Saturday, October 18, 2008

Changes - which looks slow

Human tendency and so mine, when they go into a city in which he used to live, he see the changes. Last month I have visited Delhi, where I live here almost 6-7 years .Last to last month I visited Hyderabad where I live almost an year. These are so called the fast growing city of India but somehow I am not impressed with the changes in last 2 year or so.

Talking about Delhi, the capital state, Roads always used to be good, so Government started some new kind of Buses which are very low and comfortable, some people call it big bus. Still newspaper is full of Blue-line bus accidents and cab accidents. Something happened wrong in terms of IT development in Delhi. As people saying, Delhi is one of the hub of IT sectors, but I felt it lacking in IT sector and more growing in BPO sectors. There may be some reason why Google, Yahoo or any of such big company are not opening there office(Development office) in Delhi. Since, BPO sector has grown wisely, cab accident, rape cases, murder cases increased(wisely). Rest of the things are gradually improving which is a demand on time, so we can't consider a development.

Hyderabad, 2-3 yrs back, one of the best growing cities still grow with a high pace. Big building are coming on the way and company preferences are no. 1 for opening a new branch/sector/building. Transport is still in panic mode, still there are no metro lines, traffic can kill your time in busy places, roads are as it is(good but not great). I have more hopes with Hyderabad in coming years.

Now, let me talk of Patna(I have not been there for 2-3 years) but I have seen the improvement in photos. As all of us know the disaster happened 2 months back, effect of that lot of people moved to Patna(capital of Bihar) side, causing more robbery activities because these are people who left they place flooded and came here without any job. Young Blood, without job for long can be a cruel mind. They don't think of eating 2 Roti in place of 4 but can think of putting a knife on your neck and force you to give 500 Rs. I have seen/read lot of robbery in Patna for an amount of 200 or 500 Rs, because situation force them to do that. On the other hand, roads are improving, bridges are coming. IIT got started last year. Some companies are ready to invest and overall infrastructure is coming from -2 to -1. See one new bridge and one new railway station: