Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are reactive, not proactive !

It hits again. Here we have a major problem. I don't know why this problem, I see all the way in our country - We are reactive, we are not proactive.

30 Lakhs people, 38 district and money(who cares) this is the quantity we are talking off. I don't know for many of us it looks fancy but 95 percent of us have seen our village. Can you think of a picture in your mind - existance of your village is no more, it get flooded. Thinking itself is panic.

We are talking of Bihar, which is one of the poorest state in country. For central government it's just a place from where they can get some good amount of party seats. Kosi is all time called a face of disaster. But that's all a blame game. Relief is going when ? When, the affected people count will increase from 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Its just because they are poor, they don't have rights to live. Well, that's true. Its happen this time in a different way, so not a big deal. I have spent years of my life is Bihar and it always happen. Story of Kosi is not a new sensation for me. We all maintain a personel boat in home, so that we can go and buy some eatables.

I just wish God give them power to fight with the fate and hope to see a brighter day. Wish I can go back and see my place again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

It doesn't matter...

Years back someone has told me to blog on Service Oriented Company(SOC) and Product Oriented Company(POC) but then I decided to write my experience from TCS to Sun. TCS is one of the India's best Service Oriented Company and Sun though lacks in little business but one of the makers of Cutting Edge technologies. Though my experience of TCS was horrible but again bad luck is the entry point of Good Luck. Out of my 11 months of TCS job, I have done around one and half month of training in Orrisa. Point to be noted : SOC focus a lot on training, companies like Infy and Satyam also provides a regress training. After 2 months of training, I was on bench for 6-7 months :-). No, I have not done any crime in Training, I was a good student in the mass. My wrong decision(every wrong decision gives you the capability to think right) was to select Hyderabad center. Point to Note: Most of the SOC gives you offer to select the place because they have office across India. As a career beginner, I had accepted my bench, whereas I heard some good news about my friends working in Mumbai and Bangalore office. After 6 month, I got an offer(offer means order in SOC) to join Mumbai office. In one night, they have shifted some 70-80 bench Engineers to Mumbai(SOC keep on doing such stupid move). Mumbai, ahh, I like the place,people. I finally got an over crowded office. I had Project in my hand but oops, I didn't have computer. Finally I start working and decided to quit when I got an offer(I already described this word) to do night shift. Finally my TCS job ends up with 2 month of work and a overall experience of 1 yr.

Then I joined Sun at Bangalore, there is no option, because it has only 1 office located in India. Open culture, where people play cricket inside office(till they break the glasses). Most of the engineers working from home. Pressure is less. But off-course you are always surrounded with talent minds and they can put you in inferiority complex and push your heart somewhere to do better than what you are. Food/Canteen was not as good as TCS and it was justifiable because for 200-300 people you can't expect an awesome caterer. Seats are pre-allocated before I joined the office. Work is cool and calm, you just have to reply yourself.

My point is, nothing is good or bad. Everything gives us a new experience in life. Be handy, take the challenge as simple as it can be. Best part I learn in TCS is, never keep on singing your problem, everyone has its own bundle.Listen others, they will be happy and you forgot yours. Best in Sun, I learn is to be independent as much as possible, at least in your work. Just one line of Einstein thought "I am not smarter than you to solve this problem, I just stay with problem longer than you".

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog, Knowledge, Share, Money and many more

One year back, Blog word didn't exists in dictionary. Now it is ! Even though I have searched a lot but I got some vague results. It defines:

It's a short form of web-log. Web pages that work as a journal that are normally updated daily.

I guess this is not what blog means. It's a platform to share knowledge, writing thoughts, reading thoughts, kicking your ideas and provide a virtual existence of the same what you are in real. I regret to say for some this definition is : to copy thoughts, to make money, to do time pass, for fashion.

I have seen people writing such a sober, free minded blog that you just read and you feel relaxed. But, I don't know what happened with us. Actually some companies made it a marketing place where they can sell their product with your thoughts and ideas. Now it all depends what type of blogger you want to be : a free mind writer or a money making writer. For first one, you don't need anything, just set the mind free and write whatever attracts you, remember Shakespeare resides within us. For second one, you need to be technically strong, learn how Google page ranking works, see how feeds work, see how you can increase the number of hits, see how you can fool others, see how you can grab some good ideas of others.

Lot of people disagree my ideas. Why I should not gain, if I am writing something good ? Good point: I remember the dialogue of Joker in the Movie "The Dark Knight" - "If you are good in something, don't do it for free" and yes why not, if you think "words can be sold", sell it ! Why only writing, even sell what you speak. Tomorrow when you sit with your friend, tell him after the end of 1 hr talk, you need to pay me 100 $$.

My simple judgment: Do it(make money),if this is your profession, but don't do if this is your hobby. And remember, there is only one profession, do that with Power and Pride.