Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jackie Chan - Man with guts !

In last one month, I have seen almost 70 percent of Jackie Chan's movie. This guy had started his career against Bruce Lee in movie Fist of Fury. Surprising to know that his all movies with Bruce Lee was a flop, just because both use different flavor of Martial Art. Last month I have watched his major breakthrough movies "Legend of drunken Master" and "Snakes in the Eagle's Shadow". Legend of Drunker Master would I say the best action movie I have ever watched.

Jackie do most of his stunt by his own. A near to death stunt in movie Armor of God in which he got a permanent hole in his head. He went through appox. 100 major injuries. Simply a perfect man who donated half of his asset to charity upon his death. By the way, there is no insurance company that funded Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

Most of us don't watch Chinese movie because most of the time they have same thyme but I would suggest all the action lovers to watch the Chan Movies like Drunker Master (All parts), Operation Condor and many more.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog by environmentalist

Week back, I reached on the blog of Vinod Khosla. I remember him because he was one of the co-founders of Sun MicroSystems but more to that he is an environmentalist. He is one of the writers who write about global warming. The practical solutions of it. This blog, speaks about what are the problems with Wind Energy over Solar Energy. Talks lot about PV Technology, Carbon Emissions and many more. If you worry about our earth, read it and more on it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Call for Action...

Last week I have visited Lucknow via Delhi and so again I got a chance to visit my college. Though nothing left for me but still some temptation. I have taken so many wrong decision at my college time, don't want the new comers to repeat the same but ... I am still find myself unreachable to them. They are doing exactly the same what we did, I guess even more panic than that. Lets see ... many night still I think God give me a chance to go back in college, give me a chance to rectify my mistakes.

Anyway, an interesting discussion... our HOD asked one guy how's projects going on. He replied, nothing great, there is no CALL FOR ACTION. And everyone started laughing... good one "Call For Action". I guess, this is the way we made ourself. From college to corporate we do everything on "call for action". If there is no "call for action", give me a break, new movie in Shipra Mall. Nothing wrong in it, if we are capable enough to do things on "Call for Action", its good. But sometime, we lose quality in taking action on final call.