Thursday, July 30, 2009

Backup of Time

Old saying "Time and Tide never wait for anyone". But unfortunately I am not a good follower of this. I love time flowing without any output. I won't mind if my chat window is open from last 3-4 hrs or I take 1 hr to finish my tea. Its all fun. But in that case most of the time we need to ready with the backup of time which is time itself. At end, sacrifice sleeping time :).

3.00 Night: 2 days back: I was struggling with some security code and cursing myself I should have finish this in office but never mind, lets finish it now. Sitting for long time, back was paining. There is an interesting phenomena with pains, it always comes with boring work. I never felt any pain while chatting or watching movie. Main work was over and I had left with copy paste in some 20 files with same changes. Somehow, I learn lot of shortcuts of vi editor which always is a nightmare for me.

11.00 AM, yesterday : Tax return. O yes, when is the last day. Someone told me tomorrow. Today morning I searched my whole file/folder for form 16A and finally I got that inside my bag. I reached office, asked my friend, what to do with this. He told me tomorrow is the last day. He knew that I will delay it for one more day. One of my friends told me it's easy to fill online now. And he explained me complete stuff, its really easy. I saved my 300 Rs, just because my bones are lazy.

Doing everyone on time is good, but doing everything at the end of time is fun. It stress out, it can screw your work... sometime even it can break you and you will just give up.

Final conclusion: Don't take this path, but if you have taken don't worry of result :).

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pankhudi Bangalore .. what we do !

What we do in Bangalore - Pankhudi Bangalore !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Eye Donation - Some facts and stats !

Sometime its quite strange to think of a person, who is talking to you, can't see you. I mean we never get to know what picture of us .. he sets in mind. They never asked me what is the color of my T-Shirt, what is the color of my face. I guess, It's more or less the same when we listen to Radio jokey and say ah this girl must be beautiful as she has a nice voice. Oh my God, if that is the case, their self-depicted picture for me would be horrible.

Last weekend I was talking with one of us about the eye donation in India. I remember that Aishwaya ad that used to come just before the news. Figures are not good. not good at all. Let me share some common facts about eye donation which we should know :

1. What is eye donation and how it works :

- Corneal transplantation is a surgical procedure where a damaged or diseased cornea is replaced by donated corneal tissue. Eye donation has to be done within 6 hrs of death. Why Donation ? The only substitute for a human cornea is another human cornea.

2. Awareness in India :

- I tried to figure out some data but there is no research done at all India level. B Priyadarshini from Madurai has done a survey in south India. 50 percent participant are aware of eye donation whereas only 22 percent know that it need to be donated within 6 hrs from Death. 20 percent only heard about Corneal transplantation.

I guess same data applied across India or even less can be expected as South zone is highly educated zone in our country.

- Approximately 840,000 persons developing a corneal ulcer every year in India; this is 30 times the number of corneal ulcers seen in the United States.
- Donation is even less than 1/10th of required. I don't know what can be the barrier in eye donation. Maybe our dead body is not looking as cool as it need to be .. what a rubbish !

3. What we can do :

- Almost everyone of us can donate eyes. Even a person like me, who wears - 3.5 glass.
- It will not delay your funeral arrangements for long. This is funny, we can't see that. It will delay not more than 2-3 hrs.
- Every religion support eye donation. Who really cares !

4. Time and Money :

- In Lab, Cornea tissue can be preserved and stored for several days before it must be used for transplant. But in our country demands are so high that it has been used or distributed in 1-2 days.
- In US, it costs around 4000- 6000 Dollars but in India it cost less than 700-800 dollars. Why ? - Because The healthcare sector in India is one of the best in the world. Most patient comes from outside for this operation in India.

5. Success Rate :

- Corneal transplants are highly successful.
- Possible complications with keratoplasty include infection of the eye, bleeding after surgery and failure of the transplant itself, but rate is very less.

6. Some more :

- Eye Bank says, There are currently 202 eye banks in the country involved in collection and distribution of donated eyes (data from Eye Bank Association, India - personal communication).
- As mentioned above : The current annual procurement of eyes for donation in India remains at approximately one-tenth of the annual requirement (data from Eye Bank Association, India).

