Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You want & ...

Yesterday, I saw lots of movie. Mr. & Mrs. Smith, didn't feel a great one!!. After that 'Tagore' a telgu movie.. The story part is nice one!! Rest actions are like what we expect from AP directors.

I meet yesterday one person, via messenger. That guy is sun certified with the score of 95 %. From my last 3 months of preparation, i can say its diff. to get such a high score, and the bad part, he is still seeking for a job desperately. He is a teacher (Lecturer) and wants to leave that job and want to join S/W field.
Just opposite to me!! I want to leave this field and want to become a teacher... :)

You want & you get, that is LUCK
You want & you wait, that is TIME
You want & you compromise, that is LIFE
You want & you don't compromise, that is SUCCESS.


Sujata said...

Good Luck with preparation!

Vaibhav said...

thanks Sujata ... :)

wanderer said...

sir in what category do u fall???

As per my understanding, u fall under ...

Ankit Singla said...

so aap telugu movies bhi dekhte ho...gr8
hmm, why u wanna b teacher, u not happy wid existing work profile kya???