Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It sucks !

A month back we had launched our site:, which was doing awesome. More than 12 volunteers and more than 10 donation in 15 days. And suddenly the site was done. It is still down because of the hosting company called manashosting. Initially we thought its a good place to host the site. Then after we got lot many problem with these guys, now site is down from last 10 days. And no action taken after 16 phone calls and from past 10 days. Bloody Money eaters !

Now, this is one of the big sucking time for me. Fighting with someone on phone for 30 minutes continuously and then abusing them(which I generally don't do, but I can't stop this), make any mind sick. And most of the time, we flood this utter frustration on someone else, someone we met on coffee table or in chatting window.

This is one of the cases. Service is poor and more poorer day by day. If today, someone want a service from Airtel, Vodafone or Reliance, I can bet you,they will frustrate you like anything. Month back, I saw an old guy(in 70's) shouting on a Reliance shop(JayaNagar, 4th Block) and service providers, the guys and the gals, literally no expression on face. I guess, these pigs are used to it.

Bajaj showroom(Popular Bajaj), bajaj is really a brand in India. Last year, I went to buy my bike. Everyone was going cool, till the point I made the payment. After payment each action takes at least 30 min and after showing a face and word that you lost your patience. Is it not really sucking ??

Dental Clinic near my home(Smile Clinic, J P Nagar), he gave me the time of 7.15 PM and operated me at 8.45. 1 hr and 30 min is important for them because they are making their business and not for me.

And the bad part is all these assh**es are used to it.

Consumer court is one way to put them on line, its little tedious but I heard its quite good now. What other way ?

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