Monday, May 22, 2006

Indian Constitution Ver 2.0

Yes, it's the time to now revise the Indian constitution. If not wrong, let me put an analogy, Indian Constitution is like writing requirement of software. And according to time, need changes demand changes. Some big loops, some big bugs left when it was created in 1950. Instead of patching it, our politicians are using it for their name!

Not only that, some constitution articles are not defined objectively and different people are assigning it a different meaning and using it for their own good. Ex: the language of the amendment does not talk about reservations, the language talks about any provision by law for advancement of socially and educationally backward classes. What is this ANY?

Our, so nice, politician made this ANY Reservation, tomorrow some new politician will make this ANY something else, may be kill all the people who not falls in the criteria of "socially and educationally backward classes", this is also a damn good idea for their development.

Chief ministers like Rabi Devi and Mayawati, how possible! Which rule of constitution gives them the authority to rule a state? If I am not wrong this Indian Constitution bypasses such type of blunder. Why the rules are not so hard! Why can't we make the rules that no one below graduate can become, what become can’t even eligible for MLA, MP or if so, a special panel will check them? WHY NOT?

What will happen if doctors of AIIMS and students of IIT will go on strike protesting against reservation? I don't know what's going on in our country. But we all can feel that spark, a spark that has taken place somewhere and if change will not come soon, FIRE will burn our country.

Sitting in an AC room and writing blogs like that, will not serve our purpose, lets see what I can do for my nation. Not even too much, I can make things deltaX better.

Time for RRDB ... Real Rang De Basanti.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Aparichit - The Stranger

Awesome movie! It will give you everything what you want from a movie - action, story, lesson, acting!
Ambi Ramanujam is a fastidious lawyer trying hard to impose rules at every step. He keep on seeing the world around him, no one is following rules and laws. He just get frustrate and keep on shouting, nothing else he can do!
And here comes Aparichit, second personality of the same man Ambi. He has a website On which people can mail their problem and Aparichit decide the judgment - only one - death.
Breaking rule is not buying a banyan - small, medium, large. It’s all very large and death is the only replacement.
Other side of the movie, Ambi loves Nandini (hey she is really cute) but Nandini don't want to marry a person - who is a complaint box. And Ambi disorder ness creates a third personality - Remo, a cool stylish man!
Aparichit is killing people according to the rules what written in mythology (Sanskrit terms are used for that), the rules that are followed by God.
Nandini get to know about his multiple personality when she tries to buy a land without proper document and Aparichit tries to kill her.
Doctor’s medical checkup puts the story in flashback when his sister gets killed because of electricity wire in water and his father lost the case! According to his father, everyone should be punished - one who made the road, electrician, who passes the tender, everyone!
And this is the reason for Ambi's multiple disorder ness. Remo personality is removed by Nandini telling him that he loves Ambi only. But Aparichit is still there.
Court decided to put Ambi in mental hospital and doctor told that if he will behave properly till 2 years, he will be free. No Aparichit till 2 years and Ambi become normal, he came out from the hospital, but he is still Aparichit.... and this is the end.
Awesome acting, proper Action stunt, perfect Animation and good dressing! I like to see Part-2. From ending it seems there should be a PART 2 of the movie.
The social lesson is great - if you are stealing 5 paisa it's a big crime, because you are doing it with 5 crore people.
Hindi dubbing is really bad :(.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Software Industry and Overtime

No one get surprise by seeing this ! Overtime is a very common "used" word in Software Industry.
Up to many extend, one's appraisal and future is dependent to this overtime. I don't know why, but all the senior person want his/her subordinates to do overtime. It's like someone greatest appreciation "I had worked till 12.00 PM yesterday"
Life is simple, but we want it to be more complex. Frankly speaking if I decide to finish the work before 6.00 PM, I do it in any cost except that your day is bad or some mishappening occurs with you, your work.
This trend originates from US, UK client where the daytime is 360 degree to ours, and so for maintenance or online support project you have to be available there at night. But trend converted into craze and craze converted into habit.
How come we forget that God created us as human. Health, family relationship is something for us.
Just think that "Is it necessary to stay their in office, Is someone is not waiting for you their in home, Is not you love to see sunset and sunrise ?"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Keep on Playing ...

Yo Man ! I heard a good news yesterday.
TT Table is now available in our new office. For playing that, now I don't have to go to main office.
I am crazy about playing, not only TT, any game. In college time, I started playing badminton at 5.00 PM and continuously play till the watchman wala didn't force me to go :).

