Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth's Day

Welcome to the celebration of Earth's day. These are intended to inspire awareness of Earth's environment. Its now mandatory rather than optional to think of problems we are surrounded with. We have reached on the peak level of destruction of our own planet and I guess now even good effort(s) were not stopping disasters happening with Global Warming. Days are not far when we need to break our offices/buildings and re-create them in a eco-friendly fashion. AC will not work in office for longer time and in the meantime it will be tough for us to live without AC. I have passed some of the suggestion to the concern person in my office that what we can do:

Why not Light Saving day: Bangalore, India(where I am working) is a cool place and most
of the time Bangalore temperature varies from 20-30 (used to be ). Can we make, better
to say celebrate, Light Saving Day per month where we will do the minimum use of Electricity that day ( a day can make a difference). We can have less AC operation, we can switch off the alternative cubical lights, we can switch off the gallery lights and many more. It definitely need
Employee's cooperation.

How mass transport works: How mass people move is always a big question, and very unfortunate to say people here use bikes and cars. We should have a great mass transportation bus service.

Dust-bin usages: Why not to have two separate dust-bin, dividing bio-degradable and non bio-degradable wastes. This will definitely help in saving lot of man-power, time and machinery which divides it in later stage.

Most important, changing human mind: Lot many ways to do that: putting posters, showing movie like an inconvenient truth, making some official discussions. Keep on reminding everyday till it will not fix in the mind that WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.

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