Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Aarya ..

Yesterday, I saw a telgu movie 'Aarya', the caption is very nice - feel my love -.It about one sided love. Heroin start loving a person(Side-hero) becasue he blackmailed her that if you not commit then I will do suicide.And our Hero love that girl but girl don't have any interest in Hero.One friends of Heroin asked the Hero that someone else is loving her. Hero asked "You love TajMahal, yess.. I also love it, then how you loving it".And ended with the old indian style- HAPPY ending.Excellent dancing by Hero !! A good timepass.

And the most interesting fact is that 3 person are sitting near me to explain that movie :).


Sujata said...

Wow..u got translators...:P

Vaibhav said...

yes not one .. but three :P
one tel'gu to English
one tel'gu to hindi
one tel'gu to both