Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here it goes ... !

At last it started ... yes RAIN :) Yesterday it was rain in Bangalore and its my first. I guess the first rain of the season. With first rain, I remember two completely different school of talks. Old man's talk( I heard it from my mom) says that first rain is good for skin disease and it has the capability to cure more or less all the skin disease. According to their findings there is a layer in sky which get cleared with first rain and that layer has some composition, good for health. Whereas the second school of science say never avail first rain because it contains all dust and insects. Their findings say with first rain all dust and insects in air get removed.

There are very few concept where our mythology(the true one, not fake one) intersect with science. Whatever be it is ... first rain is always beautiful and more if you waited for it :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

This is how it works ...

Sometime things inspire to move forward. Last weekend Ankur told me to see one news in paper. It was all about a child who lost his one leg in an accident just before a cricket match. Artificial legs cost something around 1.2 lakhs. Via Newspaper Hospital request ppl to come forward and make some donation. With Ankur, I went to hospital, we did what we can ! Just praying things go fine with this little chap. And next day we got this good news, they were able to manage the amount.

Though things are not easy for this little boy, but he has to make it. We never get what we want but still we live a happy life, this is how it works.