Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People cry and People Die... !

I came from jogging and doing some kitchen stuff. I was worried about my body weight loss and in the mean time my dad called me. He had given me the news of Fire in one of the Buildings in Bangalore. In evening, fire caught in Carlton Towers, and I guess victim counts were 20-30. Figuring out the exact count is tough these days because Data Manipulation and hiding happen at different level.

Just surprised with my thinking, some stupid thinking of weight loss/weight gain and people die in a second or if more painful may be in a minute. Our reactions were going normal day by day on these cases. We just call 1-2 friends who were living in those areas... OK, you are fine. Alright, fine !!

Subrata, one of my office colleague pinged me and asked why we don't use helicopter for such rescue, Bangalore is a city of technology. Does it really make difference ? Slowly and slowly, we have developed a great ignorance power, which is good and bad as well. In TCS training days, one of our profession cum engineer asked us a question, why India is such a big hub for Software ! We spoke some bla bla .. and he finally concluded that Indians are cool, they don't go panic on small things, like some crash happened, some code is not working and that gives them time to think and to solve problem. How true !!

Yes, we don't go panic. I remember the day when fire alarm operation call for training people and his first line as usual was it should take 1 minute for you guys to come out and you have taken 6 minutes. We mummer "chill maar yaar" !! He spoke out some good way to save our life when fire catch the building. I swear, I remember all. Don't know how much people can apply when things really happen. Out of 9-10 death in this case, 5 jumped from eight floor building, surprise , may be not !!

Can't blame system(now). Either its a loss with system or a loss with mind, people die. We used to say.. oh this happened, how to save the next accident. Now, we say, oh this happened, when will next happen !

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Simple life, good life !

It was late. Around 11.30, he opened the door and came inside the room. Room was dirty but there was enough space on bed to sleep. To sleep ... he was trying that from 4-5 days. A bed, a blanket and a fan was not enough to get a sleep, something else was required...

Leaving it apart as he was doing it from some days, he thought what to do. Some people live with this "change the world" attitude and soon they released that this is a shit idea. For a good life, change yourself, live a normal life. Normal life... yes, this question hung on his ass from so many days. He was figuring out what is a normal life. Office, movie, food, trip on weekends, TV show, cricket, shopping ??

There is a big risk in becoming leader. The very first bullet target you. If so, It's good to be a follower ? Its good to be a normal person, be a leader of your family, probably a wife, 2-3 kids, who will not shoot you in 99 percent of chance. Why to lead a path were bullets don't ask you even "who are heck you are". But then some such person "change the world". Great, respect them, they deserve ! Be a good follower of them !

A beggar on road ! Please, don't do injustice with your normal life. If you start thinking why the heck he wants money and 1-2 step ahead that these people should not exist in our country then please STOP STOP STOP ! You are going to miss something charming of your normal life. Probably you will be late in reaching home and you miss you TV show. Or probably you will miss that one liner jokes on Radio. Come on, your thinking will not change their life, and how come they are thousand in number and you are alone with the pressure of office, sexy wife, lovely kids. It is simply not possible !

Thinking all this and taking a firm decision to live normal, he thought it was easy to sleep now, but it was not... probably his some questions were still unanswered.