Thursday, November 01, 2007

IT day in Bangalore.

Ah today is holiday in Bangalore because it's 1 Nov(Karnataka Day). What I remember is only few of our states have anything like this(State Day). 1 Nov is little special for me. Because last year 1st Nov was supposed to be my joining in Sun. Yes, I have completed one year here in Sun and in Bangalore too.

Coming back to Bangalore, IT day is going in Bangalore. Today was the last day. My roommate Prashant went for it. Met some nice people there and some people working for Quillpad. Quillpad(because English is not enough! ) is a very nice site, which gives you a notepad facility to write in your favorite language with correct spelling. Site provide some 6-7 language support. By default is Just type Hindi as we are typing in messenger and it will auto correct the spelling or give you a list of suitable words very similar to MS Word or OpenOffice word.

Give a try, I liked it !

I have typed this:
आज बॅंगलुर दिवस है. आज बॅंगलुर में छुट्टी है.

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Hmmm... nice. You would like to try this one also: