Thursday, September 18, 2008

Met expert at Petrol Pump !

Petrol drives a big part of economy. And this is how it is done in Bangalore :

Incident 1: Location: JayaNagar, 9th block, Petrol Pump:

Me: Give me 100 Rs Petrol.

(He has given me 30 Rs petrol.)

Me: 100 Rs Sir.

He made that 30 unit to 70 and start arguing, I have added 70 more. So, its 100 now. Fighting for 2-3 more min, he added 30 Rs petrol more.

Incident 2: Location: JayaNagar, 9th block, Petrol Pump:

My friend: 100 Rs Petrol.

They set the meter at 50 and made it 100. After talking to Manager, he was able to get rest of his petrol.

Incident 3: Location: JayaNagar, 1st block, Petrol Pump:

Me: 100 Rs petrol:

He start filling it. And he asked me, when you have taken this bike. I just saw him and replied 8 months back and it was done. I got my 100 Rs petrol. I got to know there is some locha here. But I want to see the actual problem.

Next day, I went to the same place and start watching others.

One guy: 200 Rs petrol.

He starting filling it. Petrol filler asked some question. He turned up. There is one more guy standing near the petrol tanker and he is the one - The expert, the genius. He reset the button and type 200 there.

Sir, your 200 done. (Actual, he reset it at 130 Rs)

Then I have seen one car. 500 Rs petrol. The reset has been done at Rs 410.

Sad part is neither bike nor car can tell the exact amount of petrol.

Here, I told you the story of 2 petrol pump but this holds good for 90 percent of the petrol pump in Bangalore. Be aware !


Varun said...

You're leaving no stone unturned in revealing secrets of Bengaluru..

I would say just one thing, its a song from Govinda's movie-
"It happens only in India"


PriyotoshPratim said...

I faced this somany times, order for Rs500, they stop at 100. What I do now a days, whenever they stop in the middle somewhere while filling, I just pay that amount and come out (obviously saying a sentence).

Abhishek said...

This happens everywhere. Even in Bharat Petroleum petrol pump in madhapur.

But it is our fault that we leave the issue. We should be more careful and report every incident to company officials.

If we don't let them do it they won't be able to do it.

@ Varun
Very easy to easy say that.

Vaibhav said...

yes, we have started reporting to the officials. Precaution is the key, we need to take care from our side.

Praveen राठी said...

Hmm... Considering the time one spends at a place, he/she should learn to handle these type of situations effectively.

But the problem you have brought up is not local to Bangalore. I am sure this must be going on at other parts of the country as well.

Good that I don't have a personal vehicle yet. But... till when would I escape?

Yogee said...

I too have seen such an indecent. It was the last case, "reset".. reseted to 500 from Rs. 380 or so. Petrol pump guy asked the if he is going to pay by cash or card, and the fraud had been done within this moments.
I thought to tell the car owner but it was my time to see at meter correctly.

Vaibhav said...

Ya Rathee.

Ha ha .. Yogi! Most of the ppl seems to be victim :)