Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are reactive, not proactive !

It hits again. Here we have a major problem. I don't know why this problem, I see all the way in our country - We are reactive, we are not proactive.

30 Lakhs people, 38 district and money(who cares) this is the quantity we are talking off. I don't know for many of us it looks fancy but 95 percent of us have seen our village. Can you think of a picture in your mind - existance of your village is no more, it get flooded. Thinking itself is panic.

We are talking of Bihar, which is one of the poorest state in country. For central government it's just a place from where they can get some good amount of party seats. Kosi is all time called a face of disaster. But that's all a blame game. Relief is going when ? When, the affected people count will increase from 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Its just because they are poor, they don't have rights to live. Well, that's true. Its happen this time in a different way, so not a big deal. I have spent years of my life is Bihar and it always happen. Story of Kosi is not a new sensation for me. We all maintain a personel boat in home, so that we can go and buy some eatables.

I just wish God give them power to fight with the fate and hope to see a brighter day. Wish I can go back and see my place again.

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अभिषेक said...

I agree Vaibhav. See this news item which tells how callous governments have become.

If proper steps would have been taken this would not have happened.