Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Market - Online marriage

Online marriage is going to be one of the biggest market in upcoming days. Though there are some fraud cases but it seems to be a growing market and people find it better than the conventional tradition marriage. These big giants like, are coming up with new ideas. They are planning to collaborate with companies,the big companies which carry lot of young men and women. And off course some transparency mechanism from which people find their data safe and secured.

Definitely going to be future market and a pillar for economy. As a Engineer I feel very pleased to see the flow of data here and there. I am writing this blog, you are the reader. My personnel data is there in my profile.Say my fav. movie is Patch Adams. I get to know all those people who like Patch Adams. I have reach to their blog, I can get some information about Patch Adams. Information, better to say Knowledge follow from one place to other in some seconds.

Another example, Say Sachin is my fav. cricket player. I started with him on wiki. From there I moved to India. There I got the information that India is the world 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power. Thats fine, who is the first. One click, oh its US. And it keep on moving ...

Internet is prefect place for data flow, data in terms of information, in terms of knowledge, in terms of raw data. Just as a user we need to take care of certain fact, not certain only one. DON'T MISUSE IT.

Oh I guess I went out of context :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Madhuri is back !

She is one of my fav. actors. Love to see her back in the movie "Aaja Naachle". A story-less and music based movie with lot of good actor doing overacting :). Though I find only 2 good songs "O Re Piya" and "Aaja Naachle". Hope she will come next time with some good movie. O yes, awesome dance ... should be !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Lovely, Horrible and Most surprising - Universe

At night, looking those lovely stars one can think of going there.A symbol of luck, a sign of love. But practically it carry an immense heat which can burn anything from man to planet. Two weeks ago, Scientists discovered a new black hole ,supposed to be largest ever(under the same category).

Black Hole is again one of the most surprising entity exists in Universe.Funda behind Black Hole is very simple. Every mass has its escape velocity, say earth escape velocity is 11 km/s ( I remember those funny questions in Physics book - a boy is throwing a ball with escape velocity :)), I guess the correct line should be Shaktimaan is throwing ball with escape velocity :D ). So, anything moving faster than 11 km/s will escape the gravitation of earth and will go somewhere in space. But there are some body exists, some dense body, from which even light can't escape and those things are called "Black Hole". Black Hole is generally made up of Huge massive stars. More interesting, how to find the existence of black hole, because existence of most of the heavenly bodies are by the reflection of light but this is not the case with black holes. Yes, its difficult to find the existence of black hole. Generally scientist get it by the behaviour of stars and gases near the black hole. Gas and near by stars pulled towards the black hole.

Very surprising but have to respect the laws of nature :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

IT day in Bangalore.

Ah today is holiday in Bangalore because it's 1 Nov(Karnataka Day). What I remember is only few of our states have anything like this(State Day). 1 Nov is little special for me. Because last year 1st Nov was supposed to be my joining in Sun. Yes, I have completed one year here in Sun and in Bangalore too.

Coming back to Bangalore, IT day is going in Bangalore. Today was the last day. My roommate Prashant went for it. Met some nice people there and some people working for Quillpad. Quillpad(because English is not enough! ) is a very nice site, which gives you a notepad facility to write in your favorite language with correct spelling. Site provide some 6-7 language support. By default is Just type Hindi as we are typing in messenger and it will auto correct the spelling or give you a list of suitable words very similar to MS Word or OpenOffice word.

Give a try, I liked it !

I have typed this:
आज बॅंगलुर दिवस है. आज बॅंगलुर में छुट्टी है.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was searching for some of the old things I like to do. One of which was reading, not even reading watching Panchatantra ke khaani. Most of the stories are simple awesome. It is one of the oldest stories known in the literature of India, probably as old as Rig-veda. We almost lost the original script of Panchatantra. But then there was a brahmin Vishnu Sharma who had re-originated it for the dump sons of a King. As the King's Son were all useless :D, he used to pass the wisdom in the form of fables. Pancha means five and this story set illustrated five principle for success in live, that is

- Mitra Bhedha
- Mitra Laabha
- Suhrudbheda
- Vigraha
- Sandhi

means Loss of friends, Gaining friends, Conflict between friends, Separation and Union. (Not impressed with the definition of five :-| )

I got even the list of stories on net but in English, still searching for Hindi version:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yep !

