Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cooking - A big timepass !

For more than 7-8 years, I am cooking myself. In between for 4-5 months we put a cook(it used to be we, but now its I) but soon we discarded him. These days cooks are in high demand in a city like Bangalore which is full of Bachelor. And believe me, family people need cook more than bachelors.

Anyway, there are only 2 kind of people. One who eat tasty food and other school who eat healthy food. Problem of life is both don't come together in most of the cases. If you see a typical health conscious bachelor in market and unethically if you put your eyes in his bag, most probably you will find packet of oat, wheat bread, 2-3 real juice(Tropicana, they prefer), 2-3 packets of eggs, corn flakes....and the other who believe in tasty food, items go like this - 2-3 mixture packet, butter slice, juice(yes, it lives in both category)...

From past 3-4 month, I start eating eggs which is one of the staple diet for bachelors and so for me. By the way, if you have problem in boiling eggs, get a tip from me(as I am 8 yr workX cook). Generally egg burst(I don't know what term to use) at the time of boiling. So, put some salt in boiling water, that reduces the osmotic pressure and not allow egg to burst(You know, physics has its existence everywhere). Tip passed by one of my friends Manish, as I am new to egg boiling field(I used to be a vegetarian).

If you are new into cooking field and need any kind of guidance, do remember me.


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