Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Time ... Back and Forth !

In the last 9 months, Mumbai is going to be my 6th city for stay consecutively after Noida, Delhi, Patna, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad. And not only that Maharashtra is going to be the 6th state as well.

19 years back, I was in Mumbai! That time, I was in nursery. My first and the last second prize I got their in my school. I don't remember but my mom told me that they asked you to write A,B,C,D ... ! And you wrote it correctly and you got the second position because your handwriting was not good :) ". What I remember my school was one road cross to my home, still my dad came with me, I was Kid na :D

When I was in class I, Dad got transferred to Patna and we were back to Patna, my hometown after 4 years of stay in mumbai, so I think I don't have any problem even this time because I already have 4 years of WorkX in mumbai :).

Time pulls us to go forward, but it seems that I am going back to my olden time. Just wishing from God, that I have the same time what I had, of course will miss my parents, but will enjoy with friends.

Work .. ya heard going to be a tough one, but who cares of it. Anyway these days company wants people not to behave like human but to behave like Robot, in terms of work and also in terms of intelligence.

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Abhishek said...

Arrey Chaudhary...
how come you forgot the second prize you won here in the quiz!!!
Itna achha second prize thha. : )
And chill out in Mumbai, kaise karna hai, wo to tumhe pata hi hai ; )