Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lalbagh visit - Yet another

Some flowers always have the shining face

Yet one more visit of Lalbagh. Some of my friends told me that join our meeting at Lalbagh. After long time, this Saturday was free, as there was no class at SRMAB and Anatha Shishu Sevashrama. So, I decided to take some photos. Taking photo alone is also quite interesting but after sometime you feel its better to have someone with you to talk. I have just clicked some of the snaps here and there. Nothing more or less to enjoy the roam around in lalbagh, because its all a lovers place. Anyway, nothing to mind in that. Our society created such restrictions for girls and boys that these are the only place where they can meet or touch each other. Such a society called themselves as "Cultured Society".. I simply shame.
For more snaps, please see :

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