Monday, June 01, 2009


My finger was terribly shaking and I was just able to leave the bed after having 4-5 flavours of medicine at last night. First thought was to bunk but then I remember it's Friday and we have to play cricket. Though physical conditions invalidate the options of playing cricket, I decided to move for office. I was little scared of taking bike but we always have a fictitious command in the things which we know.
Moment I heard the first horn, I remember that I forgot ... my mp3 player(s). Yes, I use it while driving which is a bad idea but can't help. God save my ears ...

We are sensitive towards the thing which we don't like and same when I hear horns(necessary + unnecessary, its more or less like sum of 1 and 99). In Bangalore, horn sound will come in all variety seems like you are solving a complex H.C. Verma's Doppler effect question and want a practical before start.
Following the Doppler principle I was moving fast to minimize effect, when I say fast it's 40. I was happy that I reached near double road means I was just 5 minutes away from my office.
I stopped my bike at the first red light of Double Road, just opposite to that there was a cinema hall. Looks like they had shut down the theater and why not my first show there it was 4 people, 200 Rs. ticket per person. Come on its recession dude.

Anyway, I start feeling uncomfortable when I find myself surrounded by 3 autos. One of them trying to compete with Ambulance in no. of pulse generation per second by pressing horn. HORN AT RED LIGHT >>> DOES IT MAKE SENSE, WHY NOT, PRE-CACHING MAKE SENSE IN SOFTWARE, WHY NOT PRE_REMOVAL OF TRAFFIC ?? IDEAS ?? Combining all, they are ready to beat Ambani(don't ask which one) in terms of generating pollution per day. Just that Ambani bro's derives Indian Economy and they drive...

With a level of guts, I asked the auto guy on my left "yaar, auto ka pollution check nahi karwate ho kya", he made a scary smile and my guts level suddently reached to max. As I never ask questions from auto-wala's in Bangalore, they reply independent of what you have asked. But that guy, must be a nice guy replied "bahut din ho gaya hai"...these types of question are not FAQ and so reply came with a suprise way. "Hmmm.. (most matured answer widely accepted from my manager to my roomate, for the people who don't want to talk further ...) was my answer.

Remember "HORN PLEASE" on the back of truck, why not put a sticker of "NO HORN PLEASE" on the back.

Just open question, how to handle this situation... off course not by blogging !

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