Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Om Ganeshaye Namah !!!!

Have you heard the story of Ganesh Ji. There is a very nice and motivating story behind the fact that " why Ganesh ji ki puja dusre bhagwan se pahle hota hai"

Once upon a time there was a race conducted by Sankarji. According to him, the person who completed one round of whole universe first will be the winner. And on earth that God is prayed first.

All the bhagwanji start running to win the race, and what Ganeshji did was just revolved a round across his father Sankarji.

And here goes his argument:

Papaji, you are the maker, the creator and the destroyer of the universe. All the action is derived by you and will terminate by you. You are the source maker and source breaker.

Is it not sufficient?

These arguments were put near all the bhagwanji... and they were agreed on the fact.

Moral: Intelligence + Argumentativeness you need to win the race : p


rupika said...

yes very true.....ganeshji brings good luck and prosperity....har mangal karya ki shuruwat unse hi hoti hai...ganesh chaturthi mubarak ho

Vaibhav said...

thanks dear :)