Sunday, April 30, 2006

It happens ..

Sometime it happens that ...we feel someone need our help and we are well capable of doing it but something stops.
I don’t know .. but it happens with me many time....

Some day back, one person came out from the auto, he need change money. I had, but he didn't ask from me... I am on the verge of saying .. I have !! He moved on, went to shop, then next shop and then next.. .

2-3 back, I was coming to Delhi from train. One girl(may be lady) didn’t get the confirmed sit and she went to general compartment. Life is like HELL in general compartment.. and on that she was a lady. Again I was on the verge to say … before she left.

I don’t know .. but this is not selfishness.. but something .. else...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

iPod .. :)

wow !! Today I changed my cubical. Got in a corner, so nice there is no one to see there what you are doing !!!

I am going next saturday to meet my bhaiya. He bought one iPod, 60 GB for me :) and one watch and .. bla bla .. lot of things :)

When we are with our family, we didnt care them and when we are far from them, we miss them :(....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You want & ...

Yesterday, I saw lots of movie. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, didn't feel a great one!!. After that 'Tagore' a telgu movie.. The story part is nice one!! Rest actions are like what we expect from AP directors.

I meet yesterday one person, via messenger. That guy is sun certified with the score of 95 %. From my last 3 months of preparation, i can say its diff. to get such a high score, and the bad part, he is still seeking for a job desperately. He is a teacher (Lecturer) and wants to leave that job and want to join S/W field.
Just opposite to me!! I want to leave this field and want to become a teacher... :)

You want & you get, that is LUCK
You want & you wait, that is TIME
You want & you compromise, that is LIFE
You want & you don't compromise, that is SUCCESS.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Opera office in India...SOON

In Feb, Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software, was on a flying tour of Asian Country. He decided to open a Opera office in India most probably he is going to place a office in Chandigarh.
He sees Opera as number three with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox positioned at number one and two spots respectively. But I personally feel Opera much better than FireFox.

I dont know which quality of FireFox ppl like so much.

Asking about indian market ... "Here developer are more than user " .. funny one !!!Hope so, soon we will see a Opera office in India .. as well.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Net connection ...

Oo after long time, I get net connection in room. Thinking of taking or not .. before taking we talk of only good things of having an internet connection. Helps in study, news, ghar baat karne mein paise baache ge !!!

After taking all we do is chatting, movie, songs. With net, they are providing one LAN URL from which we can see latest release movie... teligu more...but in hindi currently BlufMaster and Humko tumse *********** . English its Transporter 2 , it was a cool action movie with nothing in the story.

All the way HAPPY.