Ah finally able to make out something. Yes, Sun Microsystems is ready to take one campus ambassador from my college, Jaypee Institute of information technology. A very nice program of Sun, where they generally select 5th sem guy and teach them Sun technologies like Java, Solaris, Appservers and many more with a stipend amount of 8000 Rs not dollars :).

Angad Singh is the 5th sem guy who got selected for this. He is happy and me too. At least got a chance to do something for my college. Still a long journey to go, still lot of roads to cover.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Professional Blogger's

Sometimes life goes very stagnant and you will not find anything to write. Anyway, reading others blog I came across a professional blogger " Digital Inspiration". This guy is writing hell lot of techniques related to software and some of the uncommon tricks. From saving YouTube videos to faxing from Skype.

Lastly I came across a good tip from " Digital Inspiration". Spam control from gmail account. At the micro level he found a good way to use gmail features. Funda is if you have a gmail account say then is also a perfectly valid account and fortunately mails will come on So this guy speaks a good point whenever you give your gmail account on any of the site put something with + symbol. I guess the best is to put site name itself say And now whenever you will get a spam, you can easily trace out which site is creating spam for you :).

Happy way to do intelligent work :). Do visit this site if you are living with computer.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My workstation ..

This is my workstation.

One phone
One laptop
One coffee mug
Solaris CD :)
Internet connection.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Come on make it own !!

Liked the songs of movie Awaarapan. Mahiya sounds good,sung in a good way and again a copy of Pakistani song. The live performance of this song was given by Annie, a Pakistani singer. Here is the video:

Movie considered to be one of the costly movie of Mahesh Bhatt, something around 18 crores.

It seems that Bollywood movie losing it's own meaning ... either story copied from Hollywood or from Tollywood(Telgu and Tamil Industry), same with the lyrics and music. Now even Pakistani film, i guess they call it Pollywood :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Power to Bargain

Today I went to a local shop in JayaNagar. Saw a north-Indian girl, beautiful girl :) bargaining about the price. The total sum is coming something around 65 and she is looking for 50. Shopkeeper is not coming down to 65 and she said " bhaiya(this is the first word all northi girl speak) kananda mein baat karenge tabhi kam karoge". Finally negotiation done on 60. I guess a bad negotiation.

Ya that's true. Because of branded company in the market and buying things in mall we are losing our bargaining skills, believe me its a skill. I remember the bargaining when my mother bought a bed sheet in Delhi. The price started with 300 Rs and she got that in 20 Rs. Come on, forget about bargaining we can't think for such a big gap. Most of the time we lost in bargaining because sometime we consider time an important factor, sometime we melt down on the face and voice of the other party.. "Sir ek rupaya bhi nahi bachta hai ek item per. "

Whatever be the result I love to do it. Sometime people say .. kya ek-ek paise ke liye rote rahta hai.. but its my money why should not ?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cheeni Kam ....

Seems everything happens like "wow". Fast moving movie with good dialogues and not so good concept. The most lively hood acting is done by a small girl suffered by Cancer in this movie. One liners are good. Tabu did a good job. Liking a 64 yr guy is non-digestible. But somewhere in the movie it was told ... not getting anyone till 34 makes her(tabu) insecure and so she is now comfortable with a 64 yr man. Maybe sounds little near to fact.

I didn't get one fact ... why in every movie when hero or heroine reaches to Delhi, the cameraman show India Gate. As shown in the movie Tabu home is somewhere near to Kutub Minar.... Sirji, I want to tell you one fact either you go from airport or from railway station you need not to cross india gate to go for Kutub Minar.

Concept behind the names like "Ghaas-Phush", "Tangri-Kabab", "Sexy" and "Buddha" sounds logical and nice. Overall if we put the mind and Indian relations one side, we will definitely going to enjoy this movie.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nahi Jhoom sakta !!

Downloaded the songs of "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom", seems like timepass songs. Abhishek and Amitabh need some change in looks. I don't think Amitabh is going to remove his white french cut now. Anyway he is the best and going to be the best for next 1-2 years.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally ...