Same was the case when I was in school. Sometimes, we missed 1-2 periods and kept on playing Football.

I remember one instance, there was a teacher name S.D.Singh. He was our math teacher - good,tall, intelligent and too strict :( .
Once we bunked his class because the match was on draw position and we didn't want to leave the match without winning and I guess same was the thought of opponent. In the meantime, we got a call that COME COME S.D.SINGH was calling you all ... Oh God !! We did a blunder, but lets go !!

We went to class, with shirt out, hair down, and lots of sweat on face, hands. He saw all and said " Master, what you all are playing" . "Football Sir !!". "Hmm, its good for health, carry on. Now first let me finish the class, then go for football" he smiled.

That was a surprise. And great people mostly give surprises :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This is forward ...

Emails, now days become one of the integral part of our life. Most of the business deals are done on it. And one thing I can say this is the EMAIL POWER because of which you can see most of the software industry neat and clean. But the real story begins from here >>

One more "most usable" form of Email: FORWARD mails.

And if I am not wrong then this ratio is correct:

Useful / Forwards = 0.1

And people are passing on and on and on those crap mail to all, they never bother to even read it before forwarding it.

I will tell you some funny instances of my last 3 days archive:

1. There is a bug found in Linux/Unix OS, writing this on terminal: "echo '82 43/25 43+65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P' dc" will show the password of User and this is found by a 9 year old boy.

Even a first year B.Tech computer student can tell: 65P80P82P73P76P32P70P79P79P76P10P this is the ASCII form of APRIL FOOL! And even it skipped with mind, everyone know the implication of such a bug (if found) ... it will be the hottest news in any media.

2. Find this Bug in Nokia, Samsung and LG phones

Do you know your handset does not check the whole number you dial? It checks only last 8 digits.

Check to be done:
Take one number already stored in your mobile phone Example: a number putting any number instead of XX ...
...this will display the same name stored in your phone.

Now this funny guy don't know that last 8 digit is sufficient for a number to be unique, if they start checking all, how come call for +91 and 0 goes to same place.

3. Person Mr. X suffers from Lung cancer need his mail to forward to everyone. The same mail I guess I got in year 2002.

4. Person Mr. Y needs blood for his daughter, please send this mail to all, so that whole JAANTA can help him.

5. Some are dangerous.. if you will not send this mail to 10 ppl, something going to happen very bad with you.

We call our self-educated ppl and mentioned above are all examples of that.

I just want to tell these so called HIGH PROFILE ppl :

Don’t waste your time in forwarding these type of mails, don’t waste JAANTA time in reading these types of mails. .. And of course don’t waste my time by forcing me to write such blogs

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Beauty is always near you ..

Indian Culture is India's Asset

Who told that beauty can't be captured by Camera?

This bell is made of clay !

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yesterday Once more ..

Oo.. Listen the songs of Funaa, its comci-comca (so-so)

When I came here in hyderabad, I was unable to think that why ppl here are so crazy about movies. After watching many telugu movie, you can defiantly tell that there story scripts are much better than Bollywood movies, on an average.

Not only that you can get a better taste of song, dance and comedy.

Last weekend i saw the movie "36 China Town", CRAPP !! ... The story is not even enough for a 30 min TV serial. After coming outside my friend asked me " Had you watched the movie "JewelThief" ...

It was a movie I guess of 60's .. No special effect facilities were at that time .... still one can see the beauty of the movie.
Remembering the song " Yesterday Once more ... " :)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cooking ... hmmm

I get prepared myself for cooking in home :). I bought everything cooker, plates, bla .. bla yesterday.

This is a new cultural shift I saw from olden time to new time. Most of the young generation ppl don’t know cooking... cooking is far, even they don’t know making tea... and surprisingly they feel themselves very great specially girls, they feel that they are not those girls who spent time in kitchen, they are modern. I don’t want to make any comment but I guess this is a stupid feeling/thinking they have!

These things, according to me, all ppl have to know, irrespective of the fact that they are boys or girls. I start cooking at an age of 12 or so. And from that time, I always used to help my mom in kitchen. Of course, no one is forcing me to do so, but this would give me a good time to take rest and talk in family.
My mother never gets hesitated that what my son will eat if I go to some place. She knows that he will make much better than what I ate daily: P

Today it’s the time to make Rajmaaaaaaaa :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flickr ..

Hmm checking the code generated by Flickr :)

Is something coming here !!