Tuesday, February 23, 2010

People cry and People Die... !

I came from jogging and doing some kitchen stuff. I was worried about my body weight loss and in the mean time my dad called me. He had given me the news of Fire in one of the Buildings in Bangalore. In evening, fire caught in Carlton Towers, and I guess victim counts were 20-30. Figuring out the exact count is tough these days because Data Manipulation and hiding happen at different level.

Just surprised with my thinking, some stupid thinking of weight loss/weight gain and people die in a second or if more painful may be in a minute. Our reactions were going normal day by day on these cases. We just call 1-2 friends who were living in those areas... OK, you are fine. Alright, fine !!

Subrata, one of my office colleague pinged me and asked why we don't use helicopter for such rescue, Bangalore is a city of technology. Does it really make difference ? Slowly and slowly, we have developed a great ignorance power, which is good and bad as well. In TCS training days, one of our profession cum engineer asked us a question, why India is such a big hub for Software ! We spoke some bla bla .. and he finally concluded that Indians are cool, they don't go panic on small things, like some crash happened, some code is not working and that gives them time to think and to solve problem. How true !!

Yes, we don't go panic. I remember the day when fire alarm operation call for training people and his first line as usual was it should take 1 minute for you guys to come out and you have taken 6 minutes. We mummer "chill maar yaar" !! He spoke out some good way to save our life when fire catch the building. I swear, I remember all. Don't know how much people can apply when things really happen. Out of 9-10 death in this case, 5 jumped from eight floor building, surprise , may be not !!

Can't blame system(now). Either its a loss with system or a loss with mind, people die. We used to say.. oh this happened, how to save the next accident. Now, we say, oh this happened, when will next happen !


PriyotoshPratim said...

Still, I think, there are reasons to be unhappy with our technology and somewhere with our rescue team as well. In such disaster moments, most of the time, normal people take a role of spectator, handing over all the responsibilities to the rescue team.

I read in newspaper two days back, US president Mr. Obama is worried that India is taking a leading position in the world, with the number of engineers they produce in compared to US. A simple question, suppose same incidence happens in a country like US, don't you think, they could save the lives with the use of some simple technologies (which we can afford even).

Vaibhav said...

Agree with you. We lack in Infra. But frankly the way it has been used looks like a total sunk cost. Yes, technology can make it better. But technology always need a good collaboration with people. Good technology and alert people make it great !

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