Monday, March 01, 2010

Dilemma with photography !

Everyone feel happen when he get appreciation, someone saying "this is awesome man". What to take and what not to take is easy to judge, if your eye can peruse the beauty, camera can be. Today night I was roaming on my roof when I saw moon. This is the first thing I always notice on my roof. It was indeed beautiful like it used to be. But today the white cloudy shades and ring across it was making it more beautiful. I decided to give a try with camera. It is basic SLR camera with minimal lens configuration. I have one lens of 75-300 mm, which is fine for this shot. Now, what mode to set. Auto-mode - no way, it will start flash and flash means moon will look like a ... umm, white sphere, no spot will be visible at all. Manual mode need a great stability in hand or a tripod.

Now, I tried the best shot with changing shutter speed. Both the image have something to make me sad.

At second place I get the correct spots of moon but lost the ring/outside white cloud. In first, I got the outside white cloud but details of moon get lost.

So !! Has to satisfy with something.


Confused mind said...
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priyanka said...

nice pics

Ami Jha said...

Acha shot liya hai ..wah !!!
Poornima ka chaand acha lag raha hai

Vaibhav said...

thank u

w1n4rt0 said...

Nice to meet you and nice your picture i saw. I have a problem taking a pictures because it is not my profession. but i want to learn. I'll appreciate if you can give your comment to my pictures in my blog or send an email to me. thanks