Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tribute to the best !

After Saun Pollock, its Adam Gilchrist who decided to leave World Cricket. A man known to walk when he considered himself out, even before Umpire's decision. A outstanding cricket, a outstanding man. Many of us don't know but he is the ambassador for the charity World Vision, India.

I do play cricket and bat most of the time with left hand and for me its always be a special occasion to watch a man like Gilly. He surprise, surprise because he has the excellent capability to pick ball and that is very obvious by his pull and hook shots. See this guy against World faster bowlers like Shoaib(1999 WorldCup), he picks the ball so easily that you (at least I) can't believe. Most of the time, it surprises me how this 37 yrs old guy generated power.

Wicket-keeping record is just awesome. Wicketkeeper responsibilities are always harder one,when almost 50 percent of the bowl were stopped by wicketkeeper... when its a edge, its a throw, a left delivery, anything .. finally it comes to wicketkeepers hand.

And unlike other Australians, always calm, out of controversies. My tribute to a man who wrote the success story of Australia.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Jai Hind !

Live like a tiger, live like an Indian ! Azad Hind !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Right Feedback !

I don't how many times in our life, we are giving right feedback to people. Very likely case, we are listening to a presentation from last one hour, literally not getting any thing. Not only this, you know no one is understanding it but we all are just listening it. Listening it,because ..... we are like that. Whats wrong if I leave the hall, whats wrong if I say the presenter that stop your pathetic presentation. But we never did ! And giving a wrong impression to the presenter that you are giving some thing very fantastic.

I don't know its a Indian mentality or something else to give respect to person even if he doesn't deserve it. Some kind of fear, some kind of mentality ... but we follow this, and we follow it religiously. Give me a break man !

Filling some stupid form with lots of radio button is not the only way to give feedback, rather this is the most inefficient way to give feedback. Maybe I am little blunt in this case but say the guy, your presentation is pathetic and you too. I don't mind at all if someone will tell the same to me. Come on you are grown up, if you can't make a good presentation, if you can't make audiences lively, you don't have any right to speak near hundreds and thousands of audience.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Its going vital !

Days back I was updating my resume, not for any job, just like that :D. And I feel like how important blog is.Say,You have written an article and you want to put the detail in resume, just give a blog link :) and its all done. Ankit one of my friends studying in IMD Gurgoan asked me the use of blog and forum. I have given him some crap points :D but I guess blog is taking vital role in our life. Its like living in a virtual world where most of the people interact with you who don't know you, never seen you. But there is something common between you and him(blog reader) and that is the content written in blog. He is reading your blog(s) because he is keen to know what you have written.

Considering all these facts I guess writing good informative blogs are important,making it as readable as possible. Person like me, who has a very weak English grammar and always has those "key words" in common speak, need to take more precaution while writing. I have seen more than 100 sites which just do analysis of blog, nothing else.

Though blogging is in its pre-matured age, I can feel its dependency in my life. Love to see people blogging, love to see techies blogging. Just feel, we are making a virtual world, containing its own social values also. Welcoming you again in the world of blog space.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

3 Years Done !

I have completed 3 years of my blogging :) Yahoooo !

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A small favour can help us !

Some day back I have written a blog " We have to make a Justice !" talking about Global warming and some of the environmental problem we are facing day-by-day. I was talking this issue with one of my friends and I have urged him to do a favour for me as he is doing his MBA and he is a hosteler.

We had a small talk about how to save electricity, of course the wrong consumption of electricity. And first thing that hits my mind was my college hostel. As a hosteler, it's our right to leave the hostel room's fan,light open for 24 hours. I know, not all but 30 percent of student thinks like this and 50 percent don't think at all. If the idea strikes in the mind "oh, fan is running... lets close it", then OK, else also OK. Rest 20 percent, ya they do close. And I am thankful for their parents who have given them a good social education.

Now coming back about the favour. I asked him "Have you ever seen the special lock people put in hotel ? ". Lets see the picture.

Its a small but very very effective innovation. At the time of exit from the room, when you take the keys out from this special switch, light of the room went down. And hence never been a problem to remember " I have closed the lights or not ... ". See such a small businessman idea, because hotel is never charging you for electricity, most of the time they charge something like 1000 rupees per day. And see how this small idea saves their at least 20 percent of the electricity consumption. Now, my question why not the same stuff applied to college hostel ? At least, its not in my college hostel and what I know at least not in most of the college in India. And with this question I urged my friend to talk with college management and tell them their business benefits. As like hotels, hostel fee is also charged on year or semester basis. About the expense, I guess 300 Rs per room, that's it ! Ya, I know there are some other problem "where to dry my underwear" ! Ah, come on, give me a break.

From my blog, I am requesting all my hostel friends to think about this idea. We are ready to talk of pros and cons off course. But please do think !

Basic Education System - We are losing lots of TARE

Basic Education System in our country(I don't know about other countries) is always a debatable issue. To say basic, it is more than Vth or Xth Standard. Yes, I am talking from class I to BTech, MTech. From the early age itself, children are force to memorize things. Start seeing the world from the eyes of teachers, parents. I remember those funny days in my BTech, when we used to memorize all the things in Electronics course and my friend used to ask " Hey Vaibhav, on which question I have to write this stuff "

After sometime we start adapting this world around us. Somehow the life in making assignment, memorizing whole stuff for minor exam, major exam, minor project, major project ... went so busy that we start losing our innovative mind. Innovation is not about sitting idle, it's about sitting free, free with mind, watching things around us.

I thought of our education system hundred times. We need to respect little mind, else what is the difference left between us and machine. Re-thought after watching movie Tare Zamin Per ... excellent movie with lot to say for society, Hats off Aamir.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

We have to make a Justice !

Morning of a new Year. Yesterday night I was watching the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". A documentary movie by former United States Vice President Al Gore. Amazing movie, with lot of facts, in fact lot of fearing facts. The most unfortunate fact is we know the threat but due to our busy life we never bother to think about facts like Global Warming. Yes, this is what shown in the movie Old habit + Old Technology = Predictable risk but Old habit + New Technology = Unpredictable risk.

Movie starts with very funny way "I used to be the next president of US" - Al Gore.

Global warming is one of the most important concerns in last 2-3 years. 2005 onwards, nature is playing ruthlessly with us. Hurricane Katrina, Wildfires, Coral reef Depletion and many more are the outcome. We are losing most of the species, mosquitoes are going high on the altitude. After all these, we are not reacting because nothing happening with us .. us in personnel life. Is it ? Thousands of people died at the south coastal, thousands of people died in summers due to dramatic rise in temperature. We never think all these in traveling our AC car. Though Science is doing it's duty. Technologies are changing rapidly, trying to make itself eco-friendly. But how about us ? Consumption of MWatts of Electricity in a IT Hall, just to make a Road Show, is it justified ?

How to go, what to do, how to make a difference ? Lot of questions, I was thinking whole night. We have to make a Justice, justice with self.

Happy New Year and Have a Eco Friendly 2008. Nature is most beautiful if we let it to be.