Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Long Life !

Rarely it happens that electronic devices have long life, but sometime it happens. I remember one of my watches, now I have given it to my dad(this is called reverse tradition :D), in which the battery is running from last 6-7 years. Difficult to believe but yes, its true. I am just wondering, will these type of devices also go in the list of defective device :).

I love to have electronic gadgets here and their with me. Sometimes it happen that one gadget can do more than what it should and can be seen as a replacement of others. Like Nokia N70 can be used in place of a iPOD, a camera and a phone off course. Ya true, but it can never fulfill the charm of those individuals, having a camera in hand and iPOD earphones provide a different range of feeling. Is not so ?

Once again cheers for Team India(I love to say Team India, rather than Indian Team) :D ... Hu ha India :)

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