Monday, February 12, 2007

Diversity in Unity !!!

Baand is over in Karnataka. As covered by Times of India, it was a complete baand. Complete in the sense, all flights get canceled, nothing on the road, all shops shutter down. I never see a baand effective like this. As I am a Bihari and baand is a common thing in Bihar, it touches people's life but it never hinders it. Here it seems, its not hindering, its stopping people's life.

I never had state cohesion and may be this is the reason I am in Bangalore. But its regret to see that local people force you to think it's not your state,never matter it may be your country. Ankur best says" It's not looking Unity in diversity, its looking Diversity in Unity".


Sujata said...

Diversity in Unity...hmm..difficult to achieve though.

Vaibhav said...

No So difficult Sujata !