Sunday, January 21, 2007


Again a weekend with some nice movies. Saturday started with Blood Diamond. Story of a farmer, a smuggler and a priceless diamond. I can’t rate the actor or actress. All (Leonardo, Djimon, Jennifer) are on absolute scale of 10 out of 10. I can rate the movie, yep , 4 + .

After a series of bollywood crap movies, I don't have any more faith and money to go and see it in hall. But after a long time, people admired "Guru" so we(me and Ankur) decided to have it on my computer. Yes a pretty good movie with strong dialogues and some good performances. Abhishek is fine followed by Muthun da and Ash. Once again the best part goes with Mani Ratnam “paakata nahi hai”

Yes forget to share a good news, Dada did it :D

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abhishek said...

In this 'great' city of Hyderabad, 'Blood Diamond' has not been released yet!!! I want to watch that one. But who knows, they will release telugu version of the movie with name 'raktimulu ratnudu' ;-)