Sunday, February 22, 2009

No one is slapping us !

Its all together great. SlumDog Millionaire won 8 Oscars. Direction rocked, Picture rocked, Rahman rocked.
Very regret to see comments like its a slap on India, they have shown the misery of India, poorness of India, slum of India. No this movie is not about slum of India, its about rise of a common man or a slum man from the slum of India. Every direction put spice in making and so little spice here as well.

Again, unnecessary to say that its a US directed movie. Doesn't matter, its a movie of this country, movie of Mumbai, movie of a billion heart place. If today a US director can make such a movie on our base, tomorrow we can ! Any award is more of a learning than an acheivement.

A R Rahman, a silent man - we are hearing his music, his voice from last 15 years(this is what I am hearing). He is fabulous ... Jai Ho !!!