Monday, December 29, 2008

For Riders like me and you !

This blog post dedicated to all the riders in Bangalore and across India. Most common reason of accident at driving :

The pre-requisite is you are not drinking and driving.

Priority wise(5th is most imp.. though) :

1. Pedestrian + Bus + Bike -> Actually this makes an awesome combination of accident. Bus is moving at a speed of 20-25, Pedestrian do his own calculation and try to cross the road before the bus. He was right, but but .. a Bike of speed 50 is overtaking the bus and in a place like Bangalore you can't really see a bike behind the bus. So, Pedestrian cross the bus but he come right in front of bike. So, rest you can figure out.

2. 80 percent of Janta don't care while overtaking. Overtaking a vehicle from left side is wrong and while doing it (best don't do it).. take extra care. Last month, I met an accident, because I was doing this wrong and suddenly someone jump from a bus on me :). If you over take from left side, you will be on bus door side and hero's of India keep on jumping.

3. Slow down at turning and crossing : Bangalore in 1 km, you have to do 10 turnings and at least 10 place you will see road approaching from all side. So, take care at those position.

4. When you stop at a red light, make like distance from your left and right vehicles. What actually happen, if you are a slow mover and say on the right hand side of your bike there is a car, car guy will start moving and ultimately the car will do on your leg fingers.

5. MOST IMPORTANT : Most accident happens on the road which you know and because you are taking that road as granted. If you are 4 days out of the city and then you start riding again, you can surely and suddenly met a hole on your most known road. Which generally we are not expecting, so don't race if you know the track.

6. Overtake only if things are visible ahead : It will stop point 1 and let me explain with real life example. I was overtaking a bus, knowing that this is a familiar road and suddently a cow ahead my bike. I hit the cow, but you know cows are strong :).

There are some more cases. But Slow Speed is only one solution of all the problem.

- Don't carry your project tension and drive. Concentration is required at the places like Bangalore.
- Helmet is must, don't think you are going to just buy vegetables. Wear it, good things are for our good !
- Drive more slowly if you are two ppl on bike, actually its a matter of two life.

Happy Biking ! Its one of the most awesome thing to do :) Feel free to add your points!


Anonymous said...


It looks like a serious post.. but couldn't stop laughing :D :P

Vaibhav said...

O yes, it was a serious post :).

Abhishek said...

Though it was supposed to be serious, it sounds very funny!

I could not understand point 4 though.

And yes, I vouch for helmet. In one accident, my helmet took very serious beating and I shudder to think what would have happened of me if that wasn't there!

Vaibhav said...

Point 4 is simple Abhishek.

See you are in the middle of traffic at red light. One car at your left side and other jeep at your right side. As you are on a bike, you need to put the leg on ground to control the bike. For more shorter person, leg will be more angled. Now, you have switched off your vehicle and red light turned into green(in bangalore there is no concept of Orange and no concept of timer red lights) . So, you took sometime to start the bike, remember when bike come in speed then only leg goes on bike... in this mean time your jeep wala will ride his jeep without seeing the fact that you are still not ready to move. Jeep will go directly on your fingers. And if you are lazy person like me who don't wear shoes, you will say .. SOB, dhek ke chala :)