Finally I did it !!! After a lot of hectic job I am able to remove Microsoft Vista from my system. Oh pretty pathetic, I almost tried almost all the combination with vista. Vista- Solaris, Solaris-Vista, Vista-XP, Vista-Linux. At last I get rid of that buggy UI and I am able to install my VPN. Don't know what happened to these big companies like HP or Dell. "We recommend vista for this notebook", who the hell you are to recommend me that which OS i will install and which I will not. From last 3 days I was struggling for drivers. But now the laptop is in OK condition at least I can listen music, do some basic work. Still I am struggling for some drivers.

Thanks to all my office-mates who helped me so much.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tough life - no its not mine !!

Being a "so called" software engineer, most of my time goes with software engineers. Discussion starts with "screwed up personal life" and ends with some technical discussions. But this time its not the same, because the person speaking in front of me was not a Software Engineer. My school friend Anurag is pursuing PG- Child Specialist. A working hour of 9 AM to 8 PM and then 8 PM -9PM for dinner and then 9PM to 8AM. So 22 hours of business with children.

"Vaibhav, you never see a happy Doctor of age more than 30-35 .... till this age of life we will see everything so horrible, so panic that we cant smile even if we want. If something even happen bad with any child, that face will keep coming in mind and you will feel helpless,restless." Anurag said.

Yes that's why we compare Doctor with God. Life always looks easy in other tray, but its not.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why we are not innovative ?

"If you see the Indian market, there is no innovation in compare to other part of world. World know us a good guy in quality, testing or little of development. But we are lacking badly in innovation" .... I was just hearing the person sitting near to me.

Yes, I am completely agree with the fact that Indian IT market lags in innovation. My mind said why not lets find the reason for it. There can be many but I got the valid reason.

According to me, Innovation demands capability(my personal opinion). Capability not only in terms of thinking power but in terms of doing power as well. The new guys, the fresh guys have a good amount of thinking power but not a good amount of doing power, off course that comes with age and maturity(not mandatory :) ).Indian IT market are basically handled by some big gaint like Infy, TCS, Wipro, Satyman .. so called the IT giants in india. And if you realize the trend after 5-6 years people here willing to get a position of so called Team Leader or Project Leader. They are not willing, they get as well. And in the consecutive 5-6 years, Project Manager. In this time spam of 8-10 years, they are really building there capabilities, which suddenly go to nowhere becasue they get a good seperate room, 10-20 fellows who works under them and off course a charming salary. Not only that, its a high time to manage people, project and seniors as well.

So, an average life of programmer generally comes down to 10-12 years, where as in other country its around 20-25 years. So, the gray part when we become enough capable to innovate something, we are actually out of business.

A fresh person innovation is like a water bubble, which generally burst with little of trouble. Where as a capable person(not a, but some) innovation leads to a revolution. Innovation is not only about thinking big, its about materializing that big thing.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Extreme Expressions

Extreme Expressions mean to say when you are very happy or very sad or very angry or ... . Most of the time we share such situations. Happiness, we enjoy with friends, family. Sadness, we are looking someone who can share it. Angry ... oh this is the most dangerous one, we literally kill the share-holder(s). But I have a different viewpoint on this. Enjoy these situations alone for sometime and then share it with your be lovers. Feel the happiness, its a symbol of success which you are trying to get. Give yourself a minute and think why I am sad ? how to get rid of it ? and you will get the solution in the next minute. Angry ... ah being alone is very important. Cool down the head and then go for the normal work or directly throw your anger on the person who put you into this situation(dhisum-dhisum).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Title...

We all are SUPERMAN in self. Ya, not joking. Thinking of high responsibility and about those people who are dependent on us, ah we think so. Listening walkman and not only listening, singing with it and thinking that we are also singing like the real singer. Playing cricket with tennis ball and comparing the shot with Sachin Shot and many more. There is something inside us which always tell our-self that you are doing the best job. I guess I am bit immature but my thinking says everyone get such a feeling. From positive side, its something which makes us happy and from negative side, its something which is far from truth.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The wow ends now ...

Ya its all about new OS released by Bill Gates and the party - Vista with the tag " The Wow starts now" and I can't believe that how such a buggy OS comes into the market. I was just looking where in last 5 yrs MS engineers put their mind. GUI seems to be pretty OK, with lot of unusual features. Running any exe file, going into control panel asks user permission(what the hack this is) with two flashy screen change. And lastly it sucks me when I was trying to install VPN so that I can look some of my office work. VPN didnt get installed, no problem, but it even killed the normal internet connection as well. IE7 which display a big message "FRAUD MONITORING IS ON" gives you a feeling that you are on a secret mission.

I am all set for Widnwos XP or Solaris on my system but just thinking that why I have invested(wasted is a proper word) 5-6K for Vista. Hoping that MS will come with some required updates soon(Please don't charge for that).

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Finally Apple decided to go greener !!

Ah so here goes the good news. Apple has declared a phase out of the worst chemicals in its product range, Brominated Fire Retardants (BFRs) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) by 2008.

Greenpeace force Apple to take such an action. I am a great fan of apple product but regret to see the e-waste mountains in Asian countries. I guess Indian Market should be one the target markets for products like IPod and MacBook and Steve has to realise this.

Steve said "Today is the first time we have openly discussed our plans to become a greener Apple. It will not be the last." So cheers.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here it goes ... !

At last it started ... yes RAIN :) Yesterday it was rain in Bangalore and its my first. I guess the first rain of the season. With first rain, I remember two completely different school of talks. Old man's talk( I heard it from my mom) says that first rain is good for skin disease and it has the capability to cure more or less all the skin disease. According to their findings there is a layer in sky which get cleared with first rain and that layer has some composition, good for health. Whereas the second school of science say never avail first rain because it contains all dust and insects. Their findings say with first rain all dust and insects in air get removed.

There are very few concept where our mythology(the true one, not fake one) intersect with science. Whatever be it is ... first rain is always beautiful and more if you waited for it :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

This is how it works ...

Sometime things inspire to move forward. Last weekend Ankur told me to see one news in paper. It was all about a child who lost his one leg in an accident just before a cricket match. Artificial legs cost something around 1.2 lakhs. Via Newspaper Hospital request ppl to come forward and make some donation. With Ankur, I went to hospital, we did what we can ! Just praying things go fine with this little chap. And next day we got this good news, they were able to manage the amount.

Though things are not easy for this little boy, but he has to make it. We never get what we want but still we live a happy life, this is how it works.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Make it possible for 3rd eye !

Yesterday Ankur invited me to read his blog. A blog on "Blind Programmers and Users". Before reading, I depicted a different meaning of Blind Programmer, i thought its someone who codes blindly :). But its something else. It gives a different domain to think how blind people (can)use computer or rather our application. Can they use it ? Can they interpret it into their 3rd eye ? Can they play with some of the computer apps ?

No idea at all ! I never thought for it before and so i decided to spend some of my time to search what applications are developed for them. Some of the software's even I can think of like creating sound pattern with Morse code.

Searching on google, i came across a very nice and i will say a very simple software " Desktop Icon Reader". What this software do is that it attach a song file to every icon on desktop and even giving you the facility to record that sound file, so that you can give it a logical meaning. Mouse movement just play that sound. Nicely written by a 26 yr guy(better to say a computer scientist :) ).

See the baseline is very clear, computer screen is not going to provide something like "touch and feel". So we have to constrain application in the range of listening and speaking. Something we can simulate on listening like this Icon Reader and some other we can simulate on speaking like text generator via sound.

I was thinking of an application where i can provide them the facility to read a web page. Really no idea how to do but I guess languages like JS gives me the facility to read string over mouse by some API's like onMouseMove or onMouseClick and then if we are able to convert that string into a voice form! I guess it should be better fit in a browser property rather than a 3rd party application because the browser code has much more control on web page content. Also, we have one constraint, we can store a finite set of voice corresponding to every word. So, its the browser responsibility to convert a normal web page into a blind-friendly web page where we have a finite(mean to say less) number of words. Don't know how to handle names and all.

