Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blog, Knowledge, Share, Money and many more

One year back, Blog word didn't exists in dictionary. Now it is ! Even though I have searched a lot but I got some vague results. It defines:

It's a short form of web-log. Web pages that work as a journal that are normally updated daily.

I guess this is not what blog means. It's a platform to share knowledge, writing thoughts, reading thoughts, kicking your ideas and provide a virtual existence of the same what you are in real. I regret to say for some this definition is : to copy thoughts, to make money, to do time pass, for fashion.

I have seen people writing such a sober, free minded blog that you just read and you feel relaxed. But, I don't know what happened with us. Actually some companies made it a marketing place where they can sell their product with your thoughts and ideas. Now it all depends what type of blogger you want to be : a free mind writer or a money making writer. For first one, you don't need anything, just set the mind free and write whatever attracts you, remember Shakespeare resides within us. For second one, you need to be technically strong, learn how Google page ranking works, see how feeds work, see how you can increase the number of hits, see how you can fool others, see how you can grab some good ideas of others.

Lot of people disagree my ideas. Why I should not gain, if I am writing something good ? Good point: I remember the dialogue of Joker in the Movie "The Dark Knight" - "If you are good in something, don't do it for free" and yes why not, if you think "words can be sold", sell it ! Why only writing, even sell what you speak. Tomorrow when you sit with your friend, tell him after the end of 1 hr talk, you need to pay me 100 $$.

My simple judgment: Do it(make money),if this is your profession, but don't do if this is your hobby. And remember, there is only one profession, do that with Power and Pride.


Praveen राठी said...

वैसे ये बात सही भी है |

To take the thought a little further - Don't write with money-making intentions. But, if people like your thoughts/ideas and you are getting money for this, i think there is no harm in accepting the reward. After all its your idead that you are getting money for.

But again, don't let that money change your thought process and the style of writing.

Good thought chou!

Angad Singh said...

Awesome thoughts!

Vaibhav said...

Thanks Guys !

Intentions are never cruel but mind makes it. If you think, I am not going to think about money means you are thinking it.

Reward is something else then what you defined it.