Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Market - Online marriage

Online marriage is going to be one of the biggest market in upcoming days. Though there are some fraud cases but it seems to be a growing market and people find it better than the conventional tradition marriage. These big giants like, are coming up with new ideas. They are planning to collaborate with companies,the big companies which carry lot of young men and women. And off course some transparency mechanism from which people find their data safe and secured.

Definitely going to be future market and a pillar for economy. As a Engineer I feel very pleased to see the flow of data here and there. I am writing this blog, you are the reader. My personnel data is there in my profile.Say my fav. movie is Patch Adams. I get to know all those people who like Patch Adams. I have reach to their blog, I can get some information about Patch Adams. Information, better to say Knowledge follow from one place to other in some seconds.

Another example, Say Sachin is my fav. cricket player. I started with him on wiki. From there I moved to India. There I got the information that India is the world 3rd largest economy in terms of purchasing power. Thats fine, who is the first. One click, oh its US. And it keep on moving ...

Internet is prefect place for data flow, data in terms of information, in terms of knowledge, in terms of raw data. Just as a user we need to take care of certain fact, not certain only one. DON'T MISUSE IT.

Oh I guess I went out of context :)

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