Any suggestions :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

11 players, half a billion coach

India is out of the World Cup(news channels are using a sophisticated word "virtually out"). Performance of the team is not very good, but not as bad as covered by most of our News channel. If you put any news channel you will definite heard some words like "Janta ke adalat", "Future of indian team","who is the new captain" and all rubbish.

The problem is old, as said by my friend, in India there are 11 players and half a billion coach. That's true !! Everyone is ready to pass their expert comments... I guess even I :). And most of us like cricketers not cricket(I am not in this list :D).

Hope things will go fine .

Thursday, March 22, 2007

You always get things to laugh

I am not anti-Internet Explorer user, but most of time I love to use Mozilla. It gives me the facility to restore the session and so perfect for my "hanging" system. Look at the message on the home page of Mozilla(so funny).

Your copy of Mozilla is more than four weeks old. Unless you are using the latest milestone build, bug reports get rapidly less useful the older your copy is.

So if you're not running the latest milestone, we could use your help testing either that or the latest nightly build. (Be warned that nightly builds are development software,and there is no guarantee that they won't fry your processor, insult your mother, or cause you to break out in a nasty rash.)

You've downloaded (or compiled) a copy of Mozilla. This means that you've volunteered to become part of the Mozilla testing community. (If that doesn't sound like something you meant to do, you might be better off with one of our stable releases.)

I can't stop my laugh !! Can you ?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What you say ?

This is the photo taken by my brother. Looking cool, right :)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Madhubani painting - depict nature !

It was a chat going on at 11.30 night with my office team members. Since the team is dominated with Bihari people in number, often the discussion comes on Bihar and it goes through a cycle of corruption, Laloo. So what's good ?

I don't have too much. But there is something which is related to me, my earth, to my birth-my village. My village is next to Madhubani. Most of us heard the name Madhubani, the literal meaning is forests of honey(madhu-bani) because of its great painting, often called Mithila painting. Mithila is our native language, though i speak less but its the sweetest i ever heard. Mithila painting is one of the splendid paintings ever done in the history of human culture.

Wiki page is telling me, this style of painting originated at the time of the Ramayana, when King Janak commissioned artists to do paintings at the time of marriage of his daughter, Sita, to Hindu God Lord Ram.

And here goes the worst part... We are selling Mithila painting in 20-30 Rs to some local Bihari broker. He in turns sell it to some big brokers into 3000-4000 Rs and finally it is imported to US and other nations costs in lakhs.
Just checking the cost of one simple painting in $$$$'s

Waiting for next visit to my village, I will also make a collection of them :)

My blog cost $$$$$$$$$$

Any one interested in buying my blog :).

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My Last Trip !

From last couple of weeks, didn't get anything to blog about. By the way, Holi week we had a trip of Belur. Its a nice place and the temple is one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture.

Enjoy with some of the Sculpture @

Else nothing great to say about the trip.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Give me something good !!

Ah, again I need to move my home management system(ghar_ka_hisab). In morning, we are updating our expenses in thinkfree excel sheet( and got a critical bug. This bug seems to be in logic part because its not calculating the expenses properly.
, The total should be equal and difference should be 0.)

I used to use openoffice for Home Management expenses, but now my system become older and can leave me anytime,so we decided to move on network.Before using thinkfree, I have started using Google spreadsheet, but that was completely a bad product implemented(not designed) by Google. After looking at Abhishek's blog and a great trust shown by Ankur, we decided to move on to ThinkFree. But :(, I am searching for the next, which can handle by complex calculations >>> ANY IDEA !

Monday, February 12, 2007

Diversity in Unity !!!

Baand is over in Karnataka. As covered by Times of India, it was a complete baand. Complete in the sense, all flights get canceled, nothing on the road, all shops shutter down. I never see a baand effective like this. As I am a Bihari and baand is a common thing in Bihar, it touches people's life but it never hinders it. Here it seems, its not hindering, its stopping people's life.

I never had state cohesion and may be this is the reason I am in Bangalore. But its regret to see that local people force you to think it's not your state,never matter it may be your country. Ankur best says" It's not looking Unity in diversity, its looking Diversity in Unity".

Monday, February 05, 2007

Never Ending Debates ….

Some issues in our country are always open for discussion because in short term(2-3 years) it will not get a result(maybe my short term is small):

1. Indo-Pak Relationship
2. Sachin's Batting
3. Performance of Indian Cricket Team
4. Kavari Water Dispute.
5. ............................
6. ............................
7. ............................

and I start finding such issues, believe me the list in long :). Some topics which are in my control, I stopped talking!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What about Technology !!

What you say about Technology? Everyone makes their own definition. According to me "Implementation of Knowledge is Technology" and it should not be bounded with Science.

Few days back we were going to Mangalore. Arguing something with Autowala, I told Ankur "Think if this autowala has a touch screen and a GPS with a small application. This application tells our current position and provides a navigation option from which we can tell the final destination. Also, It go ahead and show the shortest path between our "Point of Interest" and also calculate the meter-charge(of course there should be something additional for traffic and all). No fraud, No route-tension, no money issue :).

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Long Life !

Rarely it happens that electronic devices have long life, but sometime it happens. I remember one of my watches, now I have given it to my dad(this is called reverse tradition :D), in which the battery is running from last 6-7 years. Difficult to believe but yes, its true. I am just wondering, will these type of devices also go in the list of defective device :).

I love to have electronic gadgets here and their with me. Sometimes it happen that one gadget can do more than what it should and can be seen as a replacement of others. Like Nokia N70 can be used in place of a iPOD, a camera and a phone off course. Ya true, but it can never fulfill the charm of those individuals, having a camera in hand and iPOD earphones provide a different range of feeling. Is not so ?

Once again cheers for Team India(I love to say Team India, rather than Indian Team) :D ... Hu ha India :)

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Again a weekend with some nice movies. Saturday started with Blood Diamond. Story of a farmer, a smuggler and a priceless diamond. I can’t rate the actor or actress. All (Leonardo, Djimon, Jennifer) are on absolute scale of 10 out of 10. I can rate the movie, yep , 4 + .

After a series of bollywood crap movies, I don't have any more faith and money to go and see it in hall. But after a long time, people admired "Guru" so we(me and Ankur) decided to have it on my computer. Yes a pretty good movie with strong dialogues and some good performances. Abhishek is fine followed by Muthun da and Ash. Once again the best part goes with Mani Ratnam “paakata nahi hai”

Yes forget to share a good news, Dada did it :D

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Simple Meaning

Some simple meaning of simple words which we uses in a complex way:

Work: The occupation for which you are paid

Life: The period between birth and the present time :)

Happy: Satisfied

Death: A final state;absence of life

Dependent: A person who relies on another person for support (this definition surprised me why only on other person, why not other thing)

Love: A score of zero in tennis or squash :D

Family: A social unit living together(father ?? , mother ??, son ?? )

Team: Two or more draft animals that work together to pull a vehicle(that is the best team)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lets go to Mac'D

Last week Ankur surprised me with something. It was all about a movie "Super Size Me".Super Size Me is a 2004 documentary film, directed by, produced by and written by Morgan Spurlock, an American independent filmmaker. He did a experiment on McDonald's Fast Foods. 30 days continuously he kept on eating McDonald's Food and the result was ....... see from your eyes :)

Before launching this experiment, Spurlock, age 33, was healthy and slim, with a body weight of 185.5 lb (84.1 kg). (Spurlock is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) tall.) After thirty days, he gained 24.5 lb (11.1 kg), a 13% body mass increase, and his Body Mass Index raised from 23.2 (within the 'healthy' range of 19-25) to 27 ('overweight'). He also experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and nearly catastrophic liver damage. It took Spurlock fourteen months to lose the weight he gained.

After reading this, we became more enthusiastic to see some of the videos. We came across 2 deadly videos. One was his experiment on McDonald's Burgers and French Fries. Some hidden truth that we must know: (4 min)

and other on the school children, I can say a test on their IQ :) (A shocking one) (1 min)

Just see the two videos and tell me when we are going McDonald's next time :D

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2 years of Blogging ...

Hey here it goes my 2 years of blogging. I am loving it :)