(I guess in 8th std, I know how to start Television, never seen a computer)

They can write letter in Word, they can do any calculation in excel and they can make power point presentation for your manager :). And technology is related with it. It all works on a software, which we known as JAWS. Sometime development of software surprise you and this happened when I heard JAWS 10.0 can read a remote machine for you. That simple means if you are struggling with the license, you can help kids with remote machine :). Simply awesome !

But its important to associate the technology around you with society around you. Give yourself a break and think "how many of you from you"

Have fun !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Join Us for a reason ...

He is back :).

Now, this blog space is only blogging about Environment, Development - How they do, how we do and about the future of children.

Life is going complex day by day but we always need to think more than self. Actually my mom used to say - Dog can also fulfill his requirement, how you are different from him. True, lets think socially. The society around you, the society who made you. So, join us (Pankhudi) if you need one more reason to live.

I am working in Bangalore Chapter and we are taking care of 3 schools here. Some cool snaps, you can see on the left side.

These are from SRMAB school in JP Nagar, Bangalore. If anyone of you interested in joining please drop me a mail at

If you are not in Bangalore or in some other part of country like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune .. you can still contact me.
Thanks for your time ! This quote speaks all of the rest :

Do more than belong: Participate. Do more than care: Help. Do more than believe: Practice.Do more than be fair: Be kind. Do more than dream: Work.

                  --- William Arthur Ward

Sunday, February 22, 2009

No one is slapping us !

Its all together great. SlumDog Millionaire won 8 Oscars. Direction rocked, Picture rocked, Rahman rocked.
Very regret to see comments like its a slap on India, they have shown the misery of India, poorness of India, slum of India. No this movie is not about slum of India, its about rise of a common man or a slum man from the slum of India. Every direction put spice in making and so little spice here as well.

Again, unnecessary to say that its a US directed movie. Doesn't matter, its a movie of this country, movie of Mumbai, movie of a billion heart place. If today a US director can make such a movie on our base, tomorrow we can ! Any award is more of a learning than an acheivement.

A R Rahman, a silent man - we are hearing his music, his voice from last 15 years(this is what I am hearing). He is fabulous ... Jai Ho !!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Compare

Here is the bike at its best. One of my dear friends start comparing the price and said that we can buy 4 cars in this cost. Don't insult !

Something are not comparable, and so he(the bike) is !