What else ! Please let me know if I missed any point. For reference, use this :


Some more points on why donation or replacement is so less :

- Family at the time of your dead don't really remember you have donated eye and we need to contact doctor.
- Our culture not take it in a good way
- Lack of awareness
(Thanks to Abhishek)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Existence of God within me/without me

It was a funny day. Six Gmail status have something related with God.

My Delhi trip's are always exciting one. My big brother decided to settle down in US and my Dad took transfer to hometown Patna(there is a place which belongs to us, for everyone there is a place...). Delhi is always a common point to meet. Though most of the time I find only my mother near me. Like other mom's, she watch all kind of Saas-Bahu serials and associate the character of serial with real life. Fun was one day when she and a friend of her were buying some vegetable and talking "Akansha maar gaye(died)" and my father was in deep shock. Upstairs he asked "someone in this society ??" and then he got to know Akansha is a character in some serial.

Apart this and like other maaji, she go to Satyasang everyday from 10-12 AM. Actually I appreciate Satyasang work , if your Guru is good(which you have to suppose he/she is) he/she will relate God to real life and then you will sense a purity of what you do in daily life. Howver, my definition of God is something different. I just say it's an unbiased power that stop me doing wrong and start me for doing right. Yes, I do believe, I do have a God in frame and I do believe fate exists.

Hindu mythology is so old that existence of truth is no where or very less. But ever character is written by a Genius. Every single character is loaded with lessons and a common one "you have to pay for everything you did". It's almost impossible to think a Ramayana better than Valmiki's Ramayana or a Mahabharata better than Vyasa.

Yes, there is a different school which say "God exists within". They say there is no God in statue and frames. God resides inside us. The fav. quote of Kabir ...

"Pahan puje hari mile tu mey puje pahar
isse tu chaki bhali pise khaya sansar"

If we get God by praying stones, I am willing to pray whole mountain. Its better to use that stone in making chaki(wheat mixer made of stone), at least World can eat.

Hmm...what you say ! We are the God. Lets take it in most positive way. If we done great, be thankful to God(what it is ??), if we screwed up things, we are responsible not God :). Honesty is God, loving someone is God, crying in other pain is God, Smile is God, Patience is God, Giving is God... Yes, he is in action not in representation.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Moving Ahead !

"Nadiya..", it was quite strange, I have never heard a name like "Nadiya...". Thought a bit who had given her this name. Came back from my thoughts and I asked "which class you study". She replied "2nd standard". Sometime back I got to know that they moved to the next standard, so I asked "completed 1st", she smiled and turned her head with a closed eye. It was beginning of our class at a new location, Sheva Shishu Ashram(orphanage home of 60 kids), with new excitement. She came near me and crossed her fingers with my palm and smiled. I asked "what is your name" ...

Don't remember the date, I asked one student "tell me about your best day" in an interview and he said "yet to come, Sir". 4 weeks back, our gang started computer class in Shishu Seva Ashram, Wilson Garden. It was a great excitement in kids. Before starting the class, Subhash(a bright student of Sheva Shishu) came to whiteboard and made the diagram "Parts of computer". I told him to add speakers and CD drive into the diagram which he had done it in 10 seconds and then labeled it. Class started ... "where we use computer". Abhishek(a bright kid of Shishu Seva) replied "Banking Sir". It was a fascinating answer and I remembered "best day is yet to come".

Please join us to give them what we called "best day" of life.

For more, read Priyanka's blog.
For joining : Drop a mail to me or

Monday, July 06, 2009

Common solution of common problem in a common city

1. You are finding it different from your world - different language ?

- Listen Music most of the time, buy items in bulk. Talk less, listen to them more.

2. You find city too costly ?

- Don't compare on absolute scale. I can get vegetables at 2 Rs Kg in Bihar, but I will not get a job. Best, don't compare at all.

3. You find people are not helpful ?

- Good people are always around. You need sometime to figure out. Servery your local market and try to figure out what is good and what is bad. Good is good, bad is not good.

4. Body not suiting the condition ?

- Its true, every time when you make change. Body need time to get out from comfortable zone. Eat safe, drink safest, at least for some initial days.

5. Hair Fall ?

- Follow above 4 steps. Hair fall for young is a sudden process, it's not gradual. Take extra care when you change place. If you are a junk food eater or a drinker, avoid it for some initial day. Don't take worries of not getting a room on rent, water is not coming bla bla .. just think 60 percent of population lives like that, you can as well, at least for 4-5 days.

6. Expense going too high ?

- City can't help. Last month I tried to put my life in least money. 3K is enough to do everything(house rent apart). Fun is not listening your girlfriend on phone for hours, fun is listening the air waves that hit trees in your park. Go and give a try.

7. Missing parents ?

- Then you never understood them. Relation is all about understanding, feeling has less work to do. Parents want you to do good, whatever you do, where ever you live. Remember their random lessons.

8. Missing friends ?

- Make new.

9. Weekend fun ?

- Figure out your passion, work on it. Figure out the society that needs you, help them. Sarukh has nothing to do with you and so you with him. Don't watch movie for sake of time pass. Watch if it's worth. Good news is 1 out of 10 is worth.

10. Sick of traffic ?

- Avoid it. Your boss will be happy if you reach office 1 hour early and leave 1 hr late.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Working Through Pain .. how through anger !

"This is how you can control pain. Pains can be either interior or exterior. Interiors are the one which we deny. Pains are leading down to the path we desire .... go through it !" Last Friday, I had injured 2 of my fingers and suddenly this dialogue flashed out in my mind from movie "Gotham Knight". Most of us have seen "The Dark Knight". 1st part of Batman movie was "Batman Begins" and very few of us know that there is a animated movie came in between these 2 to fill the gap between movies.

Gotham Knight is a splendid movie, with 6 stories in one movie. And the best one is "Working Through Pain"(Story 5th), a movie based on Indian Spiritual. Bruce(Batman) came to learn how to control pain from fakir but fakirs denied and he learned from a woman name Cassandra(now this not sounds like an Indian name). She taught that any pain can be controlled by spiritual power. Control your internal pain to overcome your external pain.

Yes, pains are part of life. The best way to overcome is to neglect its existence. If it take the shape of fear, it can be more dreadful.

Great, I need such a nice movie to control my angry. Lot of people complaint me that you got angry...soon... how to control it, when it come and go, if it's genuine why to control it .. lot of questions from self :).

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Sleepless nights

Gradually I moved towards the clock and it was 4.00 AM(for absolute,else we call it night). Suddenly I reminded my college day when we were making a project for ST Microelectronics. We were working continuously on a problem for last 3 days, an open eyes of 70-75 hrs and yet full of excitement - zero pain. Finally we had delivered that in own style and ranked in top 3 project(this is how ST guys told us, for self-satisfaction, we said we were 1st :D )
Thanks to Vijay, my project partner and a great coder. He used to make 15-20 cups of coffee in a day to make us alive and forced us for zero sleep for 75 hrs. After finishing the project .. uff don't ask me, luckily there was 2 toilet in my flat :). Challenges can be conquered in many way, do a systematic work or do a passionate work... believe me both can't go together for long ! If he said yes, it can... he can only be your manager. I was back from my dream and it was 4.50 ... Well I most of the time choose later.

Knowing that I would make it out, I started searching for movies in my hard disk.. almost all were seen !! What ? Some were seen more than 5-6 times. I lost interest in watching movies and if I watch its a series movie of Super Hero's. Why not, we all are super hero... just that we are not bitten by spider or we don't fear with bats or we don't have a special sword.. everyone of us has capability to save life... more than ones, twos..or many !

I opened my laptop and start looking some animations(my work)... a vivid idea came to open gtalk and talk with friends.. but at that time I would get US guys, I don't like talking to most of them because they are busy most of the time explaining their problems which is not at all a problem in India.. like I am feeling lonely here.. what the heck, "I told you to go their and live a lonely life". It's always a choice to live with society and up bring it or leave the society and see a new one... decision is simple "Listen to yourself"

Though night was cloudy, I decided to move on roof to see what nature can show me. My mother used to do "Chhath" puja and we always had that excitement to see rising sun. We pray for rising and falling sun with a believe that "Sun is the only God which can be seen". People as usual demand their wish and God Sun is supposed to fill it. I don't know what she was demanding from last 7-8 years. Maybe, her children do good, ya...sounds like an easy guess ! God give more than what is required and less than what is desired and this is where fate comes into picture...

There was no sun but it's existence was claimed by lights. I was able to see those random buildings of Bangalore. There is a fun in randomness, we stop and try to find out a part of symmetry in it ... nothing is random.

I decided to move for office.. forgotten what happened last day and what will happen today. It's just a good day and no one can make it bad for me, except me.