Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Technology and Society

Lot of saying "In modern life, we are less social and most of the time we are centered with our own busy life". But I disagree.

Technology and Society are both binded with each other. Growth of one leads to the growth of other.

Now, Kausik, Sheela, Renuka, Nagraj .. these are the few Visually challenged kids whose computer knowledge are almost equal to us, leaving part the professional work. Let me tell you they are the kids of 7th and 8th Std(I guess in 8th std, I know how to start Television, never seen a computer)

They can write letter in Word, they can do any calculation in excel and they can make power point presentation for your manager :). And technology is related with it. It all works on a software, which we known as JAWS. Sometime development of software surprise you and this happened when I heard JAWS 10.0 can read a remote machine for you. That simple means if you are struggling with the license, you can help kids with remote machine :). Simply awesome !

But its important to associate the technology around you with society around you. Give yourself a break and think "how many of you from you"

Have fun !


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Vaibhav